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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan searches military secret file in bade papa’s room while whole family get busy with Bilal and his family discussing marriage date. Kuku suggests to keep marriage on sunday as children will not miss school. Children say Friday as they will get 3 days’ holiday. Everyone laugh. Bilal’s mom asks where is Trisha. Trisha comes just then. Mom gifts bangles to trisha and says her saas gave it to her and she is giving it to her bahu. She then asks about Ishan. Preet says she will call him and walks towards room when she hears sound from bade papa/badi maa’s room and enters to check. Ishan comes out. She asks what is he doing here and says family is calling him down. He says let us go. She asks him to change first. He leaves shouting. She thinks why is he shouting.


then gets back to bade papa’s room once family gets busy again, opens safe and is about pick file when he hears someone coming and hides. Bade papa enters, sees safe open and locks it. He then goes and gives keys to Trisha and says he is forgetting things now a days and is worried about his country’s secret file, so he can trust only her and gives her locker keys. Ishan gets angry seeing that.

Sana provokes Ishan to get keys from Preet. He says he cannot as she trusts him a lot. Sana says Preet is Ishan’s wife and not Rehan Ahmed Khan’s wife, he should not forget his responsibility towards his country. Ishan then goes and purposefully clashes with Preet. Preet gets shy and leaves dropping keys on floor. He picks it silently and smirks.
Preet goes back and gets busy with family. She then realizes that she dropped keys somewhere and starts searching it everywhere. While searching it kitchen, Ishan passes by and she informs him that keys are missing. He asks her to relax and leaves to get secret file.

Bade papa asks Trisha to get Neeti’s marriage album to show it to Bilal’s family about their family marriages. Preet goes to Neeti’s room and while taking album informs her about missing keys. After a bit of comic events, Neeti thinks if she finds keys, papa will praise her. Preet gives album to Sid and tries to leave, but badi maa asks her to sit with them. She silently leaves and starts searching.

Ishan walks into bade papa’s room again and tries to pick file when Sana calls him and informs that Preet is coming there again. Preet comes and Ishan says bade papa is selling tankers to country without profit and if file is lost, he will not be desh drohi. Preet says it is question of our country’s security. She then starts crying.

Neeti starts searching keys and series of comedic events start. She searches keys in to cupboard. Sid enters and she falls on him. He falls unconscious. She wakes him up and says Kuku walks picking him in room. Sid says kuku is superman and he is common man and asks what is she searching. She says chabhi, bhabhi. He insists and she informs him about keys missing. Sid in turn informs Trisha and they all start searching keys.

Ishan holding keys thinks he should not come into Preet’s emotional drama as he is Rehan Ahmed Khan and not Ishan, so he will not return keys. He clashes with Preet again and keys falls. He thinks Preet will doubt him, but she thanks him for finding keys and leaves taking them. Sana comes and scolds him that he should think about their country and orphan children and reminds him how Indian military men killed his parents.

Preet happily joins family. Bade papa tells her that she wants Trisha to be like her. Preet says Trisha is all rounder and handles office also. They see news about riots in town. Bilal’s family leaves saying they will reach home before situation gets out of control.

Ishan thinks how to get keys from Preet now. Once Preet comes to room, he starts emotionally blackmailing her and takes keys from her.

Precap: Ishan nervously tells army general that Trisha gave key to him and he kept them under his pillow, don’t who took them now. Army general says sasur gave keys to bahu and bahu to husband, now bahu is missing. Let us start investigation with Ishan.

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  1. Very poor of preet .

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  3. Today’s episode was the most excellent….It was good to see that Ishan aka Rizwaan was affected with Preet’s saddness as he loves her….Thanks for the update MA.

  4. I think preet is also sm undercover agent frm india

  5. Ishpreet Rockzzzzz!!!!!

  6. Ishpreet! Like the name! Hope they end this terrorist track soon! This is a romantic show and they should concentrate on that!!!!!!!!

  7. OK now we Ishaan’ssecret but what is Preet’s secret?

  8. They will show in the show…Stay tuned to know Preet’s secret….

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