Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 4)


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Here Rizwan is talking with Kavya and Reeti. Veena looks at them and smiles.
Kavya: Reeti, this is our dad.
Reeti: So you are our dad? Really?
Rizwan smiles and nods his head and Reeti hugs him.
Veena: I think I should let the father and daughters talk to each other for a while. I am coming.
Veena leaves.

Here Sid is super angry to see Rizwan with Kavya and Reeti.
Sid: So finally that Rizwan Ahmed Khan came here. Some people never change. How dare he come back? To create problems for our family? I won’t let this happen.
Sid is about to go and someone stops him and it is none other than Veena.
Sid: So, you are so involved right? How dare you?
Veena: Listen Mr Siddharth Hooda I have no interest to talk to you, but I really have no idea about this.
Sid: Then why did you lie to Bhabi that you are bringing the kids to the ice-cream parlour?
Veena: Oh no, its because the kids requested me that they wanted to meet the guy who saved Reeti’s life which turned out to be their father.
(Veena knows as she saw the picture of entire Hooda family which Bade Maa had hidden)
Sid: Oh wow, you will just make up a beautiful story and I would just listen to you. No, you are wrong this time.

Veena: I knew you will never believe me, I dont know what happened between Rizwan ji and your entire family, but please let the father and daughters talk to each other, what are the kids fault in it?
Sid: Yes, you are right the kids are not at fault they are innocent, but I won’t spare them.
Veena: Listen Sid, you are not doing right by seperating the father and the daughters,
Sid: Who are you to teach what is right, what is wrong?

Here Rizwan is hugging Reeti,
Rizwan: (in his mind) So this is Preet’s daughter, that means Preet have done remarriage, I wonder who is that person?
Rizwan looks at Kavya,
Rizwan: (in his mind) I think Kavya have still not being able to forget me, and maybe that’s why she may not be able to accept her step dad. No, this can’t happen, I have to do this for Reeti and Kavya.
Rizwan seperates Reeti
Rizwan: Now both of you go away.
Kavya: But dad?
Rizwan: I am not your dad anymore,
Kavya is surprised,
Kavya: No dad you have to come along with us today it has been too many years already.
Rizwan: Oh please stop it Kavya. Leave me alone. Please go from here.
Kavya is sad, Rizwan pretends to scold her,
Rizwan: And whatever drama you are doing stop it. Just go.
Reeti: Hey, good uncle why are you talking to my sister like that.
Rizwan: Such ill-mannered girls, what is that lady’s name,
Rizwan starts screaming
Rizwan: Miss whoever you are please take these two girls away from here, I wonder where they came from

Sid: So you didn’t know him, but now see the consequences of your action
Veena looks at Sid angrily and then rushes.

Reeti: Her name is not miss whoever, her name is Veena. She is our Veena dii.
Veena: What’s wrong?
Rizwan: Please just take these two girls away from here.
Veena: Doesn’t mean that you would talk to them like that?
Reeti: Good uncle, I was wrong you are not good uncle, you are bad uncle.
Veena leaves with Reeti and Kavya. Reeti is angry with Rizwan, and Kavya is not able to believe it and looks at Rizwan from behind.
Rizwan cries,

Rizwan: (in his mind) I had to do this for your good Kavya beta. And this Reeti may not be my daughter but it seems that we share a very deep bond. That’s why I never want to come to Delhi.

As Veena is about to go, Sid comes.
Sid: Come with me, both of you.
The kids go to him,
Sid: Never ever lie again.
Reeti: I am sorry, Sid Chachu
Sid: Okay, now go in the car.
The kids go in the car, while Sid talks to Veena.
Sid: No need to come for work from tomorrow onwards, you are fired.
Veena: I am not disappointed that you fired me but because you seperated a father from his daughters. They are kids but you should have done something,
Sid: Who are you to talk about my family matters and what I should do?
Veena: Yes, you are right. I am nobody. But I pity theses kids.
Sid: It is even useless to talk with you.
Sid goes in the car, along with Reeti and Kavya. It starts raining heavily.

Here Sid comes home along with the kids.
Preet: So finally you all have come. How was it?
Kavya replies angrily
Kavya: Very good.
And she leaves and Reeti follows her.
Preet: Sid you are here, where is Veena?

Sid: You no need to think about that.
Preet: What do you mean? And why are the kids not happy? Anythihpg happened?
Sid: I have fired Veena out of the job,
Preet: What? What are you saying? What happened?
Sid: Preet Bhabi, actually because of Veena that Ri..
Sid: (in his mind) I should not tell Bhabi about Rizwan she will be disappointed.
Preet: Why did you fire her? Tell me.
Sid: That Veena just made Reeti and Kavya roam outside and the ice cream parlor got closed , I think Veena wanted to bring them somewhere else,
Preet: Sid, just because of that you fired her, sometimes you are too much.
Sid: And what else would I do?
Preet: Okay, where is she?
Sid: How would I know?

Preet: You left her there, I thought you dropped her,
Sid: Oh why would I drop her?
Preet: Sid this time its too much. Did you look at the time and also the weather is not good? How can you just leave a girl alone like that? Now go and pick her up and drop her to her own house.
Preet leaves.
Sid: (in his mind) That Veena didn’t have any idea about Rizwan, I think this time I have done too much, I should pick her up.
Sid leaves.

Here Rizwan is crying thinking about all his moments with Kavya and also later how he met Kavya and Reeti how he hugged them and later scolded them a lot, Kal Ho Na Ho music plays, Nachiket comes.
Neil: So how is the work going, Mr Rizwan
Rizwan: Good Mr Khanna
Neil: Looks like you are thinking about someone really close to you.
Rizwan: How do you know?
Neil: I have faced a lot of ups and downs in my life. There was a time when me and Ragini got seperated amid misunderstandings, later everything became fine. So I know the pain of getting separated to your loved ones,
Rizwan looks at Nachiket,
Neil: Let me tell you something never let misunderstandings come in your way. They are the biggest problem of your life.

Rizwan: Looks like misunderstandings have really hurt you a lot.
Neil: Anyways, Mr Rizwan I came here to tell you that tomorrow night there will be a party so do come to the party, its my request.
Rizwan: But I have a flight to Kashmir the following day.
Neil: Please its my request.
Rizwan: Please sir, don’t say like this I feel shy a lot, I will come to the party.
Nachiket smiles.
Neil: Hope the work is going great.
And he leaves.
Rizwan thinks about his moments with Preet and to forget them he gets focused in his work,

At night, Preet is looking at the window and it is raining. She thinks about her moments with Rizwan. Just then Preet gets a call on her phone. Its Ragini.
Preet: Hello?
Ragini: Preet, I am sorry for calling you at this time. You must be sleeping.
Preet: No, no I am awake its okay.
Ragini: You must be thinking about someone right.
Preet: Umm, yes but how do you know?
Ragini: I have had a lot of experience in my life. I even got seperated from Nachiket due to arrogance. Arrogance is not good.
Preet: But looking at both of you doesn’t seems so that you two were seperated once.
Ragini: Once everything got cleared, we both are happy and now we want to see our kids happy too.
Preet: You must be very lucky.

Ragini: Preet, I need your help.
Preet: Yes, sure tell me.
Ragini: Actually I have some shopping to complete and I need your help,
Preet: Of course that’s not a big problem. But you must come to our house tomorrow.
Ragini: No need of that,
Preet: I have listened to you, now you should listen to me,
Ragini: Okay fine, I will come tomorrow morning and then go shopping together.
Preet: Okay fine bye.
Ragini: Bye.
Preet keeps the phone. And suddenly she hears a knock on the door. She opens the dorr and is surprised to see Sid carrying Veena in his arms who is unconscious and drenched,
Preet: How come you got drenched? And Veena what’s wrong with her?
Sid narrates the entire story, Sid gets into flashback.

Sid is trying to find Veena by car, and seeing some goons trying to tease Veena. Veena just tries go but the goon doesn’t let’s her and she runs and almost gets hit by Sid’s car. Sid fights with the goon and later police arrests them.
Sid: Veena are you okay?
Veena: A… A
And she faints in his arms,
Sid: Veena? Veena?

Preet: Oh god, Sid bring her to the room and I will call the doctor.
Later doctor comes and goes after checking Veena.
Doctor: Veena have fainted due to tension and stress. She have a slight fever and she should be taken care and given medicines.
The doctor gives prescriptions to Preet and leaves.
Sid: I think I should take care of her as I was at fault.
Preet: Okay, as your wish. Happy that you realized your mistakes,
Preet gives him the prescription and goes.

Next day morning,
Here Ragini comes to Preet’s house and introduces her to the entire family.
Ragini: Actually I am leaving for USA tomorrow night so there will be a party tonight and all of you are invited,
Preet: What was the need?
Ragini: I won’t listen you all must come.
Bade Maa: Okay, we all come for sure.
Ragini: I am really glad that all of you will be coming.
Preet: If everyone is fine with it, then I am also fine with it.
Ragini: Now its getting late, I think we should go now.
Preet: Okay
Preet and Ragini leaves.

Here Veena regains her consciousness
Veena: Me? Here? What am I doing here?
Sid: You were unconscious, so I brought you here.
Veena: Okay, fine I should go now.
Sid: Veena don’t go you are still recovering.

Veena: But there is no use of me staying here.
Veena is about to go and she feels dizzy and Sid holds her,
Sid: Stay here for Preset Bhabi, and I won’t fire you. I am sorry it was my mistake.
Veena is surprised at Sid’s sudden change of behavior.
Sid: You take rest, I inform others that you have gained consciousness.
Sid leaves.
Veena: (in her mind) I thought this Sid was arrogant but he is kind-hearted like the other members of the family. And what have happened? And why does Preet Ji’s husband don’t stay with them? I must find out the actual matter.

It’s night
The entire Hooda family have come to the party along with Preet, and on the other hand Rizwan is also at the party.
Preet and other family members have come.
Ragini: I am happy that all of you have come.
And she introduces the entire family members to Nachiket.
Neil: Its good all of them have come,
Kavya and Reeti are looking around,
Ragini: So these two are your daughters?
Preet: Yes, this is my elder daughter Kavya and younger daughter Reeti.
Kavya: Hi aunty, nice to meet you,
Reeti: The party is nice.
Ragini: Wow, you have such good girls, you both must be bored right?
Ragini calls Suhani.
Ragini: Suhani, bring Kavya and Reeti with you.
Suhani: Sure, mom.
Suhani brings the kids with her.
Ragini: You haven’t bring him?
Preet: Who?
Ragini: Your husband?

Preet gets surprised as she doesn’t knows what to reply.
Preet: Actually the thing is
Bade Maa: He was busy that’s why he couldn’t make it.
Sid looks at his mom.
Nishi: Mom!
Ragini: Looks like my elder daughter is calling me, I will come to all of you later.
Ragni goes,
Sid: Why did you lie to her mom?

Bade Maa: I have done what I felt it was right.
Preet: Sid is right, there is no use of hiding it.
Bade Maa: I wont talk about this matter anymore,
Bade Maa leaves. All are surprised,
Bade Papa: Preet beta, don’t mind about what she did okay?
Preet: Its okay Bade Papa, I understand
Veena: (in her mind) Why is this family so angry with Rizwan Ji and also Rizwan Jim is angry with them?

Preet and others are busy, Ragini comes to Preet
Ragini: Preet, there is someone whom I want to introduce to you.
Preet: Okay, sure,
Ragini brings Preet
Nachiket and Rizwan are walking also,
Neil: Rizwan, come with me.
Rizwan: Where?
Neil: Just come.
Ragini and Nachiket brings Preet and Rizwan face to face.
Ragini: This is my relative and friend, Preset.
Neil: This is one of the most sincere person I have ever met Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Khan.
Preet and Rizwan are shocked to see face to face each other. Kabira plays.
Preet: Ish….. Rizwan
Rizwan: Preet?
The episode ends.

Precap: Rizwan and Preet are alone seperate and are having confrontation where Preet says you have deceived me, Rizwan also says you have done the same, and they both walk in opposite direvtions . On the other hand, Sid tells and narrates Veena the entire truth and what happened.

I don’t know when I can publish the next episode as I will be facing internet issues in the next few days, so I may take time to publish the episode, I will publish the episode whenever it is possible. And if I publish after a few days then I will publish two episodes together or a maha episode.
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Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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