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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan asks Preet what she is hiding from him, what was badi maa talking about. Preet says she will not tell him and walks out. She then goes to kitchen and starts cooking. Badi comes and asks what was Ishan’s reaction hearing her pregnancy news. Preet continues cooking. Badi maa insists what happened. Preet says she did not inform him yet. Badi maa asks how can she hide such a big news.

Ishan goes to bade papa and says let us have drink. Bade papa happily accompanies him to home bar. Ishan says he gets happy if he calls him son. Bade papa says he also gets happy if she shares his feelings with him. Badi maa comes there with Sid and Preet. Ishan asks Badi if he can ask something. She says he can ask anything. He says he needs kheer. She says she will prepare right

now. Sid asks why is he happy today. Ishan says he is always happy with family and is lucky to have them, even if he dies now, he will not regret. He says people are divided between countries and religions, but love does not have any religion. Preet listens silently.

Ishan then goes to Kavya and speaks to her. Kavya tells about her school incidents. Ishan says their heart beat is same and in the future, if he is not there, she should take care of her mamma well. Kavya promises.

Shergill calls Preet and asks if she got any info about bombing. She says no. He says she needs to him Ishan over to him to save many people’s lives.

Bilal’s mother tells Bilal that Trisha thinks emotionally and he needs to make her feel that her decision of leaving him is wrong. Bilal leaves to meet Trisha. Shabana says mom that she did right today by convincing Bilal. Mom says her daughter is talking intelligently today. Shabana emotionally hugs her.

Bilal reaches Hood house. Trisha asks how come he is here. Ishan says he called him and takes him in. Family is shocked to see him. Ishan says he called Bilal and tells Trisha that Bilal loves her and hid his past in fear of losing her, he is the best life partner for her and she should reaccept him. Trisha happily hugs him. Ishan asks to hug her partner now. Trisha hugs Bilal and reconciles. Preet sees everything, but thinks about Shergill’s request to hand over Ishan to save innocent people’s lives.

Precap: Preet picks gun and shoots sleeping Ishan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. OMG what preet is doing???

  2. OMG what preet is doing??? Waithng for 2morow episode

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    It is dream of preet or i think she will not shoot…

  4. Hi I think it’s a dream . Can someone please tell ishan about pregnancy before they die. Such an awesome show, wonder why it didn’t do well in India ?

  5. There will be no bullet reffering to the precap

  6. Dont worry guys…i guess its just a dream coz they have to have to have to die to together in the bomb blast depicting their immense love for eachother and they cannot leave eachother alone.

    Im happy that bilal and trisha have reconciled!and shabina aapa has changed for the good after she reconciled with her husband.

    And another thing,does preet even know how to use a gun?allll drama just to attract viewers.

  7. How come Preet is 6 weeks pregnant already? They have been to Pangemesgar only a few days back. The writers of these stories should consider the viewers a little more intelligent than they do.

  8. oh my god!!!!!! preet yaar good news bolne ke baad karo yaar jo karna hai
    awesome ……story

    1. They did say in a episode that it has been 2 months since preet and ishan have distanced after what happen between them

  9. It is a such wonderful show. I have been following it from day one and enjoy watching it. The acting of the main characters are awesome. Hope the serial wil be on air in the future .

  10. I was little surprised when I watched today’s episode someone should have told Ishan about preet’s pregnancy as Preet won’t tell him that at least Kavya could have said to Ishan 😛 precap :O confirm it’s Preet’s dream can’t be possible I think Preet will get to know about Ishan being a suicide bomb and then she will save him and in that process both will get to know about baba’s reality , Preet’s pregnancy and then the bomb will blast while they hug or something and then they will die 🙁 please no, please change it to a happy ending request from all Pyaar Ko Ho Janne do fans
    Ekta mam we need more shows like Pyaar Ko Ho Janne do, please do make more shows like this instead of dragging your other shows without any need for some years

  11. Maybe ishan will come to know abt baba will get him caught by sher gill will take Sana and go back to pak telling preet that he will come back for her or call her to pak

  12. Pls update fast

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