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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rizwan opening the door and is shocked to see Preet.Sana in shock drops a vase and hides behind a curtain hearing Preet.Preet enters and questions about broken vase. Rizwan makes an excuse. Shergill is hearing their conversation bcoz of transmitter. Preet questions him about not answering his calls, and Rizwan gives network problem excuse. They both have discussion about Sid’s injuries. Preet says they wanted to inform him, but not picking up calls. She asks whether he was trying to ignore her bcoz he thought that she will stop him from going?Rizwan mumbles to answer, but Preet says its okay, its just 4 years of their marriage now, such things will create more maturity in their relation. Rizwan agrees, She says thy both shud solve their misunderstanding before

it becomes huge, she says they shud go back home. Rizwan says he has a meeting at 9pm at night. Preet asks why he left so early in morning? He says he had to do preparations before the meeting. Preet advises to finish his meeting, and then they will go back home later at night.Rizwan makes excuse that she shud go back since Sid is injured, but Preet says the whole family is with Sid to take care, she tells him to order something while she freshens up.

Preet turns to go towards washroom, where Sana is standing behind the curtain. Rizwan quickly runs towards Preet to stop her and their heads are banged with each other.Taking advantage of situation, Sana signals something to Rizwan and leaves from window(I guess.Ermm.) Preet asks why he hurriedly stopped her? He says he wanted to ask what she wud like to eat?Rizwan gets worried about meeting baba since Preet is present now.

In washroom, Preet remembers Shergill’s words about keeping the transmitter near Ishaan. She comes out to keep her purse on bed near Ishaan. Rizwan asks whethershe dint freshened up yet, food wud come anytime. Preet says she is getting a feeling nowadays that Ishaan always tries to get rid of her. He says that finally she knows the truth now that he tries to get rid of her since 4 years, today also came to Panchmeshwar, but she came here too.EmbarrassedLOL Preet is annoyed and they both start laughing.They both start hitting each other and have a cute pillow fight. “Agar Tum Saath Ho” plays in background. While fighting, Rizwan holds Preet and moves her hair from her face sweetly.They have a romantic eyelock. Rizwan laughs and shows her the mirror that she is looking old with all those pillow fur. Preet laughs saying they both will grow old together on which Rizwan feels sad.

Back at home, all family together discussing about Trisha and Bilal’s partnership issues. Neeti saying that Trisha wud have to face Bilal for one year bcoz of the contract. Badi mummy says that they all just want to see her happy and take the decision whatever she feels right. Bilal’s mother comes and apologizes to Trisha and everyone for Bilal’s mistake, and also blesses Trisha for her happiness. Then she hands over her home papers to Trisha that they have transferred the house in Trisha’s name to fulfill the business loan she had given to Bilal. Everyone are surprised.

Rizwaan gets a call from Sana. Shergill is hearing conversation from Ishaan’s side. Sana shouts Rizwan that he dint listened to her for answering Preet’s call earlier. Sana tells to anyhow get rid of Preet and advises to mix sleeping pills in her food so that he can leave to meet Baba. Rizwan disagrees on mixing anything in food. Sana says to just order the food and she will mix it before it comes in room. Rizwan still stops her to do anything, sana gets annoyed and gives him lecture that Rizwan is carrying for Ishaan’s Preet who actually means nothing to her, she makes him remember about the sacrifices they all have done for this mission, and Baba’s wish, about mission getting failed, etc. Rizwan finally agrees.

Shergill quickly calls Preet who is in washrooom and warns her about not having any food since Ishaan is planning to mix something in her food. Preet disagrees that Ishaan cant do like this, and Shergill warns her to be careful. Episode Ends.

PRECAP – Ishaan and Preet are sitting to have food. Ishaan serving and Preet lost in her thoughts.

Update Credit to: frenz4u

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  1. So sad such a nice serial is going off air.

  2. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    today’s episode was good, nice n cute πŸ™‚ Ishpreet scenes were so good. Agar tum sath ho love that song. Iqbal khan as rizwan and Mona Singh as preset rocks. I knew ishan/rizwan will refuse to mix something in preet’s food. This Sana is so irritating hate her, but Melaine Pais is doing a good job as Sana. And hey frenz4u I loved the way u wrote today’s update well done. ItΒ was so good to see Pyaar KO Ho Jaane Do after 3 days. I will miss this show very badly. I wishthis sshow had an extension , but tat’s not possible πŸ™

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