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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan scolds Preet for doubting Naina and Preet. Neeti tries to interfere, but Ishan scolds her. Preet says Neeti is okay, their plan failed this time. Ishan scolds how can she think like this even now. He forcefully takes everyone out, looking at hidden Atif. He then scolds Preet that she is trying to ruin Bilal and Naina’s lives for her ego and still jealous of Meghna. Preet says she considers Naina as her sister and she is just saving Sid and Trisha. He says she has to choose between her ego and their marriage. She starts crying.

Ishan walks limping and holding his hand. Shergill sees that and thinks when his hand is injured, why is he limping and touching the leg which he shot. He wil expose Ishan soon.

Kuku scolds Neeti for helping Preet. Neeti says

Preet always thinks of family’s happiness and will never harm anyone. Kuku says even he knows, but this time she is wrong and her wrong move will ruin Sid and Trisha’s lives. He orders her to stay away from Preet’s plans.

Neeti sees Preet sad and requests Ishan to forgive Preet. He says she made mistake and apologized, everyone forgave her, if we forgive her now, she will repeat her mistake, so it is better to teach her a lesson. Neeti sadly leaves.

Naina sees Preet crying and gives her kerchief and says she should be happy that she is getting so caring devrani and should stop trying to expose her. Preet says she is betraying Sid and ruining his life, she should tell truth. Naina says she should concentrate on her marriage and let her be happy with Sid and Bilal both. Once she leaves, Bilal comes and says he is feeling guilty for hiding truth. She says he should stop fooling himself and tell truth to Trisha, if his love is true, Trisha will not leave him and at least he will not feel guilty his whole life.

Ishan sits for a drink. Shergill joins him. Ishan starts insulting him loudly, why he interferes in his family and why comes there often. Everyone gather hearing him. Shergill says he is not interested in his personal life and doubts that he is helping terrorists. Everyone are shocked. Preet asks what is he talking. Shergill reminds all the incidents form concert to being at chandni chowk when terrorists escaped, etc., and asks what was he doing there.

Precap: Shergill tells that he doubts Ishan has hidden terrorist in Hooda house.

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