Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preet chatches Naina and Bilal together outside house and asks if they both know each other. Naina lies no and says she was missing Meghna didi, so came out and she saw Bilal here. Bilal nervously stammering says Naina is right. Ishan comes and asks what are they doing outside and takes them in. Preet feels they both are lying.

Ishan sees Preet tensed and asks her reason. She says she is fine. He says whenver she is tensed, her cheeks get red and asks her to share her tension with him. She tells him the whole incident happened. He goes down and asks Bilal and Naina’s phones. Bade papa and Badi maa ask what is he trying. He says he is doing it for family’s goodness and checks their mobile and asks when they both don’t know each other, then why they have

called each other so often. Naina says papa wanted to buy sweets from chandni chowk, so she took Bilal’s number from Trisha in the morning. Trisha says yes. Naina starts yelling at Preet that she told her everything, but even then she informed Ishan. She does not want her and Sid’s engagement and is just acting and hates her, etc.. etc.. Kapoor tells he was boasting about morality and broke engagement, now he breaks engagement. Bade papa scolds Preet and Ishan. Ishan apologizes bade papa that he should have spoken to Naina and Bilal alone first instead of creating drama and also apologizes Kapoor, Naina and Bilal. Neeti starts her jokes to lighten up moment. Naina and Sid’s engagement happens.

Shergill’s assistant gives him Atif’s video and he thinks he should show it to Preet and leaves.

Ishan stands sadly alone in lawn. Preet enters and he says he is fine. She asks how does he know it is her. He says who else it would be. She apologizes him that he had to apologize everyone for her mistake. He says it is okay and they both stand holding hands. Shergill comes just then and says he came on wrong time. Ishan says it is okay as he got habituated to it. Shergill says Preet he needs to show her something. Ishan says he will leave then. Preet insists to stay and asks Shergill to speak in front of Ishan. Shergill shows her Atif’s video and asks if he is the one who attacked them in jungle. Preet asks Ishan who says he is not sure as Atif was wearing mask. Preet says she is sure he is the one. Shergill says soon he will be caught and they have already planned everything. Ishan rushes to another room, calls Atif and asks to be careful as Shergill has planned to catch him. He opens door and sees Badi papa standing.

Preet sees Naina walking suspiciously and follows her. She is shocked to see her hugging Bilal and telling nobody can love him more than her.

Precap: Preet slaps Bilal and Naina and says because of them, Ishan had to apologize everyone. She warns them to inform about their affair to Sid and Trisha, else she will inform them.

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