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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina asks Ishan to transfer Sid’s property in her name before wedding, else she will expose his truth that he is not Ishan. Ishan asks what proof she has that he is not Ishan. She goes to her room and brings real Ishan and Meghna’s pics and says she has many copies and if he tries to ignore her demand, she will expose him.

Preet serves ginger tea and samosas to whole family and coffee to Ishan. Badi maa says Preet takes care of Ishan well. Preet says Ishan gets acidity with tea and they know everything about each other. Naina says she does not know anything and says this is an imposter and not real Ishan. Whole family is shocked. Bade papa gets heart attack. Ishan gets out of his imagination and realizes it is just his imagiantion, he cannot risk his family and

his mission, so he has to agree to Naina’s demands. He calls his lawyer and asks to prepare transfer papers of Sid’s property into Naina’s name.

Preet goes to meet Shergill and asks why did she call him. He says she knows he is angry on him and will not believe him if he tells Ishan is helping terrorist. She says he is a lier. He says he was a doing his duty and she should trust him. She says she will never doubt Ishan and leaves.

Ishan tells Naina that he asked his lawyer to prepare transfer papers of Sid’s property into her name and asks her to meet him tonight at farm house. Preet passes by and listens to their conversation and thinks Ishan still loves Meghna, so he is accepting Naina’s all illegal demands.

Trisha with Neeti reaches Bilal’s house. Mom greets them in and loudly tells Shabeena that Trisha and Neeti have come. Shabeena shouts that she is shouting as if a superstar has come. Younger says Neeti is a TV star. Shabeena taunts that she is not a film star, etc. Neeti says just because she died in serial, TRPs went down and producers are thinking of getting her back. Shabeena says she fell from cliff. Neeti says that means she watches her serial and because of people like her TRPs get high. Shabeena says she does not wear makeup like other heroines. Neeti says she is so beautiful that she does not need makeup and does not apply heavy one at least like Shabeena. Trisha asks to calm down as Shabeena is her sister-in-law. Neeti asks to shut Shabeena up first. Lawyer comes and gives property papers to Trisha. Trisha says she came to take Bilal’s signatures on their new officer property papers.

Ishan goes back to room and stands nervously. Preet asks if he hiding something. He says no. She says she met Shergill. He shouts how can she when Shergill insulted him in front of everyone. She says she wants to prove him innocent, so she went. He continues shouting. She says he is helping Naina as he stills love Meghna and does not care about Sid’s future. She starts crying and he leaves. She thinks for the first time he left her crying. Ishan thinks he is doing it for his mission.

Precap: Preet says Ishan that she knows he still loves Meghna and is accepting Naina’s demands, but he should think of Sid’s future and their family as family gave them everything. He says he knows what he is doing.

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  1. I felt so bad for Preet. I m hating this Ishan day by day , I hope he traps Naina, if not it’s better that his Rizwan truth gets revealed, and PKHJD trp is so remote neither it increases nor it decreases always 0.2 only, just like the current track and Neeti is funny as usual

    1. How will he trap naina?naina is so cunning that ishaan wont be able to trap her.she will get to know his plan before he excutes it ishaan is torn between completing his 26 th jan task and loving the hooda family.the main thing is when ishaan finds out hindustanis did not kill his ammi and abbu and baba,sana,atif and the whole team from the neighbouring country is cheating him,it will be very attractive to see how ishaan is confused whether to choose to forget his duty and continue to fulfil all the duties in the hoods house and hold a respectable reputation or tell the hoods family the whole truth and continue his mission.he will be in a situation one day where he has no choice but to choose one.

      1. I m not watching this show for a week as I m out of country now so I m commenting based on the written updates , and I thought so as Ishan managed to trap Shergill so why not Naina?

  2. I guess even shergil land preet make a better couple than this cheater rizwan!!!

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Story line us like a dog chasing its own tail…

  4. I tell u this naina is really very cunning…ab preet kya karegi….bichari….she was this close in proving naina’s truth…stupid ishaan ….apna sach ko chupane keleye he can go till any extent…will be interesting to watch from now….

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