Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid smiles looking at Meghna’s sister Naina. His friend says he looks to be getting attracted to her. Sid says nothing like that. Friend says his facial expressing is describing everything and says soon family is distribute sweets. They both then go to kitchen and see Preet cooking. Friend tells Preet that he saw her always cooking and asks if she eats also. Preet jokes she eats a lot.

Naina sees Ishan and starts chatting with him. She says didi told that he does yoga for 2 hours and then walks to keep himself fit. She was shocked to hear that didi also does yoga with him when she was too lazy earlier. What he used to tell in her ears that she used to wake up so early in the morning. Ishan gets tensed and silently leaves. Sid watches everything and fumes thinking

that Naina is trying to create rift between bhaiya and bhabi.

Preet draws rangoli. Neeti comes and starts talking to her. Trisha comes and says she invited Bilal’s family for diwali celebration, but is tensed that Shabeena apa will create problems as usual. Preet asks her not to worry, she and Neeti will handle Shabeena apa.

Naina comes there and says even Meghna didi used to draw beautiful rangoli. Ishan passes by and she asks him if he remembers didi’s rangoli. Ishan stands tensed. Neeti asks Ishan if he liked Preet bhabhi’s rangoli. Ishan nods yes. Sid gets more angry and scolds Naina that he will not let her create rift between them. Naina asks what does he mean. He asks why was she reminding bhaiya about Meghna bhabhi and create problem between him and Preet bhabhi. Naina asks why will she do that.

Preet goes to get ready for diwali function. She wears beautiful yellow sari and asks Ishan to tie her blouse threads. He ties knot and looks at her romantically. She shies. They get conscious and get down to celebrate diwali.

Bade papa takes Ishan to greet in military general and says Ishan that general will discuss important military secrets with him today. General says he has brought a special guest with him, agent Jai Shergill. Jai comes out of car and shakes hands with bade papa and Ishan. General praises Jai that he is working for Indian army sincerely since 13-14 years and helped them get enemy’s secrets. Bade papa and Ishan shake hands with Jai. Jai asks them to call him Shergill. Shergill senses Ishan nervous. Bade papa takes them in. Shergill after a few min walks out without discussing military secrets. Near car, general asks why did not he discuss howmany tanks and other weapons they need with Mr. Hooda as he would need at least 2 months to arrange them. Jai says his training makes him think to doubt everyone and they can sense people’s thinking by looking at their eyes, he doubts Ishan and wants to know details about him first.

Ishan meets terrorist Atif and tells him about agent Jai Shergill and he must be knowing about their 26th Jan plan and will do some counter plan. He just needs his people to be safe. Atif says it is good he is talking like Rizwan Khan now and asks him to find out what is Jai’s plan.

Bilal’s family reaches Hooda house. Preet and others greet them. Shabeen apa usual starts her witty talks and taunts Trisha. Preet handles situation.

Beeji sees Sid and his friend’s closeness and thinks of marrying Sid to Naina. He tells Naina’s parents that she wants Sid to marry Naina if they both agree. Parents get happy. Bade papa also gets happy. She calls Naina and asks her opinion about Sid. Naina says he is a good boy. Beeji says then marriage is fixed. Badi maa asks how can she fix marriage with Sid’s consent. Beeji says if she would know the reason, she would have got Sid married long back.

Everyone start playing cards. Preet sees Shabeena throwing tantrums and stopping even Farah from enjoying. She asks asks Neeti to drag Shabeena to play cards. Neeti goes and invites Shabeena to join them. Shabeena says she does not like playing cards. Neeti taunts he must not know to play. Shabeena accepts challenge and joins ladies.

Naina takes box and keeps it in Ishan’s cupboard. Sid sees her with box and thinks where is she going.

Ishan loses money in card game and asks Preet to get him money from cupboard. Preet goes to room and gets money from safety locker. She sees box and thinks from where did it come. She opens it and reads Meghna’s letter for Ishan (written by Naina) that she loves him a lot and will die without him. She then reads Ishan’s letter that he will kill himself if she does not get him, etc. She gets devastated and starts crying. Ishan comes back and asks why is she taking so much time and asks why is she crying. Preet shows him letters and says now she knows reason for him not getting intimate with her, he still loves Meghna so much and cannot forget her. Ishan thinks how to tell her that these letters are not his.

Precap: Ishan tells Atif that Jai Shergill has thrown a party at his house. Jai was talking to bade papa and when he entered, Jai changed topic. Atif asks him to attend party as people will blurt out truths after getting inebriated.

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