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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hooda family’s ladies break their karvachauth fast looking at moon and then their husband’s faces. Preet breaks fast looking at Ishan and thinks badi maa is right, she should extend her family now. Ishan thinks he should not forget his mission and not get emotional. Preet touches his feet and he asks her not to. She says he is her husband and it is her duty to touch his feet and take blessings. He says he does not believe in all this. Neeti’s jokes start. She asks Kuku to touch her feet. He says he will exempt her from touching his feet and she should exempt him. She smiles.

At room, Preet shows Ishan her mehandi and I initial in it. He says there is even R in it and I can also be for Iqbal and R for Rehan. She asks not to joke again and massages oil

on his head. He gets emotional at first but then stops her and runs into washroom, washes his face and thinks Preet loves Ishan and not Rehan.

In the morning, Trisha tells bade papa that he should get more passes of Pakistani singer Rahmat Ali khan. Neeti’s children say they will also go. Neeti scolds and sends them to room. Ishan enters and says nobody will go to concert as there will be some or other tension when neighboring contry’s artist comes here. Preet comes with coffee for him and says she is on Ishan’s side and says Pakistani’s kill many innocent Indians at border and wants us to buy 1000 rs ticket and show patriotism. Trisha says Bilal will get happy if she goes with him. Preet says she can go to Javed saheb’s mushayara and she will also accompany him. Trisha says but bhabii.. Preet angrily leaves from there. Trisha says bhabi is telling this because of her past. Neeti asks Ishan to go and console bhabi.

Ishan goes to Preet’s room and says Rahmat Ali Khan saheb does not know about anything and he just needs peace. Trisha does not agree.

Kuku tells Preet that they should attend Rahmat Ali khan saheb’s concert as some terrorists will be creating havoc during the event to break peace between both countries and the 6 finger terrorist who killed her family and attacked Ishan in jungle will also be coming. He continues that intelligence people told about terrorist Rizwan Ahmed Khan who is expert in disguise and is brainwashed by terrorists against India since he was 6-year-old. Preet agrees to accompany him.

Ishan goes to Sana’s house and asks 6-finger terrorist Atif about their plan at concert. Atif briefs him and asks to arrange passes. Ishan says he will and once he leaves Atif laughs that Ishan wants peace, but he does not know that they don’t like peace and during concert both country’s rivalry will increase. Sana asks what will they do. He asks her to just accompany him and watch herself.

Rahmat Ali Khan saheb reaches concert venue. People greet him with warm heart. Journalists question him how is he feeling in India. He says as if he came to second home. Journalists asks about his faith. He says christians say amen and muslims ameen, hundus om namah shivay, all their meaning is same. He just knows music and not hatred. His interview continues…

Preet reaches concert venue with Kuku. Kuku says they should not come in front of Ishan if he comes here, else he will panic. Preet says Ishan loves his family and cannot see them in danger. Ishan also reaches venue and even Atif and Sana in disguise. Ishan gives them passes with different names and asks them not to meet him, he will meet them instead once work is done. Security personnel checks Khan saheb’s file and asks what are these papers. Khan saheb says these are letters from his fans who make him realize that people love him even from neighboring country and music does not have any boundaries. Security personnel apologizes him and takes him to stage.

Rahmat Ali Khan saheb address people and thanks them for inviting him. He says he thinks his country is best. People asks what is he telling. Khan saheb says just like he thinks his country is best for him, they think their country is best for them. Everyone clap. He says boundaries and religion cannot divide love. He will sing for unity and says they must have heard about rival country’s girl and boy loving each other, but these stories are in books and not real. He wants to tell everyone that love is only truth and nothing else. He starts singing Aaj dil chaliya….song…Everyone enjoy and clap for him.

Atif goes and stands next to Ishan. Ishan asks why did he come here. Atif says he needs secret papers. Ishan says papers may be in harmonium and he will try to get them, till then he should not come near him. Atif leaves. Preet identifies Atif.

She informs Kuku that she saw that man here in disguise. He runs to search him. Preet also runs and clashes with Ishan and asks what is he doing here. He asks why did she come here when he asked her not to. She says the terrorist who attacked him in jungle is here. He says it is police’s duty and she should not interfere. She sees Atif again and runs behind him. Sana then meets Ishan and asks him to stop Preet as she is going into bomb range. Ishan says they told they will not harm anyone and leave with papers. Sana says they planted it to panic people, thats all. Atif passes security and walks out. Police holds Preet and says she cannot go beyond. Ishan comes running and holds her. Bomb blasts and people start running. Ishan asks if she is fine. She says she got leg sprain. He lifts her.

Precap: While Ishan carries Preet, Preet thinks their love story will start soon.

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