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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina tells Hooda family that Ishan is an imposter and is not real Ishan. Whole family asks her to get out. She says she is telling truth and has proof. She takes out envelope from her suitcase and tells Bade papa this has real Ishan Hooda’s pic with Meghna. Bade papa checks pic and asks Mr. Kapoor to take his insane daughter from here before he insults even him. Kapoor drags Naina, but she stops and says she is telling truth. Bade papa shows pic and says Ishan is with Meghna. Kapoor drags Naina out finally.

Trisha informs Bilal and Naina’s truth to Bilal’s mom. Mom apologizes her for not upbringing Bilal well. Trisha says she will not trust Bilal now and leaves breaking their engagement.

Ishan goes to Sid’s room and consoles him that he should be strong and think of a better life ahead. Preet also comes to console. She gets Bilal’s call who says he wanted to tell truth to Trisha, but Ishan stopped him and presented truth like this, he wants to ask him why did he do that. Preet gets confused. Neeti comes and tells Trisha came back and is very upset.

Ishan goes and consoles Trisha. She cries hugging him. Naina calls Preet and says she is telling truth that Ishan is an imposter. Preet scolds her and disconnects call. She thinks whether to belive Naina, Shergill, and Bilal or Ishan.

Ishan thinks he had to lie a lot to save Sid and Trisha’s future. Sana calls him and asks why did he take such a big risk and instead would have given Naina property papers, he says he cannot risk his siblings’ future. She says they are not his siblings and he should think about his mission. Preet enters and Ishan changes tone. His and Preet’s argument starts over Bilal’s issue. She asks if he is Ishan or not. He asks what rubbish she is talking and starts confronting.

Precap: Ishan tells Bade papa that he has to go to Panchmeshwar for multitech meeting and cannot postpone it. Shergill calls Preet that he is going to expose Ishan’s truth and if she wants she can accompany him.

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  1. Nice diff storyline. Shows no one is born bad depends on the company one keeps . The couple preset and ishaan have good chemistry their eyes are vey expressive. I like this show coz it is not run of the mill kind that seems to flood the tv these days different concept about love and also thinking out of the box is not what my most viewers do . If it is indeed ending I am going to miss this close knit family

  2. Trisha did right by breaking her engagement wid Bilal, Bilal should have told Trisha the truth. Bechari Preet she doesn’t know whom to trust. I read that they are supposed to show something about Preet but show is ending on 22 Jan and they still haven’t show. Show keeps on showing 26 Jan, but show is ending on 22 Jan even before actual 26 Jan I will miss Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do very badly

  3. Im tired ya.this riwan sshould really expose himself and see what the hooda family does instead of hiding it and causing sadness and harm to his “siblings”,sid and trisha.and its so unrealistic,4 years ago,ishaan came into the hooda family to complete his mission,but only about 10 to 20 episodes ago,ishaan said that mudje apna pehla kadam rakna chaiye.unrealistic right?

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