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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid shows Simran Hooda house and goes to show Preet’s room. Simran says Preet that her husband is very handsome. Ishan comes in just then. Simran starts flirting with him and asks why did he marry so early. She asks Preet when did they marry. Preet says 4 years ago. Ishan says they have a daughter also. Simran says she does not believe it and asks Ishan to tell his hobbies. Ishan gets nervous. Preet taunts him to speak. Sid takes Simran to show other rooms and enters bade papa’s room. Simran asks if he is Sid’s grandpa. Sid says he is dad. Bade papa laughs and says she has good sense of humor. Simran tells bade papa that his house is very big and asks howmany rooms it has. Bade papa says 12 rooms. She asks Sid to show all rooms and walks out with him.

Bade papa looks into mirror and thinks he is not old.

Kuku looks at concert pics and sees googles on terrorist Atif’s eyes and reminisces that he saw those goggles in a chandni chowk’s roadside shop. He thinks if he catches terrorist, he can catch even Rizwan Khan. He reaches shop and asks shopkeeper about goggles. Shopkeeper says it was last piece and someone bought it. Kuku thinks terrorist must have bought it. Just then, terrorist passes talking on phone. Ishan calls terrorist and shouts that he will not meet him today. Terrorist insists and asks him to meet him at some factory. Ishan agrees. Kuku hears his conversation and thinks Rizwan must be coming to factory and he will know who he is.

Simran meets Trisha and insults her that her designer dress, jewelry and hairstyle are fake. Trisha fumes. She goes and complains badi maa and Neeti that she did not like Simran. Badi maa and neeti also say same. Neeti says how dare she is to hug kuku ji. Badi maa says she called bade papa dadaji and bade papa is tensely search for designer. Sid comes and they all laugh. Sid says he knows how to handle Simran. He introduces Simran to his friend Honey and says they are couples/boyfriends. Simran panics hearing they are gays and runs saying she cannot marry Sid as he is not normal. Biji hears that and asks Sid why did she say he is abnormal. He says she came to know that he is standup comedian and thought he cannot earn normally and will bore her with his jokes. He then hugs Honey and thanks him. Maa ka ladla bigad gaya…song…plays in the background. Biji panics seeing that and thinks she will get Sid married to a girl at any cost.

Ishan wearing pathani kurta pajama goes to meet terrorist Atif in a factory. He punches Atif repeatedly asking why did he plant bomb at concert when he promised he will not harm anyone. Atif says he just wanted to disperse people and as promised nobody is harmed. Ishan asks what if Preet was harmed. Atif asks why did he let Preet come there and says Preet and family loves Ishan and not Rizwan Ahmed Khan, he should realize that. Kuku reaches factory. Neeti calls him and his phones rings with ringtone phupaji phone uthao. Ishan reminisces Kuku recording Kavya’s voice as ringtone. Terrorists bring Kuku blindfolded with mask. Neeti calls Ishan and tells Kuku is not picking call and since she trusts only him, she called him to find out where he is. Atif is about to shoot Kuku when Ishan stops him and gives secret documents. Atif gets happy seeing them and asks how did he get it. Ishan says he did not forget his training yet and reminisces how he stole it from ustad Rahmat Ali Khan saheb’s room before concert. He asks him to leave Kuku as his mission will be in danger and asks to tell baba not to hide anything from him again. Atif asks his men to drop kuku out and asks Kuku not to come there again.

Ishan walks towards car reminiscing Atif’s words and then his love for Kavya and Preet, bring up Kavya since he got her, etc….

Kuku reaches home and hugs Neeti and tells he was thinking of get rid of her always, but when he was in death clutch, he realized her value and just remembered her face. He cannot live without her. She asks where did he go. He says that is not important and continues expressing his love.

Ishan reaches home. Kavya runs towards him calling papa and says phupa recorded her voice as ring tone. He gives his mobile and she records papa phone uthayiye. He then tells how children are important for parents and says she changed his life today, Ishan Hooda’s life, and hugs her.

Precap: Preet switches of lights and says Ishan she needs to change. He turns back and tries to leave. She holds his shoulder.

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