Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shergill listens to Ishan’s call logs and asks assistant if he found who called Ishan. Assistant says it is from Hooda house itself. Shergill says how can it be and says if Ishan is really injured with bullet, then he will not dance in Sid’s sangeet. They should go there and keep a watch on Ishan. Assistant says he is genius. Shergill jokes that is why he suggests him to eat almonds.

Ishan goes to store room and tells he will get him out around 9:30 and he should be ready.

Neeti asks Preet how will we expose Naina and Bilal. Preet tells her plan. Neeti praises her that she should write TV serial stories.

Bade papa and Kuku pull Sid’s legs and joke that he should take Naina’s permission for everything from today. Even Lucky joins.

Ishan comes there and even he pulls Sid’s legs.

Song starts and Ishan dances with Preet standing in same position. Badi maa tells Ishan that she told him many times, he and Preet are made for each other. Ishan says she is always right and says it is good that Preet’s grudge against Naina is out. He then goes to Preet and apologizes for scolding her and thanks her for apologizing Naina on his inistence and taking care of his family so well. She smiles. Preet comes and tells them that they are made for each other.

Preet then goes to Neeti and tells once Bilal comes with family, they should take away Bilal and Naina’s phones somehow and act on their plan.

Bilal enters with family. Trisha and Hooda family greet them. Bilal’s mom gives many gifts to Sid. Sid jokes that he does not have place to keep them. Bilal’s mom laughs. Trisha signals him not to joke. Bilal goes and keeps gifts on table. Preet goes to him and tells he is making a mistake by hiding his past with Trisha, he should tell her, else he may lose her. Bilal silently leaves.

Kuku brings key bunch and asks Preet to show her store room keys as he needs to keep gifts in store room. Preet checks and says store room key is not here. Biji tells Kuku to break lock. Ishan gets tensed that Atif will make a mistake if he hears Kuku breaking lock, so drops key silently on floor and says if this is the key. Preet asks how did it come here and picks key. Ishan asks her to take care of guests while he keeps gifts in store room. Trisha says she will accompany him. Ishan says it is okay. Trisha insists and follows him. Ishan opens door and loudly tells Trisha why did you come instead of being with guests. Atif hears that and hides. Trisha sees shoes and signals Ishan that someone is there. Ishan loudly speaks. Atif gets out of shoes and hides somewhere else. Trisha picks shoes and finds no one. Ishan says it is a store room and old things are kept here, so not to worry. He takes her out silently.

Shergill comes and meets Preet. Preet says he came late and missed dance. He jokes he does not dance and makes people dance instead. Ishan comes and Preet introduces him to Shergill and goes to attend other guests. Shergill tells Ishan that he left his thing by mistake. Ishan says he did not understand. Shergill takes out watch and asks if it is his. Ishan gets tensed.

Precap: Preet asks Ishan to trust her once. He says she can, but will be risking her relationship.

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  1. Ok ok episode. Wanted more Ishpreet scenes. I wonder where is Sana, only Atif is shown being hidden in the store room. I think Shergill may investigate in the storeroom also.
    Oh c’mon Ishaan/Rizwan trust Preet she is correct, I hope this Naina doesn’t creates any more problems for Ishpreet.

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