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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan comes back home. Preet asks if he spoke to Naina and what was her reaction. She keeps her phone on bed and brings water. He drops phone in water. She asks why did he drop it purposefully. He accepts and says Naina accepted her mistake and promised to change. Preet says she fooled him and will ruin Sid’s life. He shouts what is left in their relationship that she is worried about Sid and Naina’s relationship and walks out. Preet thinks he is hiding something else and she needs to know.

Ishan walks in garden thinking who is he, Rizwan or Ishan, why is he betraying Preet, etc. Naina comes and says by now Bilal must have shut his mouth and now he should stop Preet from interfering. Ishan says Preet will not. Preet comes there and seeing them together.

Ishan leaves. Naina says she explained everything to her husband and she should stop interfering. Preet looks shockingly.

Preet then goes to her room and asks ishan what is going on, why is he protecting Naina, what is he hiding. Ishan says he is doing right and does not need her opinion.

Bilal takes Trisha to bank to take a business loan and his application gets rejected. He sadly informs Trisha and Trisha says she will invest in his business. He says his business is new and does not want her to take risk. She says when they are one, then he should not hesitate.

Trisha then takes Bilal home and after gathering whole family asks bade papa’s permission to invest her personal earnings in Bilal’s business. Bade papa permits and asks badi maa’s opinion. Badi maa says these hurdles come during business startup and trisha should be with Bilal always. Bade papa says even he will invest. Badi maa asks Preet’s permission. Preet says Ishan should opine. Ishan says he does feel good to mingle business and personal life, but since Trisha is his sister and is investing from her personal savings, he does not mind. Trisha thanks him. Naina praises Trisha for helping Bilal and looks at Sid.

Ishan goes back to room and angrily throws mobile thinking why is he hiding truth. Preet says mobile can be replaced, but not Sid and Trisha’s lives. He should save Sid from Naina. Sid comes and says just like he transferred his property in Preet’s name and Trisha gave her share to Bilal, he is also thinking of tranferring all his property share in Naina’s name. Ishan says he and Trisha transferred their personal earnings and did not use Hooda instrustries money, whatever he has is Naina’s and he should first spend quality time with Naina. Sid says he is right and leaves. Preet says Naina is behind Sid’s property and he should save Sid.

Shergill calls Preet. Preet asks how dare he is to call her. Shergill says he wants to warn her about Ishan and requests to meet her once. She agrees. He then tells general that he is being framed. General gives Shergill a chance to prove himself innocent.

Precap: Ishan tells Naina that he will force Sid to transfer his property share into her name and she should come to farm house tonight. Preet hears their conversation.

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  1. Now it will be interesting to see the next episode , let’s see what happens after Preeg goes to the farmhouse, I m sure Ishan will do something, if he can trap Shergill he can trap anyone, u never know

  2. There will be more viewers to this show now.

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