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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid checks client’s file and finds irregularities. He asks Bade papa who is handling this project. Bade papa says Ishan and says he can take details from him. Sid thinks he needs to talk to Ishan regarding this.

Shabana forcefully sends Trisha out of house, gives jewelry boxes to a man and asks him to leave before anyone comes. Trisha comes back. Shabana gets tensed and asks why did she come abck. Trisha says to drink water and asks who is this man. Shabana shouts it is none of her business. Trisha thinks something is wrong.

Ishan in sleep murmurs don’t kill my ammi. Preet shakes him and he wakes up. She gives him water and asks why he was telling don’t kill my ammi. He says why will he and scolds her. She thinks why is e behaving weird.


reaches home and sees Trisha there. He tells there is some mismanagement in Ishan’s handled project and they will incur losses. Trisha says Ishan can answer all his questions. Sid goes to Ishan’s room and asks how is his headache now. Ishan says he is fine. Sid jokes Preet bhabhi took care of him well. Ishan looks at Preet and taunts a lot. Sid asks about project and asks why they are working under losses. Ishan says many companies sell tankers and for holding contract, they have to incur some losses. Sid smiles and leaves.

Ishan gets Sana’s call who tells Baba wants to meet him tonight to discuss 26th January’s final plan and he should come somehow. He says okay and silently leaves at midnight.

Preet wakes up in the morning and finds Ishan missing from bed. She thinks he must be in washroom. Badi maa gives pooja items to panditji and asks Trisha if she called Bilal’s family or at least his mom. Trisha says she informed Bilal’s mom. Preet comes down after getting ready. Badi maa asks if Ishan got ready. Preet thinks he is not even dowstairs and lies that he went to office. Badi maa asks how can he when she informed him beforehand about pooja and asks her to tell Ishan to reach home before pooja. Preet nods yes and thinks where Ishan must have gone.

Trisha reaches Bilal’s home and asks mom and Falak of they are ready. Mom says yes, she will have lunch and tablets and then will go with her. She then goes to Shabana and asks whom did she give jewelry yesterday. Shabana shouts to stay away from her personal issue. Bilal comes and asks why is she yelling at Trisha. Shabana shouts when they are not related, then why Trisha pokes her nose in her personal issues and orders him to tell her to get out. Bilal asks her to behave and asks Trisha what happened. Trisha tells Shabana gave jewelry to a man yesterday. Bilal tells that man is using her. Shabana says that man is her husband and loves him, but his mother is brainwashing him.

Badi maa asks Preet if Ishan came back home. Preet says no. Sid hears their conversation and thinks Ishan never behaved weird till now and he needs to find out.

Ishan meets baba who briefs him about his 26th January plan and tells he should handle shooting and hands over bomb to him.

Precap: Preet tells Badi maa that someone kidnap Kavya and her friend Shanaya. Badi maa calls Ishan and tells Kavya is kidnapped. Preet asks Badi maa to tell him to reach police station direction. Ishan asks not to involve police, he will bring back Kavya safely.

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  1. Only 4 days is left for this show and I m already badly missing this show , was so happy to see a totally different Hindi serial even though it somewhat resembles to the Bollywood movie fanaa. I m so shocked that this show has very less trp as in sg this is currently one of the most popular and viewed hindi serial, and also tops in all the sony show according to sg viewers, but in india it’s the opposite :/
    OMG Kavya is kidnapped :O I think while saving Kavya maybe Ishan’s truth will come out

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Endings with so many unanswered questions…wat happen to love story????
    Anyways dats EkraK!!! Wats next?

  3. Last episode is on 29th Jan not Jan 22nd

    1. Oh thanks for the news Prize I thought it was 22 Jan happy to know I can watch this show for 5 more days 🙂

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope bhale hi fanna ki tarha end ho but preet and rizwan ek sath ho…
    Vaise this show is totlly based on fanna concept, but I want happy ending….

    Kavaya is kidnapped OMG!!!!?????

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope ab Rizwan ko apne baba ka sach pta chal jaaye…..

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