Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeti comes back from audition and starts crying in front of Kuku. He thinks she is worried about Preet and says he is not responsible for Preet’s leg sprain. She says she had taken children for serial audition. Kuku says it is okay if they are not selected. She says she is selected and he has to take care of children from today. He asks if selectors were blind. She says they liked her natural acting and asks children to suck papa’s blood from today. Kuku happily says he will enjoy when she goes to Mumbai. Neeti says shooting is in Delhi and she will not go away from him so easily. She says whole family will call her Kusum from today.

Ishan reaches Sana’s house and asks Atif why did he call him at this time. Atif asks if he wants to go back to his country.

Ishan nods yes. Atif says Baba has set his return day as 26th January. Ishan says that day is India’s republic day. Atif says after his final job here on 26th Jan, he can go back home. Sana asks how is Preet now. He says she is better and says Atif and Sana are captured in concert video and they should not go out and be careful.

Badi maa serves tea to Preet and they both enjoy gushup. Neeti enters wearing heavy sari and jewelry and says today is her first shoot and needs badi maa’s blessings. Badi maa and Preet pull her leg a bit and badi maa gives her blessings finally. She leaves. Kavya then comes. Preet after a bit of talks tries to get up to get her ready for school. Badi maa says she will get her ready and asks Preet to sit.

Neeti goes for shooting and asks director who is her hero. He shows Shabbir Ahluwalia. Neeti starts dreaming seeing him and gets very happy. Director asks her to listen to Shabbir’s dialogues. Neeti says she is in character and needs only her dialogues. Dierctor says she should just says tum agaye…Shabbir introduces himself and asks for rehearsal. Neeti says she will do direct take. Shooting stars. Shabbir comes running and says mai agaya tumhe bachane maa… Neeti is shocked. Director cuts shot. Neeti asks if she is heroine or not. He says she is heroine and when show started she was 16-year-old and after 2-3 leaps she is 55-year-old now. Neeti gets disheartened.

Trisha reaches home crying. Preet asks what happened. She says she made a mistake in judging Bilal and tells her whole incident. Preet says she is overreacting and it is her mistake that she went late as Bilal would have got embarrassed in front of his family and scolded her. She says she should correct her mistake and takes her to Bilal’s house.

Trisha goes to Bilal’s house. Shabeena opens door and starts her witty taunts. Mom greets Trisha in. Preet comes and says she also came with Trisha. Mom says this is also her house and takes her in. Trisha apologizes mom for yesterday’s mistake and says she realized that family is more important than job and she will not work beyond 6 p.m. hereon. Mom says job is like a worship and if she gets late, she will come to her office with food and they both will have dinner there and asks who told her not to wory beyond 6 p.m. Bilal says he scolded Trisha seeing yesterday’s event. Mom says Trisha’s heart is beautiful like her face, so she came here to apologize and she is lucky to have Trisha as her bahu. She asks Shabeena to hug Trisha and forget any rivalry. Shabeena unwillingly hugs Trisha and gives fake smile. Preet smiles looking at Trisha.

Ishan goes back home and marks 26th Jan. Bade papa passes by and looking at him marking says he is proud that his next generation knows value of 26th Jan and walks from there. Ishan reminisces Atif’s words.

Preet enters room and says she wants to use crutches which bade papa used during his leg fracture. Ishan asks where are they. She says in store room and tells location. He gets confused and says he will reach Jaipur with this address. She asks him to take her to store room then. He carries her to store room. She tells him location. He searches but does not find crutches. She comes near cupboard. Lights go off. She gets afraid and asks him to open door. He says door is locked. She asks to do something. He says family will find them somehow. She asks him to sit with her till door is opened and he sits next to her.

Neeti sees candle moving in dark and gets afraid. Badi maa comes and Neeti says there is ghost here. Badi maa sees candle on toy car and says Neeti that her children played prank to frighten her. Whole family then sits and plays antakshari.

Preet continues talking to Ishan and asks him to tell about Kavya’s mother. Ishan reminisces ISI chief telling him that Ishan’s in-laws have not seen him as he eloped with his wife and married without her parent’s consent. Ishan says he does not want to talk about his past as it hurts. She says past cannot be forgiven. He tells her what ISI chief said.

Precap: Preet tells Ishan that she wants to take forward their relationship and consummate their marriage. Ishan says he is not yet ready for that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. supercool episode!!! thnx for d update M A…pl cntinue ds good work & thnks for such a quick update

  2. Poor neeti !!! Hahaha…..!!!

  3. Ishaan shld get to no all d truth abt der parents ..n he should b wth preet forever n ever… Ishpreet…<3

  4. Are vah purab or aliya dono hi ek sath ek hi serial m,kkb m purab k khuch jyada hi peeche pad gyi Thi isliye isme bahan hi bna Diya ,bhut achha laga serial kuch alag h sas bahu Ki ladai nhi h,or n hi bhabhi nanad m bhi nhi ladai nhi hoti ek doosre ko sab support karte h ,Mona or iqbal acting bhut achhi karte h,Mona superb and neeti ka to koi javab hi nhi ek number ki nautanki baj h uski acting dekh k maja aa jata h Mai to khoob hansti h.

  5. does anyone here know when will parvarish season 2 start??? i have seen the promos

    1. 23rd nov 9pm

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