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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preet reaches home. Badi maa asks where is Ishan, and Sid says because of their romantic outing, Ishan did not come to office and he had to work alone. Preet says she does not know where is Ishan and why are they talking to her like this. Bade papa asks not to give Preet a heart attack. Badi maa smiles and says he doc’s report came and they are all happy reading her pregnancy news. Preet stands silently. Badi maa asks how can she and Ishan hide such a big news. Preet smiles and goes to kitchen

At kitchen, Preet prepares food. Sid enters and asks why is she looking tensed. She says she is fine. He asks why did she hide such a big happiness, he removes cake from fridge and asks if she and Ishan wanted to celebrate alone. She says Trisha brought this cake. He eats cherry on cake.

Baba tells Sana that Ishan is a big fool. Sana asks why. He says they brainwash small children against India and train them to kill Indians and harm India, Ishan is one among those children. Once he dies after suicide bombing, all blame will come on him. Sana feels sorry for Ishan.

Preet weeps in her room. Shergill calls her and asks he to give Ishan’s info as only he can stop bomb blasting. She says Ishan is loyal to history and she is to her country, she will inform him once Ishan comes.

Ishan reaches home. Badi maa hugs him happily and says Preet will give him good nes. He goes to room and sees room dark. She switches on light and asks Preet why was she sitting in dark. She says she was looking at her palm lines and thought though lines are on her palm, she cannot change her destiny. He asks what happened to her. She continues speaking and says she will not tell him what happened.

Precap: Ishan says even if he dies, he will not repent. Hooda family gave him love and love does not have any region or religion, but only relationship with heart.
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  1. Am happy with the fact that show did not end today, can enjoy this show for 5 more days thanks Prize as I read in 2 articles show will end today so I was confused thanks for clearing the confusion in that case I will publish my ff on next Friday
    I wonder how Ishan will react when he gets to know about Preet’s pregnancy and only Sana can tell Ishan the truth please Sana tell Ishan about his parents truth
    But don’t want a sad ending at all but it’s confirmed by Mona Singh, Iqbal Khan in Instagram, I also saw in tellychakkar that Ishpreet will die in bomb blast 🙁

    1. is it not ending today?

      1. I thought it was supposed to end today but them someone told me it will end on 29 jan so I think it will end on 29 jan anyways let’s enjoy the show for 5 more days , thanks ekta mam for letting us enjoy the show for one more week, but all PKHJD fans want a happy ending not sad ending

    2. Tellychakkar article mentioned they will die. But where did Mona Singh/Iqbal Khan confirm on Instagram about the ending? Please tell me.

    3. I mean where did Mona and Iqbal confirm that the ending is going to be sad? I don’t see this on their instagram accounts

    4. Fatarajo if u saw on tellychakkar that ishaan and preet would die in the bomb blast ,that is the way that its supposed to end because they die together and their souls are together for ever.the saath janmo thingy..

      1. The original article was written by India Forums TellyBuzz, which said the ending will be sad. There was no tellychakkar article specifically reporting that the ending is going to be sad. There was an article regarding the shoot wrap up, and in this article they mentioned “According to media report (probably referring to the IF article) Ishpreet will die in the blast”.

      2. But still anything is possible. Looks unpredictable at this point :-/

      3. That May also be right ananya

  2. Hai no that is such sad news. I keep wishing that this ending will change. Maybe the public is being strung along but it will have a good ending. Pls pls sana tell ishan , need good romantic ending

    Also will anyone tell ishan about pregnancy , I don’t think preet will talk now??????????

  3. very nice serial sad that it is going to end jab bhi koi acha serial hota hai jaldi khatam ho jata hai sad

  4. Not really they confirmed the news I wanted to write indirectly confirmed 😛 as I saw the pics in Insta and it seemed that it will be a sad ending as the location was in outdoors so it’s assured that the last scene of the last episode will be on outdoor so most probably it will be shown they will die in bomb blast n possibly they may also not die n confess love also :p don’t know but one thing is sure that te last scene will be on outdoors not Hooda house

  5. Hi guys this show end on 14th march only

    1. Hey jevik it’s true but show was suppose to end in 14 march but due to low trps the show’s ending is preponed to 29 jan

  6. Hi i’m the biggest fan of PKHJD and i hope ishpreet will reunite

  7. Hi jeevika, how do u know ?

  8. Hi guys i saw it in wikipedia

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