Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badi maa comes to Preet’s room and says she could not sit with her since Meghna’s parents came. Preet says it is okay. Badi maa she knows she must be sad seeing Ishan’s past coming in front often. Preet says she is not. Badi maa says she is also an woman and knows what she is going through. Preet says she has considered Meghna’s sister as her sister now and she is not sad at all. Badi maa says for her, her badi bahu is very important and Ishan and Preet are made for each other. Preet asks why are everyone making her emotional and says for her, her badi maa is very important. They both smile. Badi maa asks her to select party dress for her.

Kuku comes home and sees Neeti in party attire and asks where is she going. She says they are going on a romantic

dinner. He says he is tired. She blinks her eyes and he says she knows how to convince him and says he will get ready soon.

Bade papa and badi maa get ready for party and asks Sid to get ready soon. Sid says he says military parties are boring and he will not come. Neeti comes with Kuku and badi maa thanks them for getting ready on time. Neeti says yes. Kuku asks what about their romantic dinner. She asks him to keep quiet. Naina comes ready for party. Sid gets excited seeing her and goes to get ready. Preet says she will not come without Ishan. Ishan enters and says he is coming as his meeting got cancelled. Bade papa says they should meet him in car in 5 min.

Jai Shergill asks his assistant if party arrangements are done. Assistant says yes. Shergill asks his dog baburao to get ready. Assistant asks if dog will also attend party. Shergill says old days are gone when dogs were not allowed, now they can go everywhere. He asks if he invited Hoodas and especially Ishan Hooda. Assistant says yes and asks why is he keen on Ishan Hooda. He says he wants to know Ishan well as he doubts him and it is his profession.

Hoodas enter Jai’s house and Jai greets them. Bade papa introduces badi maa. Jai asks her to shake hands as he judges people by shaking their hands. Bade papa introduces rest of family members. Ishan reaches late with Preet. Jai then calls Ishan and shakes hands with him. Ishan asks why is he keen to meet him. Jai says his handgrip is very strong. Ishan says so is his. Jai says they both have same qualities and he would enjoy talking to him. Just then, Preet enters and asks them leave their hands as she needs to pick tissue papers on the other side. Jai calls her Preet Kaur Bhullar, PKB. Preet asks how does he know her. He says he is Vikrant’s childhood friend and they both army also together. Vikrant used to discussed a lot about her and asks if Vikrant did not tell anything about him. Preet reminisces his nickname chaggi. Jai says exactly. They both start talking. Ishan gets jealous.

Ishan gets Sana’s call, moves aside and speaks to her. She says she called to remind him his duty and that he is Rizwan, not Ishan. Ishan then thinks why is he getting jealous when he is not Ishan. He goes back and joins them. Waiter offers mashroom snacks. Jai says Preet is allergic to mashrooms. Ishan asks how does he know. He says Vikrant told him and describes an incident. Ishan gets jealous and drinks glasses of alcohol.

Hooda family sits for dinner next. Waiter serves mashrooms. Ishan asks him to take it away as Preet is allergic to it and asks bade papa and badi maa if they knew about it. They both nod no. He says Shergill knows. Jai then brings jalebi and rabri for Preet and says it is her favorite. Preet takes thali from right hand. Jai asks if she is not leftie. Ishan gets more jealous and Jai Vikrant told him even this. Preet says someone else must have told. Ishan says no its Vikrant.

Jai continues spending time with Preet and tells if she remembers her favorite old song shola jo bhadke and says he will play it. Preet says it is okay. Ishan taunts old song, shola jo bhadke.

Jai then addresses guests and invites them all to dance on old song. All couples start dancing including bade papa/badi maa and other Hooda family couples except Ishan and Preet. Preet asks Jai not to discuss about Vikrant or her past in front of Ishan as he is feeling bad. Jai apologizes her. Neeti sees them together and asks Ishan why is bhabhi with Jai. Ishan says Jai is her old friend. Neeti says bhabhi has many friends. Ishan then goes and asks Jai to dance with Preet. Preet gets emotional and says no. Ishan insists. Jai dances with Preet and Preet emotionally looks at Ishan. She then starts crying. Whole family gathers and asks what happened. She asks Ishan to take her room and walks out. Ishan follows her.

Ishan at home taunts Preet that she loves Vikrant more and everyone knows her favorite except him and starts fighting with her. She asks him to shut up and says Vikrant knew more about her as loved her, but she loves Ishan and knows all his favorite, his color, dishes, etc.. He insulted her today… Ishan feels guilty.

Precap: Ishan dorns blanket on Preet and says she will get cold. She says he does not have to be concerned for her.

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  1. Awwww preet but ishan hahaha…. Looking good and especially that jealous face.

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I like tis serial alot…hope to c more romance wit Preet n Ishaan…

  3. please tell me is this series moved to a new time from 23/11/2015.

    why don’t we get sub titles.

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