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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan protects Preet from bomb blast and asks if she is fine. She says she got leg sprain. He picks her and leaves the venue. Preet thinks badi maa was right, their love story will start soon.

Rahmat Ali Khan saheb sees people leaving and says he will not go like this and will complete his concert. He does not want people to break both country’s unity and whoever has done this is trying to break unity, etc.. He sings panchi nadiya…song… People gather back and listen to his song.

Ishan carries Preet home. Whole family gets concerned for Preet and asks what happened to her. Kuku enters and says he had taken Preet to concer to catch 6-finger terrorist and was about to catch him when bomb blast happened. Ishan scolds Kuku why did he take Preet there

when he warned him not to, what if something would have happened to her. He scolds Preet that she cannot risk her life like this, him and Kavya need her and they are nothing without her, etc. Kuku says Ishan is right, he would not have taken Preet there. While going to his room, he thinks why did Ishan go there while he asked us not to go.

Doc checks Preet and says she cannot walk for some days. Badi maa comments Ishan will carry Preet on his shoulder. Everyone laughs. Bade papa goes to drop doc. Badi maa says she will sleep with Preet tonight. Neeti says she cannot as she has asthma. Badi maa asks when did she get asthma. Neeti says she will tell her later and takes badi maa from there.
Ishan and Preet’s romance starts with eyes. Preet reminisces Ishan’s words that he and Kavya need her and smiles. Ishan brings food and feeds her. She asks why is he feeding her more dal and less rice, if she gets fat with rice. He nods yes. Their talks continue..

Biji sees Sid and his friend together and panics. Maa ka ladla bigad gaya….song.. plays in the background. Biji thinks what will she reply her husband in heaven, she will have to protect her family’s dignity at any cost.

Neeti’s children wake her up after getting ready for school. She gets very happy. They touch her feet to take her blessing and then leave. She get more happy and then tries to pick pizza box to eat when box goes far away. It is just her dream and she falls from bed. Kuku wakes up shouting earth quake, earth quake… does not find Neeti on bed and asks what is she doing on floor. She says she got a dream that their children became obedient. He says then it must be dream for sure.

Kuku checks cocert pics and video and finds black suit man with 6-finger terrorist Atif. He thinks he must be Rizwan Ahmed Khan and tries to see face. He then sees Ishan there wearing black shoots and realizes that Ishan was wearing black suit today, but thinks he cannot be terrorist. He has to find where is terrorist Rehan.

In the morning, Preet tries to get down and go to washroom when Ishan stops her and takes her to washroom.

Bade papa gets girl’s request on his social media account and nervously looks at Badi maa and finds her sleeping. Badi maa closing her eyes says he can accept request. He asks how does she know. She says she has to keep a close eye on her husband’s moves and checks his emails and social accounts. Biji enters and says she has selected a girl for Sid. Bade papa asks who is it. She says his father’s friend’s granddaughter, Snehalatha Handa’s daughter and she has called her tonight to meet Sid.

Snehalatha Handa’s daughter comes to Hooda house and rings bell. Sid in half pant and vest opens door. She thinks him as servant and asks him to call biji. He asks who is she. She says she is Snehalatha Handa’s daughter and does not like talking to servant. He fumes, calls biji and asks who is this girl. She says his dadaji’s friend’s granddaughter. Biji with badi maa meets girl. Girl says she has few conditions and says she will not leave her job after marriage, does not like giving dowry and orders her in-laws, etc.. Badi maa surprisingly looks at her face. Girl then asks to call Sid now. Just then Ishan comes down. Girl hugs him tightly. Badi maa says he is her elder son and is already married. Girl leaves Ishan embarrassedly and goes back and sits with Biji and Badi maa. Biji calls Sid to come down. Kuku comes down. She goes and hugs even him. Neeti shoos him away and says she is his husband. Girl complains biji why did she show her married man, she will not marry married man. Biji says it is her mistake that she is hugging each man without questioning. Girl asks where is Sid then. Sid comes. Girl asks Biji if she wants her to marry servant, then she is thinking wrong. Biji says Sid is her grandson and asks Sid to show her their house. Sid takes girl to show house.

Ishan gets Sana’s call who says he has to meet them today. Ishan says he will not come and asks her not to call him while he is at home. He then reminisces Preet praising him that he takes care of whole family, very caring, etc.

Precap: Kuku gets clue that Rizwan Ahmed Khan terrorist is coming to old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and thinks he will catch Rizwan there to catch 6-finger terrorist Atif.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is neeti bade papa’s daughter or daughter in law …? And if she is his daughter then how come she is staying here with her whole family ??

  2. One of best story from ekta

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