Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preet opens door hearing door bell and sees a man holding bouquet. She asks who sent it. He says his boss and leaves. Preet thinks Ishan remembers their wedding anniversary and her birthday and gets happy.

Trisha feeds soup to Bilal’s mom. Mom starts coughing. Trisha calls doc. Doc checks and prescribes to give only bland food to mom without spices and salt. Shabana taunts that she gave spicy food and worsened mom’s condition. Bilal thanks Trisha for calling doc on time. Trisha says she will inform family that she will stay here tonight and take care of mom.

Preet says Ishan he would have given bouquet directly and wished her. He says he did not send. She asks then who sent it. Shergill calls her and says he sent her bouquet as an apology. She says

thanks and disconnects call. Ishan gives her envolope. She opens it and is shocked to see divorce papers. He says it is her birthday gift and she is free to marry Shergill. She slaps him and asks how can he think so low. She thought he is guilty, but their consummation was a step towards stronger marriage. She will divorce him because he is a loser and does not deserve anyone and she will take Kavya with her.

Preet cries standing outside her room. Badi maa asks what happened. Preet thinks she should not tell anything to badi maa. Badi maa says she knows she does not want to discuss about her marital issues, but she should patch up with Ishan.

In the morning, Bade papa discuss about new projection with Sid and Ishan. Ishan is engrapsed in thoughts. Sid shakes him and asks if he is engraped in Preet bhabhi’s thoughts. Ishan acts shy. He gets call, goes aside and picks call. Sana says Baba wants to meet him to discuss 26th January’s final plan. He says okay and disconnects call. He then joins back bade papa and Sid and acts as coughing. Sid gives him water. Bade papa asks him to go home and rest. He leaves.

Sid gets a call from client whether they are ready for the project or he should give it to other country. Sid is shocked and says Ishan went to Panchameshwar for the meeting. Client says Ishan did not meet him. Sid says there is some confusion and he will get back soon. He then thinks he needs to speak to Ishan about it.

Preet sees Ishan popping many pills and thinks he will get side effects and stops him.

Precap: Ishan in dream murmurs not to kill anyone. Preet wakes him and he gets up worriedly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I was so shocked when I saw the episode I mean Ishan what’s wrong wid him, why is he doing like this with Preet? Yaar Ishan give her love not hatred before ur good for nothing mission on 26 Jan

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    Same here

  3. Ishan ishan ishan ….. Men ?

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