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Sana asks Ishan if he forget his past. Ishan says he did not forget that he is rival country’s secret agent/terrorist and came here to get secrets, he is not Ishan Hooda and is Rizwan Ahmed Khan. If he is caught, she will also be caught as she is also terrorist. She gets tensed and gives him water to drink. He asks if she knows his past. She says she just knows to get info from him and give it to her country. He says he will tell his story and says he was 6-year-old when he met baba, terrorist head. He goes into flashback where children are taken into terrorist camp. Head asks where are his parents. He says Indians killed them. Head brainwashes him against India. He looks at India map and tells his friend that he wants to kill Indians as they are very cruel. He further tells

Sana that after 20 years, terrorist head introduces him to ISI boss who tells him that he has to go to India as their country’s secret agent. He asks what will be his identity. Boss says Delhi’s famous businessman Mr. Hooda’s (who sells tankers to India military) brother fought with him and went to Canada years ago. Now, in a plane crash, his whole family died. He can take his son Ishan Hooda’s identity and gives new passport with Ishan Hooda’s identity. He then asks what should we do to Ishan’s toddler Kavya. Rizwan says he will take her along as he knows the pain of being orphan and adopts her as his daughter. He then meets Hooda family as Ishan Hooda. Bade papa says he has 2 sons now and Ishan will stay with them in India.

Sana then asks what about Preet. Ishan/Rizwan says even her family was destroyed by his country. Bade papa requested to marry Preet for Kavya’s sake and he agreed to prove that he is an obedient son. She asks if he loves Preet and Hooda family so much, then how will he take revenge from India. He says he has problem with India and not Hooda family, they are very good people and love him a lot. He gives secret file to bade papa.

Preet travels with Kavya in a car. Kavya hears patriotic song on FM and asks if she loves India. Preet says a lot. Kavya asks if she loves papa more or India. Preet says papa is also part of India.

Hooda family enjoy light moments and ask Trisha how did she meet Bilal. She tells her story. Preet enters with ginger tea and serves them all. Trisha thanks her for helping her unite with Bilal and says even after hating rival country so much, she helped her. Preet says she hates rival country but not people, after all Bilal is also an Indian like us. Neeti says rival country did very bad to her. Bade papa shouts to stop. Neeti apologizes. Preet says it is okay and asks everyone to enjoy tea.

While driving car back home, Ishan thinks how can he betray Hooda family which loves him so much. He reaches home and converses with Preet. Preet starts crying. He asks what happened. She apologizes for doubting him and tells the whole incident happened today, when Sid took her to Sana’s house. Ishan thinks he is afraid of Preet’s loyalty, how should he take revenge from India.

Preet enters Neeti’s room and sees milk on floor. Neeti says her mischievous children did it and takes her in where Kuku is sleeping. She says kuku his children clashed with her. He asks if children are fine. She starts scolding him. Preet asks her to let Kuku sleep now, she will come in the morning and speak to Kuku. Neeti says it is agood idea as Kuku listens to her.

Ishan wears pathani kurta pajama, silently enters into a room and performs namaz. He gets a call from Sana to finish his first job. He thinks he will finish his first move tomorrow.

In the morning, while having breakfast, Badi maa says Trisha’s marriage is nearing and they have to start arrangements. Bade papa says Preet will arrange everything as usual and he and Ishan have an important meeting. Sid asks Trisha if she will not go to office. Trisha says her in-laws are coming in the evening. Everyone laugh and taunt her.

At office, bade papa informs Ishan and Trisha that military general is coming to discuss military secrets and he wants to keep it confidential as it is his country’s security issue. Ishan thinks he will give those secret papers to his country and take revenge. Military general enters, meets bade papa and praises him for selling tankers without profit for years. Bade papa says he loves his country. Ishan thinks even he loves his country.

At Hooda house, Preet tells badi maa that she has made tonight’s arrangements and even called moulvi saheb as they may need to fix marriage date. Badi maa says she did right. Sana enters. Preet says she called her as she is a wedding planner and knows muslim culture.

Ishan calls Sana and tells he will get military secret soon. Bade papa gives him file. Trisha says bade papa he did right as she learnt from Ishan and Preet it is not important who runs business, family unity is important. Bade papa takes file from Ishan and says it is his country’s secret and he himself will protect it.

Preet continues arrangement and waits for Trisha. Trisha enters with bade papa and Ishan. Preet asks bade papa if he is hungry. Badi maa asks her to get Trisha ready first while she takes care of bade papa. Sana asks Ishan where is secret file. Ishan says it is with bade papa. She sees bade papa carrying file and asks him to get it soon.

Precap: Bade papa gives his safety locker keys to Preet and says he can trust only her with his country’s secret file. Preet slips. Ishan holds her. She gets shy and leaves dropping keys. Ishan picks keys.

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  1. Shraddha sharma

    Ohhhh Know?? very bad done with Ishan and Preet but the show is showing truth about terrorisim…
    Both Ishan and Preet Hate the country but love each other…
    I think show is going to turn like Film Fannaa….
    Show is going very interesting, but plzz dont seprate Inshan and Preet..

  2. Now preet will be blamed…. So sad ?

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