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Preet prepares dinner for family. Badi maa asks what all she prepared. Preet describes dish names. Badi maa asks why did not she prepare Ishan’s favorite dishes. Preet says she did not. Badi maa says she told her how to lure husbands with their favorite dishes, but she does not listen to her. She should prepare Ishan’s favorite dishes next time. Preet nods yes. Badi maa leaves. Preet then looks at Ishan’s favorite dishes and says sorry badi mummy for lying as she is shy. Neeti enters and tells that in shooting Sayantani Mukherjee was trying to trap Kuku and broke her marriage like she tried to broke Neil and Ragini’s marriage in serial. Badi maa comes and asks Preet what will she have. Preet says she is having upset stomach and will have something.

Neeti says even she gets upset stomatch sometimes and knows carrom seed remedy. Preet says it is okay. Once they both leave, Preet then gives dish tray to servant and asks him to keep it in her room. Neeti comes back, checks dishes and asks why is she sending it to her room. Preet says badi maa told to prepare Ishan’s favorite dishes and she wants to have them with Trisha in room alone. She asks Neeti not to inform anyone and takes promise. Neeti promises and says she does not get stomach upset.

Neeti then goes to hall and says family let us have dinner now. Bade papa says once Ishan comes, they all will have dinner. Neeti says Preet has prepared bhaiya’s special dishes and will have it with him in room. Whole family laughs and says she must have promised Preet not to reveal secret, but she broke it. Neeti nods yes. Neeti comes down and says she will sleep early today. Family laughs loudly. Neeti says she told them everything. Preet shyingly runs to her room. Ishan comes next and asks where is Preet. Sid laughs and says she is having upset stomach. Ishan gets concerned and runs towards room. Neeti jokes to tell how was rum chicken and other special dishes. Ishan confusingly goes to his room.

In room, he asks Preet if she is fine. She says yes and tells she prepared his special dishes. He reminisces Sana’s words and their romantic moments start. Sid and Kuku call him and taunt if dishes are tasty. Ishan asks if she informed whole family about special dinner. She nods yes. He tastes dishes and says they are awsome. She says badi maa said husband’s way to heart is via his stomach. Ishan asks is it and continues praising her dishes. They then get intimate. Jise zindagi dhundrahi hai….song..plays in the background. They hear door knock and separate. Ishan opens door, sees Sid and asks why is he disturbing them. Badi maa also comes and says some people from his past have come. Ishan with Preet nervously follows her.

Ishan with Preet goes to hall and sees 2 old couple with their daughter and looks at them confusingly. Daughter says she is his wife Meghna’s sister. Badi maa asks why is he looking at them surprisingly. Meghna’s parents say neither Ishan nor them have seen each other before as they hated Ishan for marrying their daughter without their consent. They continue that they hated more when they heard he remarried, but when they heard he remarried to take care of Meghna’s daughter, they forgot all their complaints and got eager to meet their granddaughter. Mom points at Preet and asks who is she. Badi maa says she is Kavya’s mother and soul of this house. Preet gets shy. Badi maa says she is telling truth, they can live without food but not without Preet. Kava comes running, greeting hi mamma and pappa and tells Preet that daadi prepared custard for him. Preet says she will have vegetable soup in dinner. Kavya asks when will she see her drawings. Preet says she will later. Bade papa and maa introduces Kavya to Meghna’s parents. They hug her and say she has Meghna’s features and is their granddaughter. Kavya gets confused, then goes to Preet and asks her to see her drawing now itself. Preet asks them to stay back and goes with Kavya. Bade papa asks them where are they staying. They say in a nearby hotel. Bade papa says it is their damad’s house and insists to stay with them. They agree hesistantly.

Ishan thinks Meghna has told a lot about Ishan and don’t know what more surprise is waiting. Meghna’s sister asks Ishan why did he change his eye color as didi told he had light colored eyes. He says he changed lens in Canada as he liked dark shade. He asks Sid to show her room. Sid takes her to his room and says this is her room. She likes it a lot. He says this is his room. She says it is very good. He asks if she wears punjabi clothes even in Canada. She says her parents brought her up with Indian culture. He asks her to keep things in their place after using them as he does not like his things out of place. She nods yes. They continue their talks.

Preet braids Kavya’s hair. Kavya asks who are those uncle and aunty, who is meghna, why are they telling she looks like Meghna when she is her daughter. Preet says she is her daughter and looks like her and Ishan. She starts weeping sadly. Badi maa comes and tells Meghna’s parents want to spend some time with Kavya. She sees her tears and asks what happened, nobody can take Kavya from her as she is her real mother. If she wants, she will not let Meghna’s parents meet Kavya. Preet says it is okay as they are Kavya’s grandparents and have rights on her. Badi maa says mother is both soft hearted and strong and hugs her emotionally.

Ishan enters next and asks if she is fine. She asks if he is asking as a friend. He nods yes. She says then she is not fine and is very upset that he did not tell anything about Meghna and the fact is Meghna is his wife and he still loves her, not Preet. He says Meghna is his past and she is his present. He knows she is upset that Kavya will go away from her, but the fact is she is Kavya’s mother and continues consoling her.

In the morning, whole family and Meghna’s parents greet happy diwali to each other and sit for breakfast. Preet serves them breakfast. Ishan comes and greets bade papa and maa happy diwali and takes their blessings. Bade papa asks him to have breakfast. He says he has to call foreign investors and leaves. Meghna’s sister thinks she needs to know more about her sister from jiju.

Precap: Meghna’s sister asks Ishan to tell her about her sister. Ishan gets nervous.

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