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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid sees Ishan with a girl and asks if he got mobile network and asks who is this girl, bhabhi is waiting for him at guest house, but he is busy with this girl. Neeti on the other side waits for Sid. Her children says they will bring maama and leave. Neeti sits alone afraidly. Preet comes and keeps her hand from behind. Neeti jumps and says there is a ghost here as children and Sid went that side and did not come back. Preet jokes a bit and takes her along.

Sid asks Ishan how can he betray bhabhi like this and called this woman right here, he will take bhabhi’s side. What will happen if his secret is out to the family. Preet enters and says she knows this secret long ago and asks Ishan why did not he call her. He says girlfriend that she knows her and says she must

be wedding planner as Ishan is planning bade papa and badi maa’s 40th wedding anniversary. Sid is shocked to see her overconfidence. Ishan nods yes and says this is Sana, wedding planner. Preet says Ishan had told about his surprise party for bade papa and badi maa. They all leave while Ishan looks at his girlfriend nervously and leaves. At Hooda guest house, Sid tells that Ishan must be having affair with that girl. Preet says she trust her husband and knows he loves only her. Sid is surprised to see her overconfidence again.

Everyone reach back home. Children run and hug badi maa. After everyone settle down, badi maa says that she wants to go on a vacation on her 40th wedding anniversary. Preeti and Neeti say she cannot go as Ishan has planned a surprise party for them. Ishan looks at Preet and Neeti angrily. Neeti says bhabhi blurted out everything. Ishan goes near Badi maa and says very few people see their parent’s wedding, his dad used to tell that he saw his brother’s wedding and it was awesome, he wants to tell his father that he also saw his bade papa and badi maa’s wedding and it was more awesome. Badi maa emotional kisses his forehead and hugs him. Preet says wedding will be a lavish affair and all their relatives and friends will attend. Badi maa says she did not go on a honeymoon as she saw bade papa first only in mantap and held his hand only after 1 month. Neeti jokes that she must go on vacation first.

Preet gets busy with arrangements.. Bade papa asks what he should do. She says he should be happy for next 5 days and asks to give his guest list. He gives list. She reads Mr. Malhotra and family and asks who are they. He says Malhotra is his friend who is settled in Canada. He wants her to invite them personally and make sure they come. Preet asks not to worry. He says he is sharing secret only with her and says Malhotra has told someone that he is ready for his son’s alliance if we agree, so he wants his son and Trisha to see each other first and then fix marriage.

Sana calls Ishan and starts arguing jealously for giving more importance to family and Preet. Preet enters and seeing him tensed takes phone from him and asks if she is Sana and apologizes for Sid’s misunderstanding and asks her to come early tomorrow for arrangements. She then goes to dressing table and tries to remove her dupatta. He comes near her, helps her and thanks her for trusting him.

Wedding arrangements start in the morning. Sana comes. Neeti asks why did she come late. Preet says she came on last night’s invitation’s short notice. Sana says she had gone to market, so came late. Preet takes her in… Servant shows vases and asks which one to use. Sana and Preet at once say white. Sana says their choices are same.. Ishan comes down to go to office. Preet stops him… Sana gets jealous seeing them together..

Guests start flowing in. Bade papa’s mother comes with punjabi guests. Bade papa touches her feet. She scolds him for not picking them from station and slaps him. Whole family is shocked. Badi maa then takes her blessings.. They all get in. Neeti sees Ishan going to office and stops him. She also sees Trisha going to office and stops even her and says whole family is busy with wedding arrangements, but they want to escape. Preet comes and says for 4 days ground and first floor will be used by ladies and 2nd and 3rd floor by gents and bade papa cannot see badi maa for 4 days. Bade papa jokes that he needed this break since long ago. Everyone laugh.

Sid arranges russian dancers for bade papa’s bachelor’s party. Bade papa is shocked to see sensuous dances. A series of comic events happen. At home, biji forces ladies to dance on punjabi songs only. Neeti and Trisha get bored.. Preet joins them both. Neeti forcefully makes her also drink alcohol. Biji starts dancing sensuously on baby Everone are surprised to see her and enjoy dancing with her.

Trisha stands alone. Preet asks her to join them and says bade papa has planned her marriage with Malhotra’s son if she agrees after a meeting. Trisha is shocked to hear that and thinks Ishan brainwashed bade papa to get her married so that he can enjoy money and power. She angrily enters bachelor’s party and starts alleging Ishan that he is playing dirty tricks with her family for Hooda industry and is just a cousin and nothing else for her. She will reveal his secret to everyone if he continues his wicked plans. Ishan angrily goes down, calls Preet to their room and asks if Trisha’s marriage is fixed. Preet says yes, bade papa fixed it and told only after Trisha agrees, she will be married to Malhotra’s son. He starts shouting how can she poke her nose in everything, she is his wife and for Trisha he is just cousin, so she should stop interfering in everything. Preet asks to stop overreacting and says this family is also hers and she will do what is good for it and leaves. Sana hears their conversation and smirks thinking Ishan will go away from Preet and will divorce her soon. Sid sees Sana and thinks she is trying to separate Ishan and Preet, but he will never let that happen.

Precap: Ishan and Preet travel in a car. Goons attack them. Ishan tries to snatch gun from goon and bullet shoots. Preet is shocked and calls Ishaaaan….

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