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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina packs her bag after hearing Preet’s conversation. Preet tries to convince her that she is thinking wrong. Naina says she thinks she wants to marry Sid because of his money, but she is wrong, she is not interested in him. She walks out in hall and Preet continues convincing her. Ishan comes home. Naina continues that she does not want to marry a rich person and the truth is Preet thinks her as her husband’s first wife’s sister and does not like her. Preet says she is thinking wrong. Sid says he cannot live without her and likes her a lot. Naina’s mother says Naina will not marry him as she does not like him. Naina says she feels the same as Sid feels and wants to marry him. Whole family get happy, especially Biji. Honey comes there. Biji says he

should not meet Sid from today. Honey says he does not want Sid to marry as he had promise that he will not marry before his marriage. Biji asks whom he will marry. He says his gilfriend. Biji gets happy and says she will get him married after Sid’s marriage.

Ishan goes to room and scolds Preet for chattering in front of everyone. She holds his mouth and says he is chattering now. He bites her hand and she asks why did he bite it. He says even men get mood swings though they don’t get pregnant. They both then laugh loudly.

Whole family joins for breakfast. Sid and Naina gets lost in each other’s eyes. Ishan puts Sid’s finger in tea and wakes him up and taunts Sid that he is way ahead than them. Bade papa comes and says he and Mr. Kapoor have fixed Naina and Sid’s engagement tonight. Badi maa asks how can she arrange everythhing so early. Bade papa says they just have to go as guest and says his two pillars Ishan and Preet will take care of everything. Preet asks Badi maa not to worry. Ishan says when bahu has promised, then not to worry.

Ishan and Preet get busy in engagement arrangements. Sid comes and says he wants to meet Naina before engagement and asks what to speak. Preet goes into flashback where before marriage Ishan tells her about first marriage and daughter Kavya and asks if she can become Kavya’s mother. She gives a lengthy emotional speech that she will be Kavya’s mother, but he should be taking decisions, etc… Sid gets her out of flashback and asks again what to speak. Preet says since he will be spending rest of life with Naina, he should tell about his past and everything to her and start a new life with true note. Sid thanks her and leaves. Ishan asks if she is remembering their moment and asks if he fullfilled all his promises. Preet says let us concentrate on engagement first.

Neeti comes home and sees everyone busy in arramngements and asks Trisha what is happening. Trisha says Sid’s engagement. She starts throwing tantrums and fights with Kuku.

Before engagement, Sid tells Naina that tell anything if she wants to. Naina says nothing. He says he had an infatuation on a girl in college. Naina says it is his past and she is his present and trusts him. He shows Biji and other family members’ drama asks if she can handle it. She says by all means.

Precap: Ishan sees Preet speaking over phone and asks her who was it. Preet says Shergill called to inform about Rizwan. Ishan says this is not right, she is not an intelligence agent to involve in all this.

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