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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bade papa and badi maa’s marriage completes after Preet and Ishan doing their kanyaan and then their pheras. After marriage, Neeti shows everyone video of bade papa and badi maa since their marriage, children, till now, Neeti, Trisha, and Sid’s childhood, etc..

At the end of video, Bilal’s namaz video comes. Everyone are shocked to see that. Bilal tries to run, but Kuku and Sid catch him and ask who is he. Bade papa starts scolding him. Preet interferes and asks not to scold Bilal. Kuku tries to hit Bilal, but Trisha stops him and says she loves Bilal and wants to marry him. Bade papa says he will get her 1000 boys to chose, but not Bilal. Preet asks why is he forgetting his own teachings to respect people and not their religion. When 2 different religion

people can study, work, eat together, then why can’t they marry. Bilal would have eloped with Trisha, but he did not and wants elder’s permission. She tells Trisha did not get what she needed since childood, she worked for company selflessly for 12 years and did no get desired designation, now she cannot even marry her choice. Bade papa gets more angry and shouts that she is daughter-in-law and should behave like one in limits and stop trying to become daughter. Badi maa asks why did he say that, he shattered all relationships. Preet says she considers Trisha as her sister and wants her to be happy. Ishan asks her to shut up and not oppose bade papa. Trisha stands in a shock. Once everyone disperses, Ishan scolds Preet that he is feeling stranger for the first time because of her over-interference. Preet gets more sad.

Ishan goes and stands in lawn. Sana follows him and tries to hug him. He asks her to behave and says when he needs her help, he will call her. She says she thought he is tensed, so came to console her. He asks her to go now. Sid sees everything hiding.

Neeti walks fuming in her room. A series of comic events happen. She starts fighting with Kuku. Sid enters and tells there is something brewing between Ishan and Sana. Neeti asks to stop thinking bad and concentrate on Trisha and papa’s fight. She then starts fighting with Kuku again.

Preet prepares custard in kitchen. Ishan enters and starts talking. She slips and he holds. Neeti passes by and thinks Sid is wrong, they are so romantic. Ishan leaves Preet and leaves. Neeti then thinks Sid must be right.

Badi maa and Neeti go to Trisha’s room to console her, but see her missing. They call whole family and inform that Trisha is missing. Bade papa starts scolding Preet that his daughter eloped with a muslim boy because of her lenience and continues that he sells tankers to military to protect border, but cannot protect his family at all because of Preet. Ishan interferes and says he will handle. Bade papa scolds him that he could not control his wife, how will he handle situation. Just then Trisha enters with Bilal and says bhabhi is innocent. Bade papa starts scolding Bilal. Trisha says she called Bilal to elope with him, but he told her how much her family loves her and when she cannot live without 5-year-old love, how will her family live without their 30-year-old daughter.

Bade papa calms down and apologizes Bilal for misunderstanding him. Bilal says he can understand his situation well and says tries to leave saying he will never meet Trisha from hereon. Trisha requests him not to go. He says they cannot be happy by hurting parents and leaves.

Bade papa asks everyone to go and sleep now. Badi maa stops him and asks if he does not think he did a mistake by calling Preet as bahu instead of beti. Preet fulfilled responsibility of elder more than them. Bade papa says his decision is final and he stills repeats that bahu should not interfere in family issues. Badi maa says just because Bilal is a muslim, it does not mean he is not a good human being, Trisha will be happy only with him. Bade papa says because of some muslim boy, his family is fighting and his bahu is brainwashing everyone. Badi maa says if he thinks Preet is bahu, then she is also bahu of this house and is on Preet’s side. Biji says even she is on bahu’s side. Neeti says even she is as she is also a bahu. Ishan says he is on bade papa’s side. Bade papa shouts that his decision is final and leaves followed by Ishan, Kuku and Sid. Trisha cries hugging badi maa.

At night, Ishan says Preet. Preet says she knows he wants to scold her for interfering between family issues and says they all know Trisha can be happy only with Bilal and should accept his fact, etc.. Ishan says he just needs water. She asks if only wives should bring water. Ishan says he will. She holds his hand. He stands dumbstuck. She asks to add some ice also. He says he did not see this side of hers. She says she is following badi mummy’s orders. He goes down to kitchen and searches glass. Preet enters and shows glass and gets water from fridge. He asks why is he helping her when badi mummy asked her not to. She says she cannot see him working. They both smile.

Neeti starts fighting with Kuku and asks him to sleep on floor for taking bade papa’s side. He sleeps on floor. Bade papa wakes up in the morning and calls badi maa/Alka for tea and newspaper, but does not find her. Kuku wakes up and sees Neeti sleeping next to her and says she got afraid at night, so she slept here. He smiles. She says from hereon, he will take care of their children and send them to school, etc. Children enter and start troubling Kuku. Ishan also does not find Preet. Sid serves pizza breakfast and says ladies have gone on strike until their demands are met.

Precap: Ishan walks through Sana’s street. Man calls him Iqbal miyan. Sana scolds him that she asked him not to meet her for a few days. Sid follows Ishan and brings Preet to show Ishan’s true identity.

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  2. Waitingggg.. uodate fasttt plss

  3. Who is this sana ??? Actually I started watching this serial from this week only . so anyone please ….?

  4. Dais, Sana is yet a Mystery!

  5. Shraddha sharma

    I was gussesing right… on 27 oct maine comment kiya tha k shyad ishan actually ishan nhi h shyad…
    Or precap dekh kr lgta h yeh sach b ho skta hai..

  6. Agar ye asli Ishan nai hai to i think is Ishan k wajah se hi asli wale Ishan ko kuch Hua hai to Isi k liye isne uski jagah li hai.. Bt kuch v Ho skta hai ye ekta kapur K serial hai..

  7. Ishaan is an ISI agent. As this is Ekta kapoor serial it will shatter our brain till the point we get annoyed.

  8. Yeah..he is rizwan, is an agent from a neighbouring country. Actual ishan has died along with his wife and his family. Check out the wikipedia.

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