Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan and Sana wear mask and try to escape from hospital. Preet stops them and asks pen as she wants to sign her husband’s admission papers. Ishan gives pen. Preet gets busy signing papers. Sana takes Ishan from there.

Shergill reaches hotel and asks manager which is Ishan Hooda’s room. Manager says he got food poisoning after eating food and his wife took him to hospital. Shergill thinks Ishan is too clever, he took poison to divert attention instead of giving it to Preet. Officer calls him and informs that he saw Ishan in car with someone, but he escaped before he could follow him.

Sid sadly looks at Naina’s pic in his room. Trisha comes there. He says he was reading book. She says because of them, whole family is tensed and they should move ahead

in life.

Ishan and Sana reach a hotel room. Baba comes there and hugs Rizwan/Ishan. He tells about his 26th January plan that he should plant a bomb to divert public attention, enter building and steal military secret as it will srengthen their country. Ishan says what if innocent people die. Baba says his mission is to just divert attention and not kill anone, building will be empty and he can easily steal papers. Ishan says he will do it for his country and says he will leave now. Sana says Rizwan is staying with a family as Ishan and his wife is here. Baba says agent does not have any family and he should not be emotional. Ishan nods yes and leaves.

Trisha and Sid come out and tell badi maa that they are very hungry. Badi maa says she was eager to hear this and goes to kitchen. Trisha says bade papa she has many business ideas which she wants to discuss with him. He says he was missing her enthusiasm and energy and her smile.

Baba tells Sana about his second plan that she will execute with his other men and says he wants to disturb this country’s roots and wants blood allover. She says why did not he inform Rizwan. He says Rizwan does not like blood and will not agree to it. He then says he will get Rizwan arrested once he steals file and will blame him for all the deaths. His country people will be proud of Rizwan ‘s sacrifice and Rizwan should die. Sana gets worried for Rizwan.

Shergill reaches hospital and sees Preet at receptionist and says he searched her everywhere, why did not she add transmitter in Ishan’s bag, Ishan escaped from hospital. She says her husband is fighting for life and doctors are flushing poison from his stomach and he is doubting her husband. Shergill says Ishan is not here, she can check.

Precap: Preet tells Ishan that even after 5 years of marriage, she did not feel even once they are married. He hugs her.

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  1. Baba is evil and I wish they all get caught for there evil plans , let’s hope sana warns ishan before time

  2. I feel so bad for Ishan aka Rizwan 🙁 his life is in danger but he truly loves his ammi-Abbu and Preet even more than his own life. I hope Sana and Shergill together can do something to stop Ishan/Rizwan. And hope he tells his actual truth to Preet, and hope Preet gets to know about it beforehand and also Baba’s reality so that she can help. Not possible but #justmyopinion

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