Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 1)


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Here, a lady is praying and doing puja. After puja she prays to God for her family’s happiness. And the lady is none other than Preet.
Preet: (in her mind)(praying) Thank you for keeping my family happy. Hope they always stays like that. It has been 7 yrs since that incident. Now everything may seem back to normal, but I will never forgive him. I will always hate him. I will never forget the way he cheated me, my family and my country. I will just pray that may his soul rest in peace. I hate you Rizwan.
Just then two girls come running to Preet, one aged 11 , that is Kavya and another is Reeti, that is Rizwan and Preet’s daughter. (You can assume the girl who was last seen as little Kalpana in Ek Mutthi Aasman on zee tv as 11 yr old Kavya and the girl who is seen as Imli in Udaan on colors as Reeti)

Kavya: Look mom, I have got ready, but this Reeti is not listening to me.
Preet: What happened?
Kavya: She say she don’t want to go to school.
Preet: She just can’t say like that. Reeti, don’t disturb your sister go and get ready, you may get late.
Reeti: I dont want to go to school.
Preet: Why? You must go to school.
Just then Bade Maa comes
Bade Maa: Preet, she doesn’t want to go to school today, just let it be. She goes to school everyday.
Preet: How can it be? If everyday she doesn’t have problem, then why today?
Reeti: Because I am angry.
Preet: What happened to my daughter? What made you so angry?
Reeti: Teacher scold me yesterday that’s why.
Preet: How can she scold you, you must have done something wrong, right?
Kavya: Tell her.

As Reeti is about to go,
Preet: Reeti, tell me if not ,no chicken for you for a week.
Reeti: Okay, okay I will tell you. I didn’t do my homework.
Preet: Why you didn’t do your homework?
Just then Neeti chases her two sons,
Neeti: Today, I won’t spare any of you.
Preet: Neeti, neeti what happened?
Neeti: You know Bhabi, what these two nalayaks have done?
Preet: What?
Neeti: They have bunked classes two days ago. How can they do this at such a small age? I won’t spare them.
Preet: What are you saying?
Neeti: The truth, superstar Neeti’s sons have bunked classes. Now what reputation will I have in the media?
Neeti’s elder son: Mom, in serials you always allow your grandson to bunk classes, and now your sons bunk classes in real life, you are so evil.
Neeti’s younger son: Good you got best grandma award, not best mom award.
Neeti: What did you just say? Now I won’t spare you two.
And she starts chasing them.
Reeti hits her forehead with her hand.
Reeti: Everything got messed up.

Preet: Reeti?
Reeti: Actually mom, they bunked classes for me.
Neeti: For you?
Reeti: Yes Neeti bua, they bunked classes for me. As you all know my classes finishes very early then them, so I wanted to go to amusement park, as Mickey Mouse was coming there, but he will go away by the time bhaia’s class ends, so they bunked classes for me so that I can meet Mickey mouse.
Just then Sid comes.
Sid: Well done boys, I am proud of you.
Neeti: My sons are so good. Cannot be. I am sure you both must have forced Neeti to say like this, right?
Neeti’s son: No,no.
Reeti: Yes, they are telling truth.
Kavya: O ho Reeti, you should have told me I would have brought you there.
Reeti: But you had competifion till evening.
Preet: Whatever it is, you should not have bunked classes, that’s wrong, but not your faulf, Reeti you should have told me, it’s bad to tell lies.
Kavya: Yes.
Reeti: Sorry, but without them it would have been boring.
Neeti’s younger son: Yes, Reeti is our sister we can do anything for her.
Neeti gets emotional.
Neeti: Oh my sons, you love your sister so much, mom is proud of you.
Just then Kuku comes.
Kuku: Yes, you two are very good brothers and also very good student.
Neeti: That’s true.

And she pampers her sons.
Kuku: You two are so good that both of you skipped tuitions yesterday, and also forced little Reeti to do so.
The boys understood they are trapped.
Neeti: You also skipped tuitions, now what excuse you want to give?
And she chases her son. Sid consoles her. Neeti gets a call.
Neeti: I have to go for my shooting now, I will teach both of you a lesson once I come home.
Neeti leaves.
Preet: You have done mistakes Reeti, now face the consequences. Get ready for school. Kavya make sure she gets ready for school, and call me if you can’t find something.
Kavya: Okay mom
As Kavya and Reeti leaves, they see Kuku scolding both his son and also their bonding.
Kavya: (in her mind) It has been quite long since I have not seen dad, no one even speaks about him, but I am sure they all miss him. I miss you a lot papa.
And she reminsces all her moments, with Rizwan/Ishan and also his suggestions and tips and remembers how he made her feel his heartbeat. Kavya keeps her hand on her heart and smiles.
Reeti: (in her mind) Everyone have dad, they are so lucky, why I don’t have one? Should I ask mom? I want dad who can also scold and give me love just like Kuku uncle gives to bhais.
Preet: Kavya! Reeti! Go and get ready!
Reeti: Ma, can I ask you something?
Preet: What?
Reeti: Actually d….

Kavya sees and tells Reeti
Kavya: Don’t worry Reeti I will dress you up well now let’s go.
Reeti: But?
Kavya: We are getting late , oho let’s go.
Kavya takes Reeti’s hand and goes. Preet smiles.
Bade Ma: She is just like Ish…
And she remembers about Preet
Sid: Mom, I have told you several times not to mention his name. He have cheated us, especially Bhabi, we will never forget that.
Bade Maa: But Sid
Preet: His actual name is not Ishan.
Sid: Yes, his name is Rizwan.
Preet: Sid, I don’t want to listen to this name, please
Sid: Sorry, Bhabi
Sid leaves from there angrily
Bade Maa: Preet, I didn’t want to hurt you.
Preet: It’s okay, Bade Ma
And Preet leaves.
Badi Maa: (in her mind) You may not be my actual nephew, Ishan or Rizwan beta but I will never forget you have carried out your duties as a son, I wish you were never a terrorist.

Scene 2: KASHMIR
Here, it is shown a man who is offering namaz and doing his prayers. That is none other than Rizwan aka Ishan.
Rizwan: (in his mind) 7 years! It has been 7 years since that incident and I still remember everything, how I returned from death. Everyone assumes me as death and if they are happy with this then let it be. I have considered Hooda family as my own and I will never forget their favours, now they may hate me but please keep them happy. I can never forget that. But the thing that has hurt me the most is Preet the one whom I have loved the most. I know I have deceived her but she have also deceived me for that I will never forgive her. Never!
Just then Rizwan finishes his prayer and as he looks behind it’s none other than Sana.Sana: You still haven’t forget the incident,right
Rizwan: Yes, you got it right.

Sana: It still hurts you a lot. Why don’t you go and meet Hooda family and tell them the actual truth what happened that day? I am sure they will forgive you, and even Preet.
Rizwan gets angry.
Rizwan: Don’t take that name in front of me, understand?
And he leaves angrily.
Sana: (in her mind) Rizwan, I know what happened 7 years ago,I am sure both you and Preet had a big misunderstanding, but I have seen true love that you both had for each other. I feel that I am somehow also responsible for all these too.I am trying my best to make both of you meet each other.

Just then Sana gets a call on her mobile and smiles.
Sana: (in her mind) Looks like even destiny wants this to happen. I hope true love wins.

Here Reeti’s tuition teacher, Veena ,comes and teaches Reeti, and she is very close and friendly to Reeti and entire Hooda family except for Sid. (You can assume Shritima Mukherjee currently seen as Mahi in Tashan-e-Ishq on zee tv as Veena)
Veena: That’s all for today, and Reeti you didn’t tell me what happened in school today?
Reeti is angry.
Veena: Reeti, are you angry with me?
Reeti: Yes
Veena: Why?
Reeti: You told Neeti Bua, that her sons bunked classes and went to amusement park?
Veena: Reeti, it is a very bad thing to bunk classes.
Reeti: But you were the one who said so.
Veena: Reeti , I didn’t say this, I just said that
Just then Sid comes in
Sid: So, you are the one who gives them these ideas and later complain to their parents.
Veena: Mr. Sid, you are misunderstanding me the thing is that
Sid: Enough. I have seen teachers but not so bad like you.
Veena: Listen, I am silent doesn’t mean that you take advantage of it.
Sid: I am going to tell your truth to everyone. And then you will be fired.
Sid is about to go.

Reeti: No Sid Chachu, you are misunderstanding Veena Dii. She is very nice. She told me to visit the amusement park with mom as she knows I love Mickey Mouse, and I wanted Bhai to follow me that’s why.
Veena: Did you listen? Now happy? I have got to know from Reeti that they bunked classes, and I told Neeti ji so as it was my duty as a teacher to do so.
Sid: You told Kuku jiju not Neeti Dii.
Veena: No, no I told Neeti ji.
Sid: Neeti Dii said that they bunked classes, and Kuku jiju said that they bunked tuitions.
Veena: That’s what I am saying.
Sid: Okay, this is confusing, and you are already annoying, and please I am sorryn okay. Happy?
Sid leaves.
Veena: Reeti, how come your Sid chachu is so arrogant?
Reeti: He is not arrogant, he is very good he is actually short-tempered.
Veena: How do you tolerate him?
Reeti: No, no veena dii. He always save me from getting torturted by scoldings.
Veena: Oh really?
Reeti: Yes
Veena: Doesn’t looks like he is like that.
Reeti: Now he is like that, what can I do?
Veena: That’s true, but I have brought something for you.
Reeti: Really?
Veena takes out some chocolates.
Reeti: Chocolates!
Veena: Yes
Just then Preet comes,.

Reeti: Mom, look Veena dii gave me some chocolates.
Preet: That’s good, say thank you.
Reeti: Thank you, now I am going to share chocolates with Kavya dii.
Reeti rushes to another room.
Veena: Such a sweet girl.
Preet: I would love to thank you for teaching Reeti, and don’t mind what Sid said he didn’t mean to offend you.
Veena: It’s okay, I understand I love teaching Reeti, and as long as you don’t have any problems with it, I am happy.
Preet: May God bless you.
Veena smiles.

Here Rizwan is talking to a doctor.
Doctor: Mr Rizwan Ahmed Khan, thank you so much for helping us. We doctors needed some equipment to save patients, thanks to you we have hospitals today to give proper treatment to patients on time.
Rizwan: No need to say thank you it’s just my duty. I just feel that these hospitals, clinics and NGOs need to be better facilated.
Doctor: Kashmir is in India-Pakistan border , and it is less facilated compared to other cities. We also need some here to make lives for patients easier.
Rizwan: Then, just bring some equipments here, but before that do check out how it works.
Doctor: But for that we need you as all the hospital and NGOs here are under your control.
Rizwan gets tensed.

Rizwan: Okay, I will think on this matter and you may leave.
The doctor leaves and Sana comes in.
Rizwan: I wonder where will we get to know how kind of facilities work, I have researched on them, but I need to see them manually.
Sana: Don’t worry there is a solution for this.
Rizwan: What solution?
Sana: A famous doctor and scientist, Mr. Khanna who is based on USA is coming to Mumbai, and I heard that it is not easy to meet him, and he invited only some person to show trials of the equipment found in US. You are very lucky to get an invitation from him.
Rizwan: Then, you go instead of me.
Sana: Why?
Rizwan: Because mumbai is the place where Hooda family lives, I don’t want to come face to face to them.
Sana: But it’s only for three days, Rizwan, and I have been informed that everything is done in the lab at late night to prevent disturbance. in that case, there won’t be chance to meet Hooda family, as all the companies in Mumbai are open in the day time and Mumbai is a very busy city in the day.

Rizwan: I won’t be able to go there, I am sorry.
Sana: Okay, as your wish but just think how much people of Kashmir will benefit by this.
Sana leaves. Rizwan gets thinking.

Scene 5: Preet’s bedroom
Here, Kavya is asleep and Preet is making Reeti sleep and Reeti asks her.
Reeti: Mom, may I ask you something?
Preet: Sure
Reeti: Mom, where is my dad?
Preet is shocked.
Preet: Reeti, sleep
Reeti: But mom, everyone have a dad why not me?
Preet: Reeti, may I tell you a story.
Reeti: Yes, please do tell me.
Preet: Once upon a time there was a lady who lived happily with her husband and family, but she doesn’t know her husband is a bad guy.
Reeti: Bad guy?
Preet: Yes bad guy he was very bad he killed people and always cheated them.
Reeti: Then?

Preet: Then what? He got punished for what he did.
Reeti: But his family? He loves his family a lot right.
Preet: No, he doesn’t love his family, that’s why he killed other people and also didn’t care about his family. Then his family got to know about him, God punished him and he died.
As Preet looks she sees Reeti asleep.
Preet: (in her mind) That’s the story of your dad, beti. I will make sure you will never get to know his truth ever. I hate you Rizwan.
On the other hand, Rizwan is finding something and he finds Hooda family picture and smiles. Just then he sees Preet’s picture and gets angry and puts it back.
Rizwan: (in his mind) I will never forget what you have done. I hate you Preet.
Kabira music plays. Preet and Rizwan have tears while thinking about each other .
The episode ends here.

Precap: Rizwan reaches Mumbai and he says in his mind after seven years I am seeing Mumbai. On the other hand, Preet thinks in her mind I have a feeling that something unexpected will happen. On the other hand, Reeti falls down on a cliff, she is holding on tightly and her hand starts to slip. Reeti shouts for help.

Will Rizwan-Preet come face to face? How will they react? How did Reeti fall down the cliff? Will Reeti’s life be saved?

The next episode of Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen Again, will be published on next Friday, 13th February, so please stay tuned.

And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can 🙂

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