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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hooda family enjoys dinner. Biji asks Badi maa why is she carrying food instead of having with them. Badi maa says she will have breakfast with Preet in her room. Ishan comes carrying Preet and says she will have dinner here. Badi maa asks Preeti why did she come down. Preet says she was getting bored. Neeti sees that and taunts Kuku that Ishan carried Preet easily, but he gets short of breath when he carries her. Kuku says he will carry her right now. She asks to massage his hands then. Kuku says he will massage her neck as her neck may be paining after shouting at children. Neeti says she will see him once he comes into room. Everyone hears that and laughs. Badi maa says Trisha is going to her in-laws house alone today for dinner.

At Bilal’s house, his mom

prepares special dishes for Trisha. Younger sister Farah asks why did not she inform that bhabhi is coming. Mom says elder daughter Shabbo knows everything. Shabbo comes and starts taunting that Trisha had to prepare food and let mom rest, but she is ruling over mom before marriage itself. Bilal enters and asks mom not to pay head to didi’s words. Shabbo continues badmouthing about Trisha and says if she was here during engagement, she would not fixed this alliance at all. Mom says everyone likes Trisha and her family protected them when military people came to their house and questioned. Shabbo asks then why did not they stop them from taking debt for marriage. Mom says they did not want to feel them low. Shabbo continues taunting and mom replies to all her questions. Mom then asks Bilal to check when will Trisha come as she will not serve food without her.

Bilal calls Trisha, but she is busy in an important meeting and and disconnects call saying she will call him back. After a break, secretary asks why did not she speak to Bilal. Trisha says work is important to her and even Bilal knows their limits, when he did not attend dinner, she did not mind and he will also not mind when she will not attend his dinner party.

Ishan drops Preet back to room. He makes her rest on bed and their love with eyes start…. She asks him to give her nightie and asks him to call Neeti or badi maa as she needs to change. Ishan goes to Neeti’s room asking her help, but she thinks it is best opportunity to get out Ishan and Preet’s inhibitions and lies that she has backache, then leg pain, etc. Ishan says he will take badi maa’s help and leaves. Neeti runs behind him. Ishan goes to badi maa’s room to seek her help, but Neeti signals badi maa and makes her lie. Ishan goes back to room and says Preet that they are busy. She asks him to switch off light. He switches off light and turns around nevously while she changes. She changes and asks him to turn back. He relaxes and sleeps on bed. He then gets Sana’s call from private number. Preet asks to pick call. He says it is okay. Sana calls repeatedly. Ishan picks at last and says he will not come.

Bilal’s family wait for Trisha till 12 midnight. Bilal calls Trisha and asks when is she coming for dinner. She says she is stuck in an important meeting and cannot come. He says his whole family is waiting for her and she should come. She says when he did not attend her dinner party, she did not mind thinking he must be busy in his work, then why is he getting angry. He says it is different and says she will not work after 6 p.m. She asks if he will also not work after 6 p.m. He says he works for his family and she works for her hobby. Their arguments continue.. Bilal’s family wait whole night with Shabbo continuing her badmouthing and taunts.

Trisha with cake reaches Bila’s house in the morning . Shabbo/Shabeena opens door and asks who is she. Trisha introduces herself and says she came to apologize mom. Shabbo starts her witty taunts and badmouthing that she troubled mom and now came to apologize, etc. Mom comes and asks Shabbo to stop taunting Trisha. Trisha asks mom to serve her biryani. Shabbo starts tongue lashing again that her mom has asthma and even then she prepared rotis and other dishes for her. Bilal enters. Trisha says she came in the morning to apologize mom, but Shabbo is scolding her continuously. Bilal takes Shabbo’s side and starts fighting with Trisha. Shabbo continues again and says she is spoilt rich girl and does not care other’s feelings, her parents sent her to US for study instead of teaching her manners, etc. Trisha says it is enough now and leaves. Mom scolds Shabbo and Bilal. Bilal say he is right and goes to his room. Shabbo continues her badmouthing.

Neeti takes her children for TV serial audition and prays god to get them job and make them famous. Children stand silently and looking at actress say their mom cannot be so lean. Director disqualifies them. Neeti starts scolding children in front of camera. Director praises her that she is a natural actress and offers her job instead. Neeti murmurs that she can do anything to get away from her children for some time.

Kuku comes to Preet’s room with concert pics and says he captured these from concert’s video footage and terrorist is talking to Ishan here. Preet says they both know Ishan well and he must be telling address or something to terrorist, Ishan would be the least person to help terrorists. Kuku say he knows, but to clear his doubt he came to her instead of giving footage to police. She says he did right and asks him not to doubt Ishan.

Precap: Trisha returns home crying. Preet asks what happened to her. Trisha says she broke up with Bilal and describes the whole incident happened.

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