Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan consoles Preet and takes her out of room. Sid sees that and thinks Naina is trying to act oversmart and trying to create rift between them.

Neeti plays cards with Shabeena and bets hugely. Kuku signals Neeti that she will win as she has better cards than Shabeena. Neeti bets all the money and asks Shabeena to show cards. Shabeena wins game. Neeti scolds Kuku that he lied. Shabeena says cheating is allowed in game and says when Kuku saw, she held Farah’s cards to fool him. Neeti says also cheated. Shabeena says she won a lot of money today and then taunts Trisha that Bilal is very handsome and had many girlfriends in college, especially one was behind him always. Trisha feels sad and walks out. She finds Preeti and Ishan and tells Preet that Shabeena is unbearable

and is torturing her by discussing about Bilal’s past girlfriends. Ishan says she should not worry about Bilal’s past and thinks how much he loves her and she is her present. Preet takes her to kitchen and tells that Ishan is right, she should think of present and not past. Trisha thanks and hugs her .

Sid drags Naina to garden and asks why is she creating drift between bhaiya and bhabhi. She asks what does he mean. He says why did she keep Meghna bhabhi’s lover letter box in Preet bhabi’s cupboard. She says she did not and was keeping some other things. Why will she try to separate them. Neeti comes and Sid tells what happened. Neeti says she keep that box as she found it and did not open it though. Sid apologizes Naina and she leaves saying she will not stay here where everyone doubts her. Neeti scolds Sid and asks him to stop Naina, else she may suicide like in films. Sid runs out and tells Preet and Ishan what happened. Neeti says she kept that box in their cupboard. Preet asks Neeti to not inform anyone and leaves with Sid and Ishan.

Ishan drives car and they all 3 search Naina. He scolds Sid. Sid sees Naina standing near water well, asks Ishan to stop car and rushes there. He asks Naina not to suicide. Naina says she is not mad to suicide and came here for a fresh air. Sid apologizes her. She says she is in fact happy seeing Preet taking care of Kavya so well, etc. Sid says let us go home then. Naina says she will not come to that house. Preet consoles her when Kavya is her daughter, she is her sister and she should stay in her sister’s house. Naina gets happy and agrees to accompany them. Ishan asks Sid to take Naina in car while comes home with Preet walking and asks him to get shawl from car. Sid thinks this is best way to let them spend time together for some time and takes Naina in car.

Ishan gives Preet shawl to wear and walks with her. Preet asks if he is not feeling cold. He says no. She says in Delhi, anycone can feel cold. He says he wants to reminisce these lovely memories his whole life. He then sees icecream cart and tells Preet eating icecream in cold has its own taste. Vendor says he has only one icecream. Ishan takes it and shares with Preet. They then reach home and sleep. At midnight, Preet starts sneezing. Ishan says she has very weak immunity, etc. He then starts sneezing. She asks what happened to his taunts. He panics that he cannot be so weak and tries to pop in pill. Preet stops him and says he will be fine with ginger tea and steam.

Sid joins family for breakfast and asks badi maa to give him cheese sandwich. Badi maa ignores him followed by whole family. He asks Neeti what did he do. Neeti says everyone knows about yesterday’s event and are angry on him for misbehaving with Naina, he should go and console her right now as she does not want to have breakfast. Sid goes to her room and sees her listening to music. He apologizes her again. She says it is okay and she forgot it long ago. He asks her to come down and have breakfast. She says she is not hungry. He says even he will skip breakfast. She says as he wishes and continues listening to music. He sadly walks out. His friend comes and asks if she is still angry, he should give her some gift and calm her down. Sid agrees.

Jai Shergill plays with his dog and asks his assistant to arrange party tonight and invite all defense personnel and Hooda family, especially Ishan Hooda as he wants to know if he is trustable.

Bade papa informs family that they are going tonight to Shergill’s party. Ishan says he cannot attend as he has important business meeting. Bade papa says he should attending meeting then.

Sid sees Naina in hall and tries to give her gift. Preet comes and gives Naina fruits to eat. She asks Sid what is he doing. He says just relaxing and eats grapes. Once she leaves, he picks gift box but stops seeing badi maa. He then shows gift box to Naina and apologizes again. She ignores him and leaves. Friend comes next. Sid scolds him for giving foolish idea.

Neeti comes to Preet’s room sadly. Preet asks what happened. Neeti apologizes for keeping letter box in cupboard and says she did not know what was in it. Preet says it is okay and jokes with her. Neeti relaxes. Preet jokes they will make a serial like jassi jaisi koi nahi. Neeti says she is going on a romantic dinner with Kuku today and runs to show her special dress.

Ishan goes to meet Atif and informs about Shergil’s party and not attending it. Atif says he should attend it as people blurt out secrets after getting inebriated in parties.

Precap: Badi maa tells Preet that she knows she is mingling well with Meghna’s parents to make Kavya feel normal. Whatever the truth it, she is her badi bahu and her and Ishan’s is best jodi.

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