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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan travels in car to meet Atif and Shergill follows him with his men. Atif calls him and he cuts call after saying he is coming there. Shergill’s men try to trace call location, but fail.

Badi maa tells Mrs. Kapoor that she can take Preet’s help in marriage arrangements. She calls Preet and says she has to take care of both side’s shopping. Neeti says let us go for shopping then. Trisha says she will select her designer lehanga herself. Preet asks Naina to accompany them for shopping.

Ishan sees a lady walking on road suddenly and applies break suddenly. Lady’s grocery falls and Ishan gets down to help her. He sees transmitter under his car and realizes that Shergil has is following him. He rides car for some distance, then gets into

auto and leaves. Shergill’s assistant asks why did he get into auto. Shergill says Ishan is very clever and suggests assistant to have almonds in the morning and become intelligent like Ishan. Ishan reaches Atif’s area and silently slips off from auto. Shergil says he must be here itself and starts searching for Ishan.

Naina asks Preet what drama is she playing again. Preet says she is not playing any drama and has accepted her as sister and will change her for good soon. Neeti comes and tells Naina that she should select her lehanga herself and tells her marriage’s incident where tailor stiched her bridal dress 2 sizes less. Naina agrees. Neeti then walks down with Preet and says let us expose Naina. Preet asks if she trusts her. Neeti says she knows Preet would not slap anyone without any reason and trusts her always. Preet smiles.

Ishan reaches Atif’s hideout. Atif scolds why did not he come yesterday and continues shouting. Ishan says he had a family emergency. Atif says he forgot that Rizwan does not have any family. Ishan says Ishan has and he should know that only he can get him out of this place and save his plan. Atif stops. Shergill surround building and asks his men to get more backup.

Preet comes to chandni chowk for shopping. Neeti says Naina that she must have come here for the first time. Preet tells Naina she will be coming here often as Bilal stays her. Trisha says she is right. Neeti says she should call her mother-in-law ammi and ask her to prepare sumptuous biryani. Trisha says ammi has gone for lunch outside with aapa.

Ishan sees Shergill surrounding building and informs Atif and Sona that Shergill has surrounded building. Atif says they can easily beat Shergill. Ishan says Shergill will get backup soon. He will do something. He peeps from window and sees Preet walking. Preet also notices him and tells Neeti that she saw Ishan in that building. Neeti says it must be her imagination. Ishan hides back and thinks he should send Preet from there. He calls Preet and says he wants to talk to her something important and she should come back home. She says she saw him in chandni chowk. He says it is her imagination. She says she will reach home soon.

Precap: Ishan escapes with Atif and Sona. Shergill breaks open house and finds it empty. Ishan walks between crowd wearing blanket. Shergill shoots his leg, but Ishan escapes between crowd.

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  1. So sweet of Neeti for trusting Preet. Oh no shergill shoot Ishan. I wonder what will happen in tomorrow’s epjsode. I have a feeling that maybe Naina may come to know about Ishan’s reality. And she will use this opportunity. Hope this doesn’t happens.

  2. hey guys plse tell your view what will happen when Preet is going to know about Ishan’s truth .

    1. I don’t think Preet will get to know about Ishan’s truth so soon.
      I am having two opinions about Preet’s reaction either she will say she will not tell anyone as she loves Ishaan and later tells the truth and regrets(hopefully that doesn’t happens) or maybe she would hate Ishaan but her love is soo much that even the hatred can’t overcome the love

  3. As usual Ektaa makes sil as a villain naina is the one and definitely will know abt ishaan seceret..I don’t think so preet will welcome Rizwan. .she will take her country first priority. .I guess she should do this and definitely preet ishaan will be separate and a leap will be here soon as this is Ektaa way to stretch the story for 4 yrs .haha

    1. That’s why I don’t like Ekta Dramas , all the ekta dramas always have a good start and extraordinary concept but later it becomes boring. The only ekta drama I m currently watch is Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do and sometimes Darmiyan on star plus

  4. I think after knowing ishans truth..the family will be shocked but..realizing the fact that how ishan took the responsibilities of them as son…brother wife and dad…they will forgive him and will tell him …Pls stay wid us…you r our ishan..
    Not rizwan…who didnot do any harm to us…

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