Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan sees Shergill and his men outside door and informs Sona and Atif.

Neeti starts her usual jokergiri and says they brought her in sun to darken her complexion and lose her TV serial. Trisha says this is winter month and she will not get dark. Neeti says Preet then they should buy some dresses and eat chat here and let Ishan wait for an hour. Preet agrees and enjoys chaat with them.

Shergill and his men knock door. Ishan with Atif and Sona leaves from backdoor. Shergill breaks door and enters. He finds watch on floor and says whoever’s watch is this, he will send him to jail for sure. He sees backdoor open and says they must have escaped from here and runs down steps.

Preet is busy enjoying chaat and then shopping lehangas. Ishan walks down

and says Atif and Sona they should not be together and escape from here individually. They both leave. He sees Preet and fumes that she did not listen to him and is still here. Preet turns, but he leaves before that. Shergill sees Preet and says Atif and Rizwan are here among crowd.

Ishan wears blanket and walks between crowd. Shergill sees him and suspects that he must be Atif or Rizwan and shouts to stop. Ishan continues walking. He shoots first bullet in air and then shoots Ishan’s leg. Ishan hides behind cart. Preet comes there and walks with Shergill. Ishan escapes leaving blanket under gunny bag and tokri. Shergill and his men remove blanket and does not find him. He thinks it must be Atif or Rizwan and he should also get evidence that Ishan is with them.

Neeti starts her jokergiri that reporters will think TV serial’s star is attacked. Preet asks to stop joking. Shergill comes and says he has to get them out of here safely and gets them into car. Neeti says Preet is tensed as she cannot stay away from Ishan and they both are each other’s strength and weakness. Shergill says even he feels that. He suggests her to call Ishan and speak.

Atif cleans Ishan’s bullet wound and says bullet did not pierce deep and they have to stop bleeding. Sona suggests to go to hospital. Ishan says it will be a big new if everyone know that Ishan is shot. Neeti calls him just then and says they are all fine and going home with Shergill. Shergill says he also wants to speak. She gives phone, but Ishan disconnects call and falls unconscious. Atif and Sona try to wake him up.

Preet reaches home with Neeti and others. Neeti informs family how there was a havoc when Shergill shot a terrorist. Bade papa asks if terrorist is caught. Shergill says not yet, but one of them is shot. GHe asks where is Ishan. Bade mama says she will call him and find out. Preet calls Ishan, but he is still unconscious. Atif removes bullet and tries to wake up Ishan.

Precap: Hooda family gets worried for Ishan. Sid says Ishan did not take his driver along and rode car alone. Shergill says he will use his sources and find out where he is. Ishan comes just then.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I felt really bad for Ishan/Rizwan today. I wonder how will he hide his leg injury from Preet and if Shergill sees the injuiry he will doubt on Ishaan even more . I thought that maybe Ishan will make excuse of being out of the city but that’s not the case. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  2. I dont want ishaan to leave preet and go….She is so sweet….

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I tink Shergil is the creep…

    1. I also think so. I m confused whether Shergill’s role is positive or negative.

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