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Shergill shows Ishan his watch and asks if it is his. Preet sees watch and says it is Ishan’s. Shergill asks Ishan to take it. Ishan says this is not his watch and shows his wrist with same watch. Shergill is shocked. Preet asks Ishan to go and help bade papa in bar. Ishan asks Shergill to enjoy and leaves smirking. He reminisces calling Sana and asking her to get another watch and thinks he acted on right time, else Shergill would have caught him.

Neeti tells Preet that they have to get Bilal and Naina’s phones somehow. Naina just then gives her phone and wallet to Neeti and goes and sits next to Sid. Preet goes and tells everyone that everytime bride and groom are seeing sitting on seat and dancing last, she wants them to dance first and pushes them. They

both start dancing. Bilal and Trisha also join. Neeti takes Bilal’s phone silently. Preet and Neeti then write message from Bilal’s phone from Naina’s phone to come and meet him in store room, else he will tell their secret to Trisha.

Kuku and Ishan catch Preet and Neeti with Bilal and Naina’s phones and ask what are they doing. Ishan scolds Preet that she was just acting and is going to least extent to prove herself right. Kuku scolds Neeti. Preet asks him not to scold Neeti as she is just helping her. Ishan says Preet that she is risking their relationship and if she fails this time, she will repent.

After dance, Naina reads Bilal’s message and fumes thinking loyal people are very foolish, Bilal will spoil her plan. She sees Bilal busy with guests and fumes more. She takes him to the corner. Neeti sees that and thinks she should stop them from talking now, else they will know Preet’s plan. Just then, Trisha comes and asks what are they talking. Naina says she is searching Sid. Trisha takes Naina.

Bilal sees Preet and gets nervous. Preet says he is risking his relationship with Trisha by hiding truth. Trisha is a modern girl and will forgive him, and if Trisha will know his truth after marriage, she will not go forgive him forever. She continues explaining him that he is a true man and will feel guilty, etc. Naina sees Preet with Bilal and thinks she is forcing Bilal to tell truth and because of her, she will lose rich sid, so she should . Neeti sees Naina looking at Preet and Bilal and starts conversing with her and asks what must be Preet and Trisha discussing. Naina says Preet must be apologizing Bilal as Bilal is still upset. Neeti starts talking about her TV serial and vamp and vents out her anger. Naina starts coughing. Neeti goes to bring water. Preet continues explaining Bilal and says again he should take out his guilt by confession about his past relationship with Naina, else he will be in guilt whole life.

Shergill calls his assistant and asks if there is an activity on number from which Ishan got a call. Assistant says no, last call was from Hooda house. Shergill asks him to continue tracking. He thinks Ishan escaped today with anther watch. He has to check his bullet wound as it would not have healed so soon. He goes to Ishan and says he made a fantastic planning. Ishan asks what he means. Shegill says Sid marriage planning is rally fantastic and says they should have a drink and celebrate. Ishan says he cannot as he has to entertain guests. Shergill purposefully kicks Ishan’s wound and apologizes. Ishan says it is okay and leaves. Store room key falls down.

Precap: Shergill over mic invites Ishan and Preet to dance. They both dance while Shergill angrily looks at Ishan’s leg.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nowadays, they r dragging this episodes. It’s the perfect time to at least expose Naina. Why this Shergill is always behind Ishpreet? I know he is doing his job. But still 😛

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    N so u ar co ryt!!! Drag drag drag….geting abit frustrating…

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