Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bade papa gets heart attack after hearing that Ishan is terrorist Rizwan. Doc checks him and tells family that he got a massive heart attack and it is good they arranged medical support on time. He says he will be with Mr. Hooda tonight and says Sid he will let him speak to his senior. Badi maa starts crying vigorously. Preet consoles her. Badi says she lost faith on god now. Preet asks to forget everything. Badi maa says she will shoot Ishan/Rizwan and says she always told Preet is wrong, but now she feels she is right. She can do whatever she feels right now and disown Ishan/Rizwan forever. Preet takes badi maa’s blessings and leaves.

Baba wishes Rizwan best of luck. Rizwan wears bomb jacket under his blazer and gets ready. Baba praises him and explains plan again. Ishan says he will get remote mobile and hand it over to Sana. Sana accompanies him.

Preet meets Shergill and he takes her in a car. While driving, he tells her that Ishan has to die today if they want to save innocent people. Preet feels sorry for Rizwan.

Ishan drives car into military building and tells Sana he will get 26th jan plan from building soon. She waits outside in car and he enters inside. Military officers guarding office stop him. He shows bomb jacket and beats officers and locks them in a room. He enters office and takes pics of plan blue print. Preet reaches with Shergill. Officer tells that terrorist has barged building wearing bomb jacket. Shergill asks who is he. Officer says terrorist Rizwan.

Preet knocks door and asks to open door. Rizwan from inside shouts he will blast building if she does not go out. Preet says it is her. Rizwan says it is good she knows who he is and says he will destroy Hoodas and this whole country. She says he should not do anything that will harm both countries’ peace and harmony. He shouts to go. Sana reaches building with other armed terrorists who kidnap Preet.

Precap: Rizwan forces Preet to remove her mangalsutra. She throws mangalsutra and says if he cannot get out of here, even she does not want to. He gets emotional and cries.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. :'(
    Precap was quite emotional !!
    #luvu #ishpreet

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooo much emotional episode and precap…
    But I hope riwan gets to know the truth that preet is pregent, and he surnders and his baba’s truth that he killed rizwan’s family….

  3. Today’s episode was sooooo emotional I can’t even imagine how emotional tomorrow’s episode will be Iqbal khan and Mona Singh did a fan job, will miss their acting a lot and moreover both do comeback in hindi shows after a long time, I wished sony permitted this show to run till March

  4. OMG can’t wait!! PKHJD is finishing????when in the last epi?

    1. Tomorrow is the last episode 🙁

  5. Does preet even wear a mangalsutra?

    1. But he wont force her to remove the taveez because its not an initial of marrige like the mangalsutra and sindhoor

  6. Its not a mangalsutra its the tabeez..which ishaan had give preet earlier

  7. What?!? They’re cancelling the show? Why? It’s the best one of tv right now.

  8. Shit !!! Last episode was today :'(
    So emotional man… Sony tv how can u reject this serial man ?

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