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Preet says to Ishaan she is not Kavya’s biological mother.Ishaan asks her never to say such things ever.Kids call someone mother only after noticing her.They never call mother just after their birth.He says how he still remembers when he came to Delhi for the first time.

Flashback :

Ishaan enters Hooda house with little Kavya.Bade Papa says he broke his relation with his brother for a silly reason.He can’t bring his brother back.Everyone left,his brother,brother’s wife,Ishaan’s wife.He will not loose Ishaan and Kavya.Ishaan is his son from now on,its his house,his family.Badi Ma says let me meet my son also.She says mother has more rights on her son.She asks him to go to his room.Ishaan leaves.Then she asks Bade Papa that he has said he will handle everything

but how he will handle Kavya.Bade Papa says God will solve the problem.

Ishaan is in his room trying to handle Kavya as she is badly crying.She is not ready to drink milk.He goes to bring water.When he comes back he notices Kavya is not crying anymore.He is shocked and says how is it possible.He enters and sees Preet handling Kavya.He says only two months has passed her mother died and since then she is crying and withing two minutes she calm her down.She says he must have hold her wrongly.He says he doesn’t know.She says whats there to know?We need to hold them just we hold delicate things.He says he had lept her on cradle still she was crying.Preet says she must have been hungry.She asks whether he fed her milk.He says yes.She says then probably he forgot to check the bottle.He says its Gos that Kavya got her.Preet says people gets what is there in their luck.Bade Papa sees them together.Ishaan watches how Preet is handling Kavya.And says how she took Kavya’s responsibility.Kavya could sleep peacefully only becuase of her.

In the morning Ishaan comes with Kavya and asks for help.But nobody is able to help him.Bade Papa asks why Kavya is crying.Ishaan asks him where that lady is.Badi Ma says which lady.he handled Kavya within two minutes.He says he didn’t ask her name but she knows how to handles babies.Preet comes and asks him to give Preet to her.Preet says you have hold her wrongly again.Ishaan asks her to teach him how to hold baby.

Niti says she never knew Preet handles babies so well.Ishaan asks who the girl is to Mr.Hooda.He says she is his friend’s daughter.He says just like Ishaan Preet also lost his full family due to an accident.

Time passed and Preet handled Kavya.Preet Ishaan became friends.

Preet asks Kavya to speak.Ishaan says she is too small but then Kavya says Papa.Ishaan is surprised and delighted.Preet says her daughter is speaking now.

Ishaan says then Bade Papa said the thing for which we both were not ready.Bade Papa and Badi Ma convinces both of them.They ask them to say yes atleast for Kavya.And they got married.

Preet is sitting as a typical bride but tensed.Ishaan enters.He says he understands she is not ready for this.Its a compromise for her.Its also the same for him.He says he can never forget his wife.He will not cross his limits.They can become good friends but not husband wife.He says he is only tensed about Kavya.Preet says Kavya is now her daughter also.Kavya will now get love of both her parents though they will not have husband wife relationship.

Flashback ends.

Ishaan says no one could have loved Kavya more than her.He says if ever a situation happens when one of them have to die then it will be him because Kavya will never be able to leave without Preet.Both are emotional.Kabira is played.Ishaan tries to wipe her tears with a tissue but stops.He asks a promise that she will neber say such things about Kavya.

Sid notices Sana going somewhere,smiling.Sid thinks why she is coming from Bhai-Bhabi’s room so late at night.He asks help from Niti.But Niti is busy talking about kids and foods.She is frustrated and says she has become just a housewife.Sid says he thinks something is seriously wrong.But the kids interrupts.Niti is unable to handle them.Sid still tries but Niti says they should talk tomorrow.

Ishaan and Preet are lying on their bed.They think about the incident where Preet was scared about loosing Ishaan and then confessed.Ishaan thinks he would have never forgive himself if something would have happened to Preet.He promises he will always protect her.Both turns and faces each other.Ishaan asks why she is not sleeping,inquiries about the nightmare.Preet nods.She coughs.Ishaan says he will get water for her but she says she will bring herself and leaves.

Preet comes downstairs and sees the door open.She comes and closes it but hears Sid’s friend Bhabjeet speaking on phone.He says that no one knows who he is.They think he is Sid’s friend.Nobody will know about him and he is talking standing outside the house while talking.Preet says she needs to inform Ishaan about this.

Ishaan is asleep.Preet thinks she will talk to him in morning.Preet thinks what if full family is in danger.

Niti is exhausted due to jogging.Preet asks whether she is fine.Niti says why Preet is silent.Preet says she couldn’t sleep all night.Niti takes it otherwise and says she doesn’t need to feel shy.She have also spend such nights and got the result in form of kids.Preet asks her to stop but she says why she is feeling shy.Then she says she needs to show her the dresses she will were in function.

Ishaan calls Preet but Sana enters.He says she can’t come here like this.Sana says she needs to talk to him,its important.He says nothing can be more important for him than his family.Preet is his wife,its her room,she has respect in this house.He asks her not to cross the line.She says what about the line which is already been crossed.He remembers who is Preet to him but forgot who she is.She says she is the one who knows his biggest truth and lie.She knows his biggest secret.Ishaan says he will tolerate if anything bad happens to Preet.He doesn’t care about truth and lie.He asks her to leave and says he needs to leave as his family is waiting for him.

Niti asks Kuku to practice.But Kuku is almost fed up.She also asks Preet to practice for the function.She says she needs to talk to Sid.She asks Sid who Bhabjeet is.Sid says he is his father’s friend.Preet asks some more questions and Sid says he met Bhabjeet when they were small.He knows Surjeet but not Bhabjeet.She asks Sid to call them and inform Bhabjeet has reached.He says Bhabjeet must have informed so whats the use.But Preet asks him to call.He calls but the number is not available.tu

Niti calls Sid and he goes to attend her.Preet thinks she will be relieved once she will talk to Surjeet.Just then Preet sees Bhabjeet and notices a purple bag.She tries to touch it but Bhabjeet comes there and says it his bag.Preets says whats this and suddenly he takes the gun from the bag and points it towards Preet.She is shocked.Then he says its a toy gun which he brought for his nephew.He leaves and Niti comes to call Preet and she also leaves.

Niti have a conversation with Malhotra’s son.He says he can’t handle Indian water.Trisha comes there and Niti says if he can’t handle Indian water how he will handle Indian wife.

Sid announces the sangeet function.He welcomes his dad on stage.Bade Papa gives a speech.Says how due to his children he now have a habit of giving speeches.He says he is a self made man.He knows to work and how to make others work.He loved three things in his life.His country,wife and family.He says whenever he sees his family he thanks Babaji.He shares how the previous night’s incident has shaked him.He thought he will loose his family.He shares the story of Ganesh ji where he was asked to revolve around the whole world and Ganesh ji revolved around his family and said its his world.He says his condition is also same.Family is very important for him,its very important to spend time with family.Ishaan and Preet are looking at each other.Bade Papa continues saying first he thought whats the use of these functions but now he thinks whats the use of living without family.Sid claps and says he has made all of them emotional.Bade Papa says now he is going to be emotional and calls Badi Ma on stage for dance.

Bade Papa and Badi Ma gives a performance on Aaj kal tere mere charche.Everyone enjoying.Preet is continuously keeping an eye on Bhabjeet.Performance ends.

Sid praises the performance and then calls Niti-Kuku on stage.They dance on Chitiya kalaiya.Preet still noticing Bhabjeet.Preet sees Bhabjeet going somewhere.

Bhabjeet is talking on phone,Preet notices him.He says nothing to worry,everything will be fine.It seems Bhabjeet is Muslim as he is using words like InshaAllah.Preet thinks her doubt was right.She needs to tell Ishaan about this.Niti-Kuku still performing.Their performance ends.Niti says she knows everyone has went crazy seeing her performance.She will be an international star but before that they need to watch Bhaia-Bhabi’s performnce.

Niti calls Ishaan Preet on stage.Both looks nervous and awkward.Lights dims.They are on stage.Preet is smiling.Ishaan offers Preet the wrong hand.She signs to give the right hand and Ishaan offers his hand.They dance on Khamoshiyan.At first Ishaan looks nervous but then he enjoys dancing.He brings her closer to him.Preet looks overwhelmed.Then she looks at Bhabjeet.She asks Ishaan what he will do if he gets to know something which will hurt his family but not yet sure,will he tell them.Ishaan looks tensed and looks at Sana.Then he asks what will she do if she gets to know that he had made a mistake or commited a sin which will affect the whole family.Both looks at each other apprehensively.

Precap : Preet is talking to someone on phone.She says she wanted to ask about Bhabjeet but the man from the otherside says Bhabjeet was about to come but had to go to Singapore due to factory work.Preet is shocked.She searches for Bhabjeet and comes to a room where she is stunned seeing him pray Namaz.

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  1. I startd lovng dis serial. I always read updates more dn watchng. I lov preet she is tooo perfct fr bhahi. N lov big family. Thanks fr update bt its late nxt time plz update early plz.

  2. Lovely serial, good episode. Great cast. Mona rocks.

  3. Nice serial. Enjoy it. Ishaan and preset make up a good couple

  4. shraddha sharma

    If jo kal maine kahaa tha k mona asli preet nhi h, agr yeh sach nhi h to shyad ishan ka sach yeh hai k ishan ya to ishan nhi hai ya fir shyad insan ki wajha s preet ki family ki death hui hai…
    Anyways jo bhi sach h, vo jb samne aayega aata rehega…
    But I liked the dance of Preet and Inshan… They both look so beautiful…

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