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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shergill travels in car and tells his assistant that they have to find evidence against Ishan soon. Sana calls him from private number and says terrorist Atif is on highway. He asks who is she. She says it is none of his business. He diverts call towards highway. Police stops his car. Shergill says inspector that he is a secret agent and is on a mission to catch terrorist. Constable checks dickie and tells inspector their information is right and there is a terrorist in dickie. Inspector arrests Shergill for hiding terrorist.

Ishan calls Sana and asks if work is done. She says yes and asks how did he do his job in crowd. He reminisces going into store room and asking Atif to go and hide in Shergill’s car as nobody will check it. He says he had to sacrifice Atif

to save their mission as everyone knows Atif. She asks what if Atif opens his mouth. He says he will not as they are trained and he will get Atif out somehow soon.

Preet enters room. He thinks why she is so caring, he feels guilty for lying. She thinks he is still angry. She tries to speak and he answers angrily. In the morning, family sits for breakfast. Ishan says he is not going to office today and thinks he does not want Preet to trouble Naina even today. Preet serves paranthas for everyone and Ishan. Ishan says he does not need it. Preet asks to not stretch issue and forgive her. Sid jokes she should serve breakfast to him also. Biji gives him stack of paranthas. Bade papa reads news about Shergill being caught with terrorist and tells family he was helping terrorist and blamed Ishan instead. Badi maa says he was a culprit and whole family starts. Bade papa says he will complain army general against Shergill. Ishan asks him not to.

Inspector interrogates Shergill and Atif and asks Shergill where was he taking terrorist. Shergill says he will die than helping terrorist and he cannot doubt his patriotism. General asks Atif to tell who was helping him. Atif says Shergill promised to get him out of India and he is the mastermind. Shergill shouts he is not and Atif is lying. Atif says he is telling truth and asks Shergill to get him out of here.

Bilal feels guilty for proving Preet wrong and hiding truth and Preet requesting him to tell truth. He asks his mom if hiding truth and lying are different. Mom says if lie is told to save someone, then it is fine and if truth is hidden, it is wrong.

Naina applies nail polish. Kavya asks her to apply nail polish on her fingers also. Preet brings bournvita for Kavya and goes back to kitchen. Naina gets Bilal’s call who says he will tell truth to Trisha’s family. She says he will lose Trisha forever and says she will meet him right now and leaves. Preet comes back and asks Kavya where is Naina. Kavya says she got call from someone and went. Preet asks whose. Kavya says does not know but saw spelling and says BIL. Preet shows Bilal’s name on her mobile and Kavya says yes this spelling. Preet praises her and then says Naina has gone to meet Bilal and she should go behind Naina.

Precap: Preet shows Naina and Bilal’s video to Ishan. Ishan is shocked to realize that they really are having an affair.

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  1. Thank god!!
    Finally this did come out, they stretched it for so long!!!
    Finally it wI’ll be out!!!

  2. Thank god at least now ishan knows the truth…
    Mujhe ye serial acha lagta hai… not much dragging .. but no trp for this show.. I guess this show needs a better channel. .. Sony doesn’t promote it’s serials well… I liked reporters too… but it ended so soon due to lack of trps

  3. Finally, Naina-Bilal truth is out infront of Ishan. Hope Ishpreet exposes them together, and if Bilal really loves Trisha he should also help Ishpreet.

    1. I think 26 th january is nearing for them.its good they stopped this naina-bilal concept.

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