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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badi maa asks Preet if Ishan did not come yet. She says no. Badi asks why did not he come when she informed him beforehand. Sid hears that and thinks Ishan never behaved weird before, he needs to find out what is happening.

Trisha calls Shabana’s husband and gives him divorce papers. He shockingly asks how can Shabana divorce him. She says she does not know. He rushes to Bilal’s house and asks Shabana how can she divorce him when he loves her so much. She asks what is he talking about. Trisha enters and says she gave him fake divorce papers to make him realize his mistake. Husband accepts back Shabana.

Trisha goes back home and performs during pooja peforms aarti with family. Ishan joins later. Badi maa scolds him for coming late and says she had arranged special pooja for him and Preet. He apologizes. Preet tries to speak. He thinks she is trying hard to rework their relationship.

At night in room, Preet cries reminiscing her happier and romantic moments with Ishan, their marriage consummation and him giving divorce papers and cries. Ishan thinks again why don’t she divorce him easily.

Ishan meets Baba who tells according to plan, they will blame everything on Hooda family. Ishan says Hooda family will be considered traitors and he will never do that. Baba says he was always talking about country and what happened to him now. Ishan leaves. Baba tells his men that Ishan is intrustable and they have to kidnap minister’s daughter to get 26th January parade passes. Sana listens to that and informs Ishan same. Ishan says when he told he will get passes, why is baba hurrying.

Kavya and her friend get out of school and wait outside. Baba’s henchmen kidnap them both. Ishan reaches there late and watchman informs that someone already took children. Ishan rushes towards Baba’s den.

Preet gets call that Kavya and her friend have been kidnapped. She informs Badi maa who calls Ishan and informs same. Preet suggests him to reach police station directly to complain. He asks not to and promise that he will bring daughter hoome safely.

Precap: Preet confront Ishan that she thought he loves Kavya, but he is not, he does not care anyone’s feelings.

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