Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 5)

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The episode begins with Rizwan and Preet coming face to face each other and are shocked.
Rizwan: Preet?
Preet: Rizwan?
Ragini: You both know each other?
Neil: That’s great. How do you know each other?
Preet: No, we don’t know each other at all.
Rizwan is shocked.
Ragini: How do you know he is Rizwan?
Preet pretends to smile.
Preet: Because you told me that you are going to make me meet Mr.Rizwan,
Rizwan: Yes, she is right. I also don’t know her.
Ragini: Oh yes you forgot
Someone calls Nachiket.
Neil: Ragini, you have to come along with me it is something important.
Ragini: Okay, Nachiket
Neil: By then you both can talk with each other.
Neil and Ragini leaves.

Just then Kavya takes some soft drinks.
Kavya: Uff this Reeti and Neeti bua’s sons are so disturbing. They always sent me to do all these.
As Kavya was about to take the drink, Kavya is shocked to see Rizwan and Preet face to face each other,
Kavya: Mom? Dad?

Rizwan and Preet are silent. And Preet leaves.
Rizwan: (in his mind) You have to answer all my questions, Preet.

Just then Kavya doesn’t sees Preet but she sees Rizwan going,
Kavya: I must follow dad and also know why he is not staying with us for several years and also why did he act so rude with me and Reeti that day.
Kavya is about to follow Rizwan and she collides with Sid.
Sid: What happened Kavya? You seemed to be in a hurry.
Kavya: I saw mom and dad together,
Sid is shocked. And he sees Rizwan going somewhere.
Sid: Listen don’t tell anyone that your mom and dad are together.
Kavya: But why Sid Chachu?
Sid: I am elder than you, so you should listen to me.
Kavya: But Chachu?
Sid: (in his mind) How should I tell Kavya, I must make sure not to tell her anything.
Just then Sid sees Agam and Arav and gestures them to help him out.
Agam: Hey Kavya, what are you doing here?
Kavya: I actually came her for drinks because others also wanted but then.
Arav: No problem, Kavya I will bring the drinks for whoever you want just tell me and follow me.
Agam and Arav takes the drinks and Kavya also follows them and she looks behind. Said takes a sigh of relief.
Sid: (in his mind) Now I can make sure no one sees Bhabi talking with that Rizwan and this Rizwan is too much. How dare he come to our lives again?

Here Preet is walking and Rizwan is following Preet. Preet is walking fast to make sure that Rizwan doesn’t manage to get to speak to her. Later, Rizwan manages to come to Preet. Rizwan holds Preet’s hand and they look at each other, Kabira plays.
Preet: I said leave my hand.
Rizwan: First tell me why did you did such a big cheat with me?
Preet leaves her hand in anger.
Preet: Don’t you think I should be the one asking you this question?
Rizwan: I know whatever I have done was wrong, but what you did was also no less. I never expected that you can do this sort of things.
Preet: And you shouldn’t expect me to not to do this. Whatever I did was right, after all I won’t support a criminal, a terrorist especially.
Rizwan: I will never forget what you did against my country, Preet.
Preet: I don’t have problem with the country anymore, I have problems with you.
Rizwan: Then why did you do so if you don’t have any problems for my country.
Preet: What I did is wrong according to you, but was also the welfare of both India and Pakistan,
Rizwan: Its no use of even talking to you,
Preet: Then why why did you enter my life again when I am so happy with my kids and family.
Rizwan: I never wanted to come here but I had to. And I will never ever see your face again.
Preet and Rizwan walks in opposite directions. Judaai from Badlapur plays.
Preet: (in her mind) Why Rizwan, why did you do like this with me? That was the biggest cheat of my life and I will never forget about it. I will never forgive you and keep Kavya and Reeti away from you. I hate you Rizwan.
Rizwan: (in his mind) Preet, I have loved you a lot from my heart and I had sacrificed a lot for that which was my biggest mistake, someone said right love can only give pain, so I hate you Preet.
Sid sees all these and he have tears on his eyes and he goes away. Veena follows Sid.

Here Preet and others are back at the Hooda mansion. Preet has put Kavya and Reeti on bed and are making them asleep. Both are asleep. Preet remembers how she met Rizwan.
Preet: (in her mind) I never expected this day to come and also Ishaan Hooda aka Rizwan Ahmed Khan to be back in my life. Have I done wrong by hiding the truth from the kids? But what should I say that Rizwan is a terrorist!
Kavya is awake.
Preet: Kavya, you are still awake?
Kavya: Mom, may I ask you something?
Preet: Sure beta, what is it?
Kavya: Where is dad?
Preet is shocked,
Kavya: Please tell me.
Preet: He … your dad?
Kavya: Yes
Preet: He is very far away from us.
Kavya: Are you sure?
Preet: Yes, I am sure,
Kavya remembers how Rizwan misbehaved with her and Reeti, and Kavya tries to go to sleep, Preet gives a kiss on Kavya’s forehead. Kavya falls asleep.
Preet: (in her mind) I am sorry Kavya I had to hide the truth from you.

Here Sid is sad and is crying.
Veena: What happened Sid will you tell me something?
Sid hugs Veena.
Veena: Okay Sid, calm down now tell me what happened?
Sid: I still can’t believe he did like this, I was so angry with him but when I saw him with Bhabi it seemed that it was the same Ishan bhaia, just that his name is Rizwan and he doesn’t stay with us anymore, and I am really happy to know that he is alive.
Veena: From inside you love your brother a lot right? Why did you hide inside your heart the love you have for him in these years. I am sure something must have happened.
Sid narrates everything how Ishan/Rizwan took care of the entire family and also the business and how he along with Preet used to solve everyone’s problem. And then how he turned out to be a deciever and cheat and also a terrorist and how the family was shattered after all these happened.
Veena is stunned.
Veena: So that means Ishan and Rizwan are the same person.
Sid nods yes. Veena is surprised.
Sid: But I don’t understand one thing it was said that the Rizwan Ahmed Khan died. What actually happened?
Veena: What do you mean?
Sid gets into flashback how he saw the news where it was declared that Rizwan’s body is found and so on.
Sid: I have to find out the matter.
Sid goes.
Veena: (in her mind) I think there is something more in this story.

Its morning time, Preet drops Kavya and Reeti to the school.
Preet: Take care of yourselves, and study well. And no mischief,
Reeti: Okay mom.
Preet leaves. And just then Rizwan comes. Rizwan comes secretly.
Rizwan: (in his mind) I came for one last time to meet my Kavya and also that lovely child, Reeti.
Kavya: (in her mind) I feel there is someone very close very near to me.
As Kavya looks behind, Rizwan hides,
Kavya: Looks like it was my imagination.
Reeti: What happened Dii?
Kavya: No, no nothing you just go in.
Reeti: Wait dii my shoelaces, let me fix it,
Reeti fixes her shoelaces,
Rizwan: (in his mind) I think I should not go and meet them.
Just then Sana calls Rizwan in his phone.
Rizwan: Hello Sana?
Sana: You are suppose to come tonight, right?
Rizwan: Yes
Sana: Did you meet them?
Rizwan: I have told you not to ask these kind of questions.
Sana: Okay fine.
Rizwan is about to put the phone,
Sana: Rizwan I don’t know if you met them or not, but if you meet any of them I just want to say follow your heart, that will be the best.
Sana keeps the phone.
Rizwan: (in his mind) I think I should meet them by following my heart. But I don’t have the courage to face them.
Rizwan gets into flashback how he taught Kavya and Reeti about facing all the challenges. Rizwan goes to meet them.
As Kavya and Reeti were about to go in the school.
Rizwan: Kavya! Reeti!
Kavya and Reeti look at Rizwan. They both go to Rizwan. Rizwan holds his ears.
Rizwan: I am sorry, I behaved with both of you like this,
Kavya and Reeti hugs Rizwan
Kavya: Its okay dad.
Reeti: Good uncle, may I also call you dad?
Rizwan: Sure.
Reeti: Dad why you did like this?
Rizwan: I wated to test how much you both will be angry with me.
Kavya: This is not fair dad,
Rizwan: I have to go to a place, quite far here.
Reeti: Why?
Kavya: When are you coming back dad?
Rizwan: I cannot say that beta, but I will try to come as soon as possible.
Rizwan leaves,
Reeti: I have something for you,
Rizwan: Oh really?
Reeti: Yes
Reeti takes out a paper from her bag and starts drawing and writing,
Rizwan: (in his mind) Such a swest kid, I wonder who is her biological dad?
Reeti finishes and passes it to Rizwan,
Rizwan: “I will miss you. Come back soon. -Reeti”
Rizwan smiles.
Rizwan: Beta, I have to go now.
Rizwan waves Kavya and Reeti bye. They also wave back.

Here Preet is thinking about her encounter with Rizwan and isn’t able to focus on work. Just then Shergill comes in.
Jai: Preet, what are you thinking.
Preet: No nothing, Shergill.
Jai: I am your good friend and I know very well you seem to be worried.
Preset: No, no I am fine.
Jai: Preet?
Preet: Actually I met Rizwan yesterday
Shergill is shocked.
Jai: He is alive?
Preet: Lower your volume no one knows about this.
Jai: But how!
Preet: Even I have no idea. I just don’t know what to do.
Just then Bade Papa calls Preet to give him some files.
Preet: I have to go now to give him the files.
Preet leaves.
Jai: (in his mind) Preet whatever you thought about Rizwan is wrong. In fact he was trapped himself and then all this misunderstandings, and I am responsible for all these. I wanted to tell you but I couldnt gather courage and I also need evidence. I am happy with one thing that at least an innocent life is saved , Rizwan may have done wrong but he didn’t know anything that’s the fact. I will just pray that you and Rizwan will get reunited.
Shergill gets thinking.
The episode ends.

Precap: Rizwan gets a call on his phone and is shocked. And he says how is this possible are you sure? On the other hand, Reeti blurts out to Preet that she met Rizwan today. Preet is shocked.

What do you think would happen next?

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  5. Sana is dead. You can assume that rizwan didn’t die because they didn’t show it. But Sana died right in front of us in the show. Although it would be illogical to say Sana alive, making shergill a good influence and bringing the cast of itna karo na mudje pyar was a splendid idea.

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