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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shergill takes Preet to his secret office. Preet sees many sketches and asks whose sketches are these. He says terrorists. She asks why did he bring her here. He says to show Rizwan’s sketch and gives her sketch.

Ishan meets Atif and Sana. They tell baba sent their 26th Jan plan and told about secret Indian military meeting where they will discuss about their weapon purchase and howmuch help they are geting from foreign country. He should attend that meeting and get that info to them.

Preet looks at Rizwan’s sketch and says she has not seen him. Shergill says he was seen in neighboring country 5 years ago and now must be living in a common family with military connections. The 6-finger man she described earlier is Atif and he thinks he just tried to

frighten him and Ishan in jungle once, there is some connection between them and Atif and if Atif is caught, they will catch Rizwan easily. Just then, Shergill’s dog Baburao comes back and Preet runs from there telling she will never come to his house agian.

Neeti and Trisha try to cheer up Sid with food and selfies. He says he is not interested in anything. Biji also tries cheer him up. Preet comes and says he is missing Naina and is heartbroken. Just then, Naina comes and says she came to apologize them on her parent’s behalf and says her parents are worried about her future. Preet says she is just acting and has come with some other reason. Naina gets tensed. Preet says she came to meet Sid before leaving city and says she will speak to her parents and get her and Sid’s engagement soon. Bade papa says he is elder here and his decision is final.

Ishan comes and bade papa says Preet forced him to agree for Sid and Naina’s engagement. Ishan smiles and says he should agree that women rule this house and men have to obey them. Badi maa says he is right. He says Kapoors have also come. Preet asks if he met them. He says bade papa asked her not to meet them, but did not tell him. Everyone laugh.

Sid and Naina’s engagement arrangements start. Trisha calls Bilal and informs him about Naina and Sid’s reengagement. Shabeena hears that and starts tantrums that Hoodas make a joke of relationships, etc. Mom confronts her.

Preet tells Ishan that she wants their engagement today. He says he is ready and can get her engaged many times. She smiles.

Sid and Naina sit for engagement when she gets someone’s call. She informs Preet that she is going to bathroom and leaves. After some time, badi maa asks Preet to call Naina. She goes to call Naina, but does not find her in room. She peeps from window and sees Naina walking out of house. She follows her and is shocked to see her talking to Bilal.

Precap: Preet informs Ishan about Naina and Bilal’s meeting and events thereafter. Ishan checks Naina and Bilal’s mobiles.

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  1. Not so good

  2. What is going on between naina n bilal????

  3. Oh no ! What is the connection between Naina n Bilaal?
    Bilaal n Trisha make good couple , pls don’t spoil… Mmm
    Why was Bilaal so nervous when he was introduced to Naina at
    First engagement ?

  4. Plz font spoil the show bilal & Trisha Jodi look fab y naina is evolving between them almost ishaan n preet chemistry looookkkk dazzling

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