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While having breakfast, Ishan calls Preet to bring his wallet. Preet in ladies room tries to get up, but badi maa and other ladies hold her and say she cannot break her promise. Badi maa says for the first time her mother-in-law is with her because of her. All ladies will not come down until their demands are met. Males hear their conversation and Ishan asks Sid why did not he order juice with pizza.

Bade papa reminisces playing with Trisha in childhood and loving her a lot. Badi maa stops bade papa and says when trisha was born, he proudly said that laxmi came and when Neeti was born, he said he got double laxmi home. She loved him before also, but respect for him increased after that. He brought up Trisha like a boy and now he is against her marriage with a muslim boy. Bade

papa asks what if Bilal remarries as 4 wives are allowed in muslims, their culture and world is different. Badi maa asks what if the boy he selects will betray Trisha, nothing is guaranteed. Bade papa angrily calls Preet to come down and shouts she started all this. Preet comes down. He says he will give police complaint against Bilal for kidnapping his daughter. Trisha says she went with Bilal. Ishan says he will accompany to police station. Bade papa says again Preet started all this and only she should come with him and leaves with her.

Bade papa takes Preet to Bilal’s house, meets his parents and tells them if they will accept his daughter the way she is. Parents get very happy and nod yes. Bade papa then hugs Bilal and says he is proud of a boy who respect other’s sentiments. He then tells that he got Preet as his bahu 4 years ago, but she became beti with her good deed and behavior and asks Bilal’s parents if they will consider his daughter as beti. Dad says he will.

Ishan comes to the area with Sid and searches Bilal’s house. Paanwala calls Ishan as Pasha and asks if he does not need paan. Ishan nervously leaves. Sid asks if he knows his brother. Paanwala says pasha comes here twice a week and meets a lady here, he loves his paan and does not go without eating it. Sid asks to sow lady’s house. Paanwala says route. Sid walks through and is about to enter Sana’s house when Ishan stops him and says bade papa agreed for Trisha and Bilal’s marriage and takes him to Bilal’s house. Bade papa continues praising Preet and then says they will come in the evening for engagement ceremony. They all 4 come out of house. Sid points at Sana’s house and says Ishan they have to go there. Ishan says he parked car other way. Preet asks what happened. Sid says he tought bhaiya forgot route. Preet says his bhaiya will never forget anything. Sid thinks he will make Ishan forget Sana.

Bade papa reaches home and informs family about engagement. Trisha nervously cries thinking how will she meet bilal’s parents. Neeti consoles her.

Whole Hooda family reaches Bilal’s home wearing muslim clothes for engagement ceremony. Both families mingle well and celebrates engagement ceremony.

Sid silently walks out to find whom Ishan meets. He sees paanwala walking towards a door and knocking it. He is shocked to see Sana coming. Sana asks Paanwala why did he come here when she warned him not to come for 2 weeks. Panwala gives paan and asks for money. She goes in. Panwala gets a call and gets busy. Sid silently enters in and SMSes Ishan from Sana’s mobile to meet her right now and silently walks out.

Ishan enters Sana’s house and asks why did she call him when he warned her not to often. She says she did not, but it is good he came as she needs to talk to him something important.

At Bilal’s house, Neeti sees Biji enjoying sewaiyan/sweets and says when she is so khadus/orthodox, then how did she agree for Trisha and Bilal’s marriage. Biji says he bestfriend was a muslim and they used to enjoy sewayan and sarson da saag together, she prefers love than religion. If her friend was alive, she would be preparing sewayan for them.

Sid goes back to Bilal’s house and insists Preet to accompany him to see Ishan’s true face. She agrees and they both reach Sana’s house and press door bell. Sana opens door and asks how come they are here. Sid asks where is Ishan bhaiya and forcefully enters in. They say a man resembling Ishan who asks Sana why did she call others when she had a meeting with him. Sana apologizes him. Man leaves. Preet apologizes Sana, gives weird reason and walks out with Sid says he is sure Ishan is inside and says will call Ishan’s driver and confirm. He calls driver. Driver gies phone to Ishan who asks Preet if everything is alright. Preet says everyone is waiting for him. He says he came out on an important work and says Sid will take care there until he is back in a few min. Preet scolds Sid that Ishan trusts him so much, but he is doubting Ishan.

Ishan gives money to driver and asks him to not inform anyone about it. Driver says he is telling lie since 5 years and will continue. Ishan goes back to Bilal’s house and looking at family thinks his family trusts him so much, bhut he is betraying them. He goes back to Sana’s house and shouts that because of her, his brother has started doubting him and came till here. She asks why don’t he inform them that he is Rizwan Ahmed Khan and not Ishan Hooda.

Precap: Ishan shouts at Sana that he will inform everyone that he is a terrorist and came here to get secrets, then she will also be into trouble with him.

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  1. What happened yaar? Is ishan playing double role or what? He turned 2 b a terrorist. Bt its interesting.

  2. OMG!!Ishaan is terrerist…

  3. then whom did preet marry ishaan or this terrorist?????

  4. awesome suspense

  5. guess this would be very interesting

  6. O M G Ishan… The Terrorist!!

  7. Shraddha sharma

    Ohhhhh God… ishan is terrorit???? ????
    Well its new thing included by Ekta Kapoor differ from regular saas bahu show..

    iska matlb yeh h k bade papa k bhai and unki family ko kuch hua hi nhi hai and mostly I think kavya is not ishan’s daughter yeh usne ophernage s li hogi…..

  8. I was not expecting the last part. This is a great cliffhanger!

    I like Biji’s attitude towards the interfaith marriage. It shows that not everyone from older generation is against true love.

  9. End terrorist track immediately.

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Gud family serial y bring in religion n politics….eish wil cause irratian n unnesary altercations wit views…end the b***** bfor it gets further….pls Peace

  11. I think it is him who was involved in the attack in preet’s house when her mehendi ceremony was going on guys do u remember she had a bad dream

  12. I think fake Isaan is responsible for the death of real Isaan Huda nd Kavya is real Isaan daughter

  13. Kinjal Bhatnagar

    That means Bade papa has lost his whole brother’s family….Even Ishan is dead. Maybe kavya is alive n this person used her to enter the house. n nbdy in d family has ever seen real ishan as dey were in canada.

  14. Ekta has gone crazy! I think that preet Married terrorist ishaan and now because of preet the terrorist will become good and become loyal towards the hooda family. I don’t think that the guy preet married is dead. Either she married the terrorist or ishaan has been kept away from the family. Oh is ekta out of her mind? This was supposed to be a romantic seriel right?? Where did the terrorist angle come in from?? And that also in the 10th episode?

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