Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan feels guilty for his behavior and reminiscing shouting on Preet. He dorns blanket on Preet. Preet says he does not have to do that and should not act like worried for her and walks out of bed. Ishan feels sad.

In the morning, Preet serves breakfast to family. Ishan comes and asks her to serve breakfast. She asks what he will have. He asks if she does not know. She says no. She gives him 10 paranthas and he stuffs his mouth with paranthas. Kuku jokes with Neeti that poor husband will feel the wrath and will eat all paranthas. Preet thinks he eats only 2 and max 3, he will get acidity now. She asks him to stop. He says he will eat them all. She goes to kitchen. Badi maa follows her and asks what happened. She says she is preparing Kavya’s lunch box. Badi

maa says she cannot hide from her mom and asks why are she and Ishan fighting since morning. She says Shergill is Vikrant’s friend and he got well with her and talked a lot about Vikrant. She told Vikrant was a friend for her, but Ishan got jealous. Badi maa smiles and says that means Ishan loves her and she should continue enjoying his jealousy for some time.

Sana calls Ishan and asks what happened during party. He says Shergill is Preet’s friend and he knows more about her than him. She asks why is he feeling jealous. He says he is not. She says he is in love with Preet and he should make use of precious moments as he has very less time left with her.

Kuku meets Shergill and gives him concert’s video footage and pics. Shergill sees Ishan in pics and asks if he took him there. Kuku says he took Preet there, but Ishan loves Preet a lot and came there worried for her. They both try to protect each other always. Shergill says it is common between husband and wife and says he will watch video carefully later. Once Kuku leaves, Shergill thinks Ishan is hiding something and he will know what he is up to.

Neeti tells Badi maa that she is having stomachache. Badi maa asks what did she eat. She says diwali sweets and gives a list. Badi continues working. Neeti says she cannot get ill as she is star and needs to attend her shooting. Badi maa asks she is playing mother’s roll. Neeti asks why can’t mothers be heroines and starts her jokergiri..

Ishan clashes with Preet in room and apologizes. She ignores him and says she has to go and help Kavya with her homework.

Precap: Preet tells Ishan that he is her life. He asks she told Vikrant was her friend and….

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    We did not c this episode????
    Is it finishd????
    Wat bullshit is sony upto now????
    Besides MPratap is the only one worth to c????
    Angry wit sony flip man!!!!

  2. Awesome episode I love to see this show because this show is not about saas-bahu nor about boring ugly games. I love to see more

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