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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preet informs family that Ishan is transferring Sid’s property into Sid’s name and asks Bade papa to call lawyer and find out. Bad papa calls lawyer and lawyer confirms. Bade papa says Preet is right and they should all go to lawyer’s office. Lawyer tells Ishan that he did as he said. Ishan thinks he knew Preet would do same to save family and it is all going according to his plan.

Naina waits for Bilal at farm house. Bilal reaches. She says she knew he would come on her one call. Ishan peeps from window, calls Preet and asks her to switch on video conferencing on TV. She informs family and switches TV on. Ishan then calls Sid and Trisha also and asks to switch on their mobiles on video conferencing. They all are shocked to see Naina hugging Bilal

and telling they can continue their affair and fool Sid and Trisha and enjoy their wealth. Bilal pushes her and asks to behave. Door bell rings and Naina says Ishan jiju came. Ishan enters and says he transferred Sid’s property in her name and once Sid signs documents, all property will be hers. Sid calls Naina and asks her to come home right now. Trisha calls Bilal and asks him to reach office right now.

Ishan reaches home with Naina. Sid brings her suitcase and asks to get out right now. Naina asks what happened. He says he knows she does not love him and is having affair with Bilal already. Naina says Preet must have brainwashed him again and tells Preet that she hates her as she is Meghna’s sister and does not want her to marry Sid. Sid angrily tries to slap her for misbehaving with Preet, but Preet stops him. Sid says that is the difference between Preet bhabhi and her. Preet bhabhi is trying to save his and Trisha’s lives, but Naina is behind money. Naina says she loves him and he is misunderstanding her.

Bilal reaches office. Trisha asks how can he betray her. He says he was afraid that he will lose her. She says she is not an illiterate to not understand his condition.

Badi maa says Naina she was blackmailing to go, now if does not go, she will be kicked out. Bade papa asks her parents to take their daughters from here. Naina continues again that she loves Sid. Neeti says she is a bad actress and nobody will believe her now. This time, Ishan exposed her truth. Bade papa says Badi maa he always told Ishan and Preet are their family pillars.

Preet says Ishan she thought he is against her and would not help, but he took her side. Naina shouts whoever they are praising is not Ishan. Ishan gets tensed.

Precap: Preet says Ishan she tells everything about her and he hides things, if he is really Ishan or not.

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  1. Im so happy that naina has been caught.

  2. Wow, what an episode it is. I knew that somehow because of Bilal, Naina would be caught and that part was funny when Neeti said Naina is bad actress 😛
    Precap very interesting so sad this show is ending on 22 Jan as it’s finite series . To be honest, I love all the ekta Kapoor finite shows

  3. Zulekha patel

    I am really happy that naina is caught and wish trisha kicks out bilal from her life as he does not deserve her.

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