Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan holds Preet and seriously tells that he does not think there any be any relationship between them. She drops keys in a shock. He laughs and says he was just joking, she dropped important keys also twice. Preet gives keys to him and says bade papa trusts her and she trust him. He gets emotional but then thinks he is Rehan Ahmed Khan and not Ishan Hood, so should get secret file.

Ishan passes by Bilal’s family room and sees them reciting namaz. He goes to a room, recites namaz and prays god that he will take revenge from India for killing his country people. He goes and steals file from bade papa’s locker. Sana comes down and takes file from him.

In the morning, Ishan gets ready for office. Sid comes worried and informs that military people are questioning

bade papa. Ishan rushes down and sees military general questioning bade papa about missing file. He asks not to trouble bade papa. General asks where did file go from locker. Bade papa says he gave keys to Preet. Bade papa calls Preet, but she is missing and even her phone is at home. General orders to search Preet in whole house. Ishan reminisces Preet giving him keys with trust and says Preet gave keys to him. General starts questioning and asks how is he related to bade papa. Bade papa says he is his nephew and like son and staying with him since 5 years. General asks Ishan where was he before 5 years. Ishan says Canada. General asks where in Canada. Neeti says they will send address later and he should search file first. General then sees Bilal’s parents and asks who are they. Bade papa says they are his samdhis and came yesterday night for function but stayed back due to late night. General asks Bilal’s dad where does he stay. Dad says Chandni Chowk. General asks if he knows who is creating havoc there. Dad says rival country terrorists and how will he konw them. General then takes plastic cover from mom and sees papers in it. Mom says they took loan for her son’s marriage as they are poor and her bahu’s family is rich. Bade papa asks not to bring religion in between as they are all Indians. General says it is question of country’s saftey.

Preet enters and says file is at home and gets it from temple. She tells she trusts Ishan and gave him keys, but then at 5 a.m. she woke up hearing Azaan and exchanged file from locker thinking if someone steals it, they will not check file in temple. Ishan takes care of family and is always busy, so she did not anyone to doubt him. General checks file and praises Preet and apologizes bade papa. He leaves saying all Indians are one, Hindu or Muslim. Whole family praises Preet. Sana scolds Ishan that his fake wife spoilt their plan.

Whole Hooda family sit for breakfast and calls Preet to bring breakfast. Trisha brings breakfast and says she prepared it. One by one silently leaves giving weird reason. Biji tries breakfast and shouts that her tooth broke from stone like food. Kids start playing with Trisha’s prepared laddoos like a ball. Ishan comes and Preet says Trisha made breakfast today. He says arey waah and is about to sit on seat when he gets Sana’s call and leaves saying he has to attend important business meeting. Preet thinks why did he get tense aget phone call.

Ishan walks with Sana on chandni chowk lane and Sana tells Baba is angry on him and what will he tell baba now. They both see Preet with Sid traveling in a car.

Preet reminisces her past where she scolds her papa for spending his whole life’s earning on her marriage. Dad says he is very happy to spend his life’s earnings on her daughter’s marriage. She asks how will he stay after her marriage. He says he gets pension and will spend life aramse. She should also be happy that she is marrying her best friend. She says that is the problem, she considers her fiance as best friend only. She comes out of flashback when sid wakes her up and asks why is she crying. Preet says she lost everything. They both reach police station. Sid asks if she is sure she wants to do this. She says yes and she does not want any other person losing family like her and Ishan. They both enter police station. Inspector says he is handling case now and asks if she remembers who killed her husband, according to intelligence report, he may be terrorist. Preet reminisces masked men speaking in urdu and having 6 fingers. She says he was having 6 fingers.

Ishan meets his terrorist friend who greets him and gives him dates saying baba sent it as he likes them. Sana says he spoilt their plan in his wife’s love. Man says he will also listen to her, but will listen to Rehan bhai first.

Precap: Ishan’s friend says Preet looks beautiful in anger. Ishan asks not to bring Preet in between. Friend says Preet get is worried about him and he is worried about her, but she cares Ishan Hooda and not Rehan.

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