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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan’s wound starts bleeding again and he feels severe pain. He thinks he should stop bleeding somehow and walks down but slips. Preet holds her and asks to be careful. Ishan thinks she always holds him when he slips.

Shergill addresses guests and announces Preet and Ishan’s dance. Ishan thinks Shergill is repeatedly troubling him. He starts dancing with Preet. Preet asks if he is still angry on Naina’s issue. He says no. She asks if he trusts her. He says yes and smiles. They both dance looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. Shergill thinks why is Ishan not showing signs of pain.

Trisha takes Bilal’s phone to make a call and sees message for Naina. She gets angry and is about to ask Bilal when Neeti sees her and takes

her away and tells Preet and she sent that message for Naina and not Bilal and tells her whole plan. Trisha asks why Preet is trying to ruin her life. Neeti says Preet is trying to save her and Sid from Naina and she should see Naina’s true face in store room. Trisha says she does not know what to say. Neeti says to trust her and gives her store room’s key to hide and listen to Bilal and Naina’s conversation.

Ishan and Preet’s dances finishes. Shergill goes to washroom. Ishan locks door from outside. Preet takes Ishan to show Naina and Bilal’s truth. Ishan asks why store room when she could have called them to terrace. She says store room is best place as guests are all around house.

Bilal enters store room. Preet and Ishan get in hide, they see Trisha, Neeti, and Kuku already there. Naina enters and asks Bilal why did he send her message to come here. Bilal says he did not. She sees Preet and Ishan and slowly tells Bilal that everyone are watching them and they should lie. She says she will inform Trisha everything now.

Ishan scolds Preet that she failed again. Preet requests to listen her once. He gets up. Naina acts as getting nervous seeing him and says there is nothing between her and Bilal. Trisha and everyone come out. Naina acts more nervous and says there is nothing between Bilal and her and someone sent wrong message. Ishan apologizes Naina and says not to tell about this to anyone. Naina says Preet must have done this, so he is trying to save her. She will not tell anyone as Preet is like her sister, Preet does not trust her, but she does not want any problems for Preet and requests Ishan not to scold Preet as she does not them to fight.

Precap: Preet tells Neeti that their plan failed and Naina must have known their plan beforehand. Ishan asks how can she think wrong even now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think Ishan knows about Naina’s truth. either he is gonna reveal the truth later or maybe Naina/Billal knows about Ishan’s reality, and threatens him to help them by not telling anyone their truth and somehow Ishan may reveal the truth.
    I thought this would be the first ekta drama where there would be no dragging, but I was wrong. They are dragging this track a lot
    There is more than a month to ago for chabish January, and still Naina’s truth is not out :/

  2. I thought they will show how love slowly blossoms between Ishaan and Preet before January 26 and how their pasts will come in their way and how they will have to go separate ways unwillingly. But this storyline does not make any sense. January 26 is not too far and they are still dealing with Naina’s issue. Stretching too much. The title of the show is “Pyar ko ho jane do” but there is no pyar happening. Only misunderstandings, and too many of those.

    1. It’s is more of Pyaar Ko kho jaane do

    2. Jaago,pyar ko ho jaane does not only mean love for eachother but it also means love for the it not necessary that ishaan and preet fall in love.i think they r just focusing on love for the nation and later they will think about ishaan and preet’s love story development.

      1. U r right ananya, this show can also meant for love for nation which made me feel to watch he show even more, but don’t u think nowadays it’s out of track what has Naina’s truth got to do with Pyaar?

      2. Fatarajo,You are right that the naina concept has no connection with pyar…but maybe the writers thought that this would be the best way to continue until 26 th january..i dont know

      3. fatarajo(joyee)

        Now we must wait for 26 Jan, I don’t know why Jan 26 important for Hindi serial, in another serial they also show 26 Jan they got murdered and bla bla

      4. Fatarajo,the reason why 26 th january is so important to hindi serials is because india’s republic day.and not to be rude,keep in mind that 26 th jan for them need not be 26 th jan for us because they r not in the same time zone as us.

      5. fatarajo(joyee)

        I m so sorry ananya, I did not wanna offend anyone. I respect other countries and I m happy to see patriotness in Indian people. I thought it was 15 Aug.really very sorry. I did not mean to offend. I was just anxious to know significance
        Of the date. Thanks n sorry 😛

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I totally agree.tis is ektas iknmp.drags drags track…getting stupidly slow an annoying eish….

  4. All of them enters In a store room.. Anyone can know that there r many ppl in that room… This is totaly foolish.. It will b betr to keep a camera in d store room.. So they can know the truth… N plz dnt drag this too much..

    1. I absolutely agree with you saurav..anyone can sense that there are many people watching them…especially when they were entering..

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