Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badi maa serves breakfast to family. Trisha jokes that Neeti is in US and is brainwashing mamma to lose weight. Badi maa peeling oranges asks not to joke. Sid and Bade papa also join Trisha.

Preet goes to gyencologist and after checkup, doc asks since how long she has been married. Preet says 5 years. Doc says she is pregnant. She sits dumbstruck. Doc says it is common to go dumbstruck hearing pregnancy news. Preet happily walks on road controlling her emotions and thinking how to inform Ishan. She calls Ishan, but his phone is switched off. She calls Sid who informs that he did not come to office at all.

Preet continues walking and sees Bilal’s mom passing by who says earlier Ishan passed and now she is passing. Preet asks where is he and starts searching him. She finds his car and follows to a home where she sees Ishan in pathani dress and people addressing him as Rizwan and praising him for becoming suicide bomber. Ishan then performs namaaz. Preet is shocked and walks crying and reminiscing Ishan agreeing once that he is Rizwan and a terrorist and trying to get rid of her, etc.

Ishan reminisces insulting Preet and asking her divorce, etc., and thinks he loves her a lot, but wants her to forget him as he will sacrifice himself tomorrow for his country.

Preet goes to Shergill’s home and cries vigorously. He asks what happened, it must be definitely related to Ishan. She says Ishan is terrorist Rizwan and is in disguise. Shergill says Baba is planning bombing in city and only Ishan can tell Baba’s plan.

Preet goes home. Sid complains that she and Ishan went on a romantic date and burdened him with office work. Badi maa asks where is Ishan. Preet says she does not where he is.

Precap: Preet shows her pregnancy report to Badi maa. Badi maa happily praises Preet and says she nicely took care of this house and Kavya.

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    How n now??? Wer toooo…..Ishan dies n Preet wit child???? So silly nah…eish..

  2. Wow wonderful news preet !!! Now ishan ? She shouldn’t Have went to shergill , she ahould rather approach ishan quietly…

    I hope he doesn’t go through with it n I hope she manages to tell him about the pregnancy.

    Please give us a better ending then them dying ?

  3. I tot this was the last episode

    1. Tomorrow is the last episode

  4. Today’s episode was so emotional I felt really bad for Preet I hope they dying in bomb blast is a dream of Ishan, I want Ishpreet to reunite and Preet give birth to the baby and they have a cute baby boy/girl and Ishpreet, baby and Kavya love happily ever after.

  5. yes they have to reunite the ishan and preet please. stop all these and show
    family dram thats it

  6. This story seems to be going Kubaan way..

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