Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 2)


Introduction: 1:

Scene 1: DELHI
The episode begins with Rizwan arriving in Delhi. Rizwan comes out of the car, and he looks at the city.
Rizwan: It has been 7 years since I last visited this Delhi city.
And he gets into flashback about his moments with Hooda family. And then he suddenly remembers about Preet and he gets angry.
Rizwan: (in his mind) This city have given me a lot of memories. A lot of love and also pain from someone whom I once loved the most. Preet I will always remember what you did for me, I will never forget never. And I will make sure I never ever get to meet you again.
Just then the scientist Dr. Nachiket Khanna from Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar comes.
Nachiket: Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Khan nice to meet you, I am Dr. Nachiket Khanna.
Rizwan: It is great meeting you sir. I am very lucky that I have got a chance to work with you.
Nachiket: You are very talented, the speedy process in the medical of Kashmir is all because of you. I am lucky to meet you.
Rizwan: No, sir its nothing like that. Its all thanks to the talented doctors in Kashmir which is why it is possible.
Nachiket: Okay, now we will go the lab for the orientation.
Rizwan and Nachiket leaves.

Here Preet is doing some shopping, and she bumps into a lady.
Preet: I am sorry I should have seen before walking.
The lady is none other than Ragini Khanna from Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar.
Ragini: Preet, you?
Preet: Ragini Ji, you?
Ragini and Preet hug each other.
Preet: It have been a long time since we have meet each other.
Ragini: I have came to India along with my husband after many days.
Preet: Oh nice to know, is he here?
Ragini: He have com here for some work, but he is coming to pick me up.
Preet: Then I would love to meet him.

Preset and Ragini goes out.
Just then Rizwan and Nachiket comes at the same place.
But Preet and Rizwan didnt see each other,
Nachiket: Mr Rizwan, I will pick up my wife and then i will drop you at the hotel ,hope you are fine with it.
Rizwan: Not a problem sir, sure.
Just then someone calls Rizwan.
Rizwan: Sir, it is an important call I have to go and pick it up.
Nachiket: No problem
Rizwwn goes to another place to talk on the phone and Preet looks and sees only Nachiket. Ragini introduces Preet to Nachiket.
Ragini: Nachiket, this is my relative Preet.
Preet: Nice to meet you.
Nachiket: Oh yes, I have heard about you from Ragini.
Preet smiles.
Nachiket: Please do come along with us.
Preet: Oh I would love to come, but my younger daughter’s school have ended a long time ago. I am already late so I have to pick her up quickly, if not she will complain that mom is always late.
Ragini: But you must come along with your family next time, okay.
Preet: I can’t promise but I will try. By the way how is Nishi, Suhani, Ranveer, Arav and Agam?
Ragini: They are fine, by the way how many kids do you have and what are their names?
Preet: I have two daughters, Kavya and Reeti.
Ragini: I would love to meet them.

Preet: Sure. But now I have to leave, as I am already very late and Reeti must be wait I g for me.
Preet leaves. Rizwan comes. And they again don’t get to see each other.
Nachiket: Ragini, this is Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Khan, the one who is under control of all the healthcare and medical services in Kashmir.
Ragini: I have heard about you, it is not easy to do what you did for India despite being a Pakistani.
Rizwan: It is not about country, everyone in this world are equal. If places like USA, Europe can get these kind of facilities why not countries like India?
Nachiket: I totally agree with you, it is very difficult to find people like you with such noble thoughts.
Rizwan smiles.
Nachiket: This car will leave you to your destination, meanwhile I take your leave now.
Nachiket and Ragini leaves in one car and Rizwan leaves in another car.

SCENE 3: Reeti’s school
Here Reeti is waiting for her mom.
Reeti: Mom said that she will come and pick me up today, I wonder why is she taking so long? Did she forget?
Just then Reeti sees a puppy,
Reeti: Awwww, this puppy is soo cute.
The puppy goes away and Reeti chases the puppy. And while chasing the puppy, Reeti reaches at an isolated place.
Reeti finally catches the puppy,
Reeti: Finally, I have got you. You have made me run a lot. Now let me play.
And while playing with puppy, Reeti trips over a rock and she falls down on the cliff. and she holds on tightly.
Reeti: Someone please help!

On the other hand, Preet is going to Reeti’s school.
Preet: (in her mind)I don’t know why I feel that something unexpected will happen today, my heart is beating very fast
Preet: Driver, can you hurry up please? Reeti must be waiting for a long time. I am already very late.
Here the puppy goes away on the road, and Rizwan’s car is about to but the puppy, and Rizwan sees it
Rizwan: Driver, stop the car there is a puppy in front.
The driver manages to apply the break on time.
Rizwan goes out and carries the puppy.
Rizwan: You should be careful next time, you were about to hit this poor innocent puppy.
Driver: Sorry, it was my mistake.
Just then the puppy holds Rizwan’s watch in its mouth and runs away.
Driver: Sir, your watch?
Rizwan: (in his mind) This was the only symptom I have related to Hooda family. I can’t lose it.
Rizwan chases the puppy.
And while chasing the puppy he reaches at the isolated place where Reeti is stuck.
The puppy stops near the cliff. Rizwan takes the watch,
Rizwan: You have made me run a lot. Thank for the watch.

Just then he hears Reeti’s scream,
Reeti: Uncle, please help me!
Rizwan looks down at the cliff and is shocked to see Reeti stuck.
Reeti is crying and Rizwan forwards his hand
Rizwan: Beta, give me your hand.
Reeti: No, I will fall down.
Rizwan: Don’t you trust me?
Reeti nods her head yes and she passes her hand and Rizwan pulls her out.
Rizwan bends down
Rizwan: Beta, are you okay?
Reeti hugs him and cries,
Rizwan: (in his mind) I don’t know why I feel someone very close to me is hugging me?
Reeti is crying. Rizwan consoles her.
Rizwan: Beta, why are you crying?
Reeti: I got really scared.
Rizwan: Beta always remember one thing never get scared so easily.
Reeti: How?

Rizwan: Very easy.
Rizwan makes Reeti feel his heartbeat. Kal Ho Na Ho heartbeat music plays.
Rizwan: What are you feeling?
Reeti: Heartbeat.
Rizwan: Very good, How are you feeling?
Reeti: Much better.
Rizwan: Good. Whenever you don’t feel good at all always put your hand on your heart and feel your heartbeat.
Reeti smiles,
Reeti: That is an great idea. Thank you for saving my life. Because of this puppy I was in trouble.
Reeti gets angry on the puppy.
Rizwan: But this same puppy was the one who brought me here.
Reeti: Really?
Reeti picks up the puppy and hugs it.
Reeti: I am sorry for getting angry on you, puppy.
Rizwan smiles,

here Preet reaches at Reeti’s school and is surprised not to see Reeti there. she asks the watchman.
Preet: Have you seen my daughter anywhere?
Watchman: Madam, she was here maybe she went inside the school again.
Pree: But I checked everywhere in the school she is not anywhere.
Watchman: How can it be? she was here a while ago and I saw it with my own eyes.
Preet gets worried.
Preet: Did anyone pick her up? Should I ask them?
Preet calls Sid.
Sid: Yes, Bhabi?
Preet: Sorry to disturb but do you know if anyone else have went to pick up Reeti?
Sid: I just talked to mom she is at her friend’s house and neeti dii is shooting. Trisha dii Bilal Jiju, Kuku Jiju and Dad is here. I don’t think anyoene have picked Reeti up?
Preet: Oh okay, I was just asking.
Preet is crying

Sid: Are you hiding something? Bhabi please tell me the truth if you consider me your younger brother.
Preet: I have come to pick up Reeti, but she is not there I have searched for here everywhere at the school but I can’t find her?
Sid: What? Bhabi, do one thing ask her friends while we are coming wait for us.
Preet: Okay
and she keeps the phone
Preet: Oh god, please protect my daughter,

Here Rizwan is bringing Reeti somewhere.
Rizwan: Beta, do you know the phone number of your mom, dad or anyone?
Reeti: I don’t remember
Reeti is sad.
Rizwan: Are you hungry?
Reeti: Very
Just then they stop at a fast food place

Rizwan: What is your favorite food?
Reeti: Chicken
Rizwan: Chicken? that is also my favorite dish.
Reeti: Really?
Rizwan: We will go and have chicken and then we will go to your school.
Reeti: okay,
Rizwan and Reeti goes to have chicken.
Rizwan gives Reeti his number,

Rizwan reaches with Reeti to her school but doesn’t sees Preet and Hooda family.
Rizwan: Whenever you feel like talking to me, you can call me on this number.
Reeti: Okay
Reeti runs out from the car to Preet.
Here Preet is worried for Reeti, and is worried. Hooda family reaches there.
Sid: Have you find Reeti?
Preet: Not yet
Preet gets worried and starts crying. Just then Reeti comes.

Reeti: Mom!
Preet: Reeti!
Preet and Reeti hug each other. Meri ma from tare zameen par plays. all smiles.
Preet: Where did you go, my child?
Reeti: I saw a puppy and then I chased it but I fell down a cliff and then a good uncle came and save me and brought me here.
Preet: You should have told someone else before going. Do you know how much scared I got?
Reeti: I am sorry mom, I will never do like this again.
And they both hug each other again.
Preet: Where is the good uncle?
Reeti points behind and Preet looks behind.
It is shown at Rizwan’s car has gone away.
Preet:(in her mind) God bless that guy.
Rizwan: (in his mind) today I am happy that I have reunited a girl with her family. May she and her mom always stay happy.
The episode ends as screen freezes on both of them faces.

Precap: Reeti makes Kavya feel her heartbeat, Kavya is stunned Kavya asks her where did she learn this from? Reeti says that the good uncle taught her. Kavya is shocked. On the other hand, Kavya meets Rizwan and calls her out dad. Rizwan looks from behind and has tears on his eyes and is surprised.

The next episode of , will be published on next Sunday 21st February, so please stay tuned. From this episode onwards my ff episodes will be slightly shorter than the initial ones.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can 🙂

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