Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan calls Atif and warns him to escape before Shergill catches him. He opens door and sees bade papa standing and gets tensed that bade papa must have heard this talk.

Preet is shocked to see Naina hugging Bilal and telling nobody loves her more than her. She slap both of them and says she did not even think in dreams that they would betray Sid and Trisha. She and Ishan had to apologize everyone because of them. She warns them to inform about their affair to everyone, else…Naina asks else what she will do and says she is not a kid that she will accept her lollipop and tell truth. Bilal asks her to stop misbehaving with Preet didi and tells story that he went to study in Canada on a scholarship and met Naina there. They were in love, but she wanted a well settled

guy, so she left him. Naina says he left her. He says he liked Naina before but not now and loves Trisha. Naina asks Preet to concentrate on her marriage than poking in everyone’s issues. Preet smiles and says untils he is here, she will not let her spoil her family. She tells Bilal that everyone has their past, even she and Ishan had, but they moved on and are loyal to each other, even he should. Naina says she will not leave Sid easily. Preet says until she is there, her plan will not succeed. She walks towards door when Naina again asks Bilal to warn Preet to not interfere in their issues. Preet comes back and slaps her and says Meghna would also have done same and continues…

Bade papa tells Ishan that he knows he is very tensed and suggests to forget today’s event. Ishan walks out into hall with him and sees Badi maa there who asks him to join for dinner. Ishan says he knows she is very angry on him. She says she considered him her elder son always and Preet as her bahu. They made a mistake, but should not repeat it. She continues giving moral gyaan that Sid and Trisha’s lives would have shattered today, etc.. and they should be careful, etc.

Shergill travels in car with his assistant. Assistant asks if he is sure about Ishan. Shergill says he has to tap Ishan’s phone somehow to know if he is right or wrong. Two bikers clash and start fighting in front of Hooda house. Watchmen get to sort their fight. Shergill silently enters in and hides behind cars. Ishan is busy talking to Atif over phone and telling that he will get him out of Delhi tomorrow before Shergill catches him. Preet comes there and asks what is he doing out. Ishan says he heard some sound outside and came to check. She takes him in.

On bed, Preet thinks she should inform Ishan about Bilal and Naina and Ishan thinks he should get Atif of Delhi in the morning. Preet wakes him up and tells her doubt about Naina and Bilal is right. He laughs and says she always wants to prove her point and says he has to wake up early in the morning. She insists, but he laughs again and says he will listen to her in the morning. She says if he does not, she will call him back from office and make him listen. He says okay and sleeps. In the morning, he wakes up and thinks he should get Atif out of Delhi first and then come back and listen to Preet.

Ishan calls Atif to get ready as he is getting out of house in 5 min and goes to Atif’s place in car. Shergill’s men follow him and Shergill watches his moves in disguise.

Precap: Ishan enters a building to meet Atif. Sher follows him and orders his men to surround building as he wants to catch Ishan and Atif together red-handed and know who is Rizwan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. now the show is getting cool loved it♡♡♡

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh dear i hope ishaan does not get caught.
    writers always y move frm nice familys n love stories to political terrorist??? Leave all dat to crime patrol cid etc… terrorism all over the world all againsr muslims.pls let all unite n hv peace in world dnt kill us on relaxing tv tym.

  3. mary christodoulou

    nice serial i like Iqbal..hes great…but I hope they ll change the actress mona soon..she looks so older than him ..can the makers see that??

    1. agree with u, mona’s acting quality is very well.but there is no match between’em,, l want a new entry in this show from d very begining…..but don;t think thy gonna replace her

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