Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan thinks Preet will hate him when she will know that he is Rizwan Khan and not Ishan and killed Vikrant. He reminisces Baba telling that Vikrant is a big criminal and wants to kill their people and thinks Baba was lying him.

Preet reminisces Vikrant flirting with her and telling that he loves her since childhood. She says she is just his childhood friend. He says once love happens, she will know it and that person will be very imporant to her. He then says he loves her since chilhood and he is happy that he is marrying him. Once he finishes his mission and kills terrorists, he will be under her duty forever. She comes out of flashback and thinks Vikrant was right, she is in love with Ishan now and he is most important person to her.

Ishan comes and Preet tells him

what Shergill told. He says she should finish Badi maa’s work first and convince Sid and Naina for marriage and takes her from there. At night, they both sleep on bed. Preet gets Shergill calls who says Ishan is terrorist Rizwan Ahmed Khan. She wakes up and asks Ishan how can he betray her, he killed Vikrant and is enemy of her country. Ishan wakes up worried and realizes it is his dream. He thinks this dream will come true some day and Preet will hate him forever. Preet wakes up and asks why did he get up. He says he is not getting sleep and asks her to sleep. She sleeps and thinks he is still awake and badi maa’s perception that he loves her is wrong.

In the morning, Ishan sees Naina and gets mersmerized with her beauty. Mann mast magan….song…plays in the background..

Preet serves breakfast to whole family. Ishan gets happy seeing poori and asks her to serve more. Neeti comes and asks her to serve fat-free pooris. Preet says there is nothing like fat-free pooris. Neeti says ragi pooris. Preet says ragi is finished and she will give her fat-free ghee pooris. Everyone laughs. Kuku says she looks better the way she is. Neeti says he is lying and asks why did not he lift her since 6 months. Kuku gets shy and asks not to discussion personal things in front of everyone.

Naina and parents join for breakfast and father says they are going tomorrow. Bade papa asks what happened. Father says Sid has not agreed to marry Naina, so there is no reason to stay here. Ishan says after Meghna, Naina is his responsibility. Preet gets sad hearing this. Once Ishan gets into room, she asks why he is forcing Sid to marry, it should be his decision to marry Naina or not. Ishan repeats that Naina is his responsibility and leaves.

Sid tells family ladies that he does not want to marry so soon. Biji asks reason. He says honey, then says honey came. Badi maa says honey will be here always, he should think of marrying Naina. Preet says we should not force him and let him take his decision, he is this family’s son and not Naina. Naina enters and hears their conversation. Preet gets tensed seeing her.

Precap: Naina packs her bags crying, after hearing Preet’s words. Preet tries to stop her and says she is her sister and was just making Sid realize her value. Naina says if she thinks she wants to marry Sid, then she is wrong as she is not interested in Sid.

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  1. wow awesome episode

  2. remove this nehna and bring not only beautiful but a beautiful and cute girl for sid
    she seems like his elder sister

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Yes true she old Sid cute n funny!!!!
    Put sum speed man Ishaan n Preet…childesh behavoir…moving on on

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No comments on etretr????

  5. I don’t think Neina nd her parent’s are real megna parents. And I am sure Naina is not opposite to sid

  6. Its better if we see some one like sheena bajaj like that some one for sid but not that naina

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