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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan holds terrorist’s collar and asks why did they kill Preet’s family and misbehaved with her. Terrorist says even he was in that mission. Ishan says they killed innocent people and he will not help them until he informs in detail about his mission. Terrorist says he thinks Hooda family is his, but he is Rizwan Ahmed Khan and not Ishan Hooda. Ishan walks out. Sana asks terrorist how will they complete their mission without Ishan. He says Ishan is getting attracted to his family, he knows what to do.

Ishan reaches home drenched. Preet asks him to change, else he will catch cold. He says he is not Indian, he is Rizwan Ahmed Khan, rival country’s agent. He was with the group who killed her family and even killed captin Vikrant as he killed his country people.

She stands dumbstuck in a shock. He says he will go back to his country and tries to leave. She stops him and says she does not care who he is, for her, he is her husband, her love. Ishan realizes that it was his imagination. Preet sees him and asks him to go and change as she does not want him to fall ill during karva chauth. He says he is not Ishan but Rizwan Khan from rival country. Preet asks him to stop joking as it hurts her a lot. He says he is not. She says he is and says she loves him a lot and he should not joke like this. He asks what if she finds terrorists who killed her family. She says she will kill them. He stands tensed. He asks him to go and change before he gets ill and she will send hot water via servant. Ishan thinks she loves Ishan and he is Rizwan, he will finish his mission and leave from here.

In the morning, all ladies gather to have sargi/breakfast before fasting. Badi maa gives sargi to Preet and she touches her feet and takes blessings. Neeti comes with Kuku and says she will not fast as her saas did not send her sargi. Kuku says how can her mom send sargi from chandigarh. Neeti says she likes her saas’ paranthe and will not fast without them. Badi maa says she is like kuku’s mother and gives her sargi. Trisha joins them. Preet says she must be excited to fast for Bilal. Trisha says Bilal exempted her from that. Badi maa says Ishan’s mother already sent her sargi. Neeti says she will have sargi in her room and takes Kuku.

Neeti’s children take out cotton from her ears and says she is not deaf. Neeti thanks god and thinks of listening Kuku’s praises. Kuku enters and taunts her that she is fat, her face is so wide, etc.. Once he leaves, she cries and searches ways to kill husband. Kuku gets ready for office and taunts her again. She backfires and he acts that god heard his prayers and he read on internet to badmouth wife to awaken her senses. Neeti says even she searched internet to kill him. He runs from there.

Neeti’s children taunt Kavya and she gets sad. Preet with biji and badi maa comes and consoles Kavya. Kavya says she needs a baby sister as she feels alone to handle their taunts. Preet changes topic. Badi maa asks when will she give her grandson or granddaughter. Preet jokes and leaves. Badi maa informs Neeti about it. Neeti says even she felt same and they both will know what is happening.

Preet orders servant to prepare breakfast for Ishan and Bade papa and asks Sid what he wants to eat. Sid while watching yoga with Neeti and Trisha says cheese burger. Neeti scolds him and then asks Preet to come and watch yoga with her. Preet sits on sofa. Ishan comes getting ready for office. Neeti asks him to sit, but he forces Neeti to sit between him and Preet. Neeti then calls Kuku and forces Preet and Ishan to sit together. They both hesitate and get nervous when their hands and head touch. Badi maa and Neeti discuss there is something wrong. Neeti asks badi maa to behave like a saas and ask Preet when will she give her heir.

Badi maa goes to Preet’s room and asks loudly when will she get her heir. Preet laughs and asks to stop joking. Badi maa locks room and says she wants to ask her daughter when will she get pota or poti. Preet reveals that Ishan and she haven’t consummated their marriage. Badi maa is shocked.

Ishan goes to Sana’s house and joins back his terrorist group. Terrorist says he is happy to get him back. Ishan says he will help them only if they promise not to harm any innocent. Terrorist makes fake promise.

Karva chauth function starts with all ladies gathering at terrace to sight moon and break fast. Ishan comes from office and enters room. Preet is busy wearing sari and gets shy seeing him. She says she is trying to wear sari for him and then says for fast breaking. He helps her wear sari and tucks it. They both then go to terrace. He corrects her sari even there bending. Neeti sees that and forces Kuku to touch her feet. Comedic events continue..

Precap: Preet shows Ishan her mehandi hand and I. Ishan says it has I L and R. I can be Ishan, Iqbal, R can be Rehan. Preet looks at him in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Iqbal and Mona look too cute show more romance between them pls… Make Ishan reliase his love for Preet visa versa. Pls.. Ektaji don’t separate them

  2. I reali lov dis serial…Iqbal bhai n mona you guyz reali rock…❤

  3. Yes its true Sri..They look like a truly loving , mature and understanding couple.They look cute when they care for each other..A couple only made for each other!!! ISHpreet Rockzzzz!!! Also they rule our hearts…Thanks for the update MA.

  4. Guys I agree too! Ishpreet rocks!

  5. Really cute jodi with full maturity..look so good together

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    InP lk awesome mature together…
    preet bit overacting chool bool…lol.
    ekta y always muslims against indians????
    As it is whole world is in war…n u promote haterd????
    Leave polictics our of series…
    n really no one talks abt Kashmir n India??????

  7. It is becoming very irritating when Preet keeps on saying ‘I trust Ishaan more than anyone’
    If it is so then why did she replace the file?
    I find it contratidcting what she keeps on repeating atkeast 5 times per episode.
    Also she has some problem with Gravity always tripping.
    I am sure in the end Ishaan will turn out to be real Ishaan or his long lost brother in Kumbh mela ?

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