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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan advices Sid that marriage changes man’s life for good and wife will be best friend, life becomes beautiful, etc. Sid says these must be Preet bhabhi’s dialogues. Preet says Ishan is right and continues her dialgoues… Once Sid leaves, Ishan says their engagment did not happen as their marriage happened in a hurry, so he wants their engagment after Sid’s engagment. Preet says he is very moody., etc..

Ishan ges Atif’s call. Preet picks call and is shocked to hear his voice. Ishan takes phone and disconnects saying wrong number. Preet says she is sure he is 6-finger terrorist as she cannot forget his voice. Ishan says she is thinking too much and says let us concentrate on engagment.

Naina and Sid’s engagement celebrations start.

Bilal and his family enter and Preet with Trisha greets them in. Shabeen taunts how can younger brother’s engagment happen before elder sister’s marriage. Preet says it is good one daughter will go and another will come in. Shabeena makes weird faces and gets in. Preet tells Trisha that her shabeena apa is an atom bomb and she should control her today.

Bade papa asks Preet to bring bride now. Preet brings Naina down in a beautiful dress. Sid gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and says Honey that Naina looks beautiful by each passing day.

Naina’s mother asks dad to speak important things with Mr. Hooda before today itself. Dad says bade papa that he wants to talk important issue alone. Bade papa with badi maa follows him and his wife. They both tell that Sid’s profession as a standup comedian is not good and they are worried about their daughter’s future. He gave his whole empire to Sid and asks what he left for Sid, if he made any will. Bade papa says Ishan did not want to take over and wanted Sid to take care of business, but since Sid not want to, they forcefully made him VP of their company. Naina’s parents say they are just concerned about their daughter.

Bade papa then comes out with badi maa and gets happy seeing whole family dancing. Preet feeds water to Kavya. Bade papa says them that Preet takes care of Kavya well. Naina’s parents ask what if she gets her own children, she will ignore Kavya and they are worried about Kavya now. Bade papa gets angry and takes them in and says Preet will never ignore Kavya and they had all these concerns, why did not they speak before fixing engagement. They say again as parents, they are worried about Naina and Kavya’s future. Bade papa says he will fix their concern right now, walks out angrily and asks to stop this celebration as Naina and Sid’s engagement will not happen.

Precap: Preet and Ishan spend quality time when Shergill calls Preet and informs about Rizwan. Ishan gets angry and scolds Preet that as she is not a secret agent that he calls her often.

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  1. I expect Preet to be a officer .

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I dnt like naina n der is always money issue?? Badapapa is awesomely handsomen well presented man…Sid is tooo cute!!!! Naina nonoooo

  3. I love this show awesome chemistry between preet & ishaan I love u both of uuu nice shoe & today episode is awwwwweeeeesome

  4. Yeah truly awesome! !!

  5. I don’t like this sid naina Jodi accha Hi hoga agar engagement toot jaye. Aage faltu ka siyapaa khatam.

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