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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Preet cryingly asking Ishaan if he is fine? Ishaan calms her at first but then steps back, asks police officer to provide him car to go hotel. Preet says that her car is there but Ishaan leaves telling her to be with her friend.

Preet tries to stop but he leaves. Shergill asks Preet that he will leave her. But Preet shouts at Shergill that because of him she dint trust Ishaan and had fight wth him, she  says she is proud of Ishaan and warns Shergill to stay away from her and leaves.

In hotel, Rizwan thinking that he has to stay away from Preet, because he cant afford Preet falling in love with him, has to hurt Preet now so that she saved from the later heartbreak and shock. Preet comes in room, goes forward to help Ishaan in bandaging the wound.

But Ishaan again talks rudely doing it on his own and tells Preet to stay away from him specially because what happened last night. He tells that he doesnt want her to behave like a typical wife, dont want this complication in their relation, wants to stay as friends and parents as Kavya, but Love cant happen between them.

Preet questions that why Love cant happen between them? Ishaan says he doesnt have the answer and just tells her to forget whatever happened.  Preet says that its not possible for her to forget that. Ishaan says that they will leave for home in some time.

Ishaan Preet reach home. Before entering, Ishaan tells Preet that not let family know whatever happened between them in Panchmeshwar, behave normally. Preet says she wont ever let the family know the tensions between husband and wife, for everyone we are like a very happy perfect couple, they doesnt need to know that everything can happen between us except LOVE, only she has to live with this truth and also the question question forever, because he wont tell her.

Badi mummy and Bade Papa sees Ishaan with bandage and worriedly starts asking Ishaan Preet that what happened? Preet says about the accident. Ishaan calms them saying not to worry, its a minor wound. Bade Papa informs about Sid joining their business. Ishaan is happy to know about it and tells that they should prepare well for the meeting. But Badi Mummy forces them to do rest for sometime, but Ishaan insists on helping Sid for meeting. Trisha comes dropping Neeti and kids who have gone to see Kukuji’s mother in Haridwar.

A worried Badi mummy goes to Preet asking if everything is fine, she seems to be a bit worried. Preet says there is no problem. Badi mummy says she knows that Preet has magical solution for every problem. Preet indirectly asks what if any magic doent works for some problem? Badi mummy suggests then to take help of Ishaan who can mend things. Badi mummy leaves. Preet thinks that this problem cant even be solved by Ishaan because she is unable to understand what Ishaan wants, he is telling to forget those beautiful moments and he doesnt love her, but she had seen love in his eyes at that moment, the Ishaan that she loved is going away from her and becoming a stranger now.

Sid Ishaan and Bade Papa discussing about the deal that is associated with 26th January. Sid is happy to be part of this deal. Rizwan remembers about the 26th January plan and thinks that he has to face another difficulty now and he wont ever hurt his family because of all this plan. Ishaan leaves on getting a call from Sana.

On call, Sana tells Rizwan about discussing the plan of action for 26t january and for that he has to come out of Ishaan Hooda life and meet her as Rizwan. Rizwan is irritated and says why she want to make the plan boring by discussing it again and again, 26th January wont come closer.

Sana questions him about why he is trapped with Ishaan’s feelings? Rizwan gets emotional saying that his family loves him a lot, Preet who is his wife, he has to leave them all of a sudden after finishing the mission, people will talk  hurtingly with them that a another country agent was staying with them, he wont like his family in that situation, thats a bad terrible  feeling. Sana says Sorry that she forgot he has to face another huge problem, she asks just to meet her once since she has to discuss some additional information. Rizwan says that he will meet and he is feeling suffocated after what happend with Preet.That time Preet comes and hears the last sentence. Rizwan is hocked to see Preet standing behind. Preet says she has heard everything and wants to talk to him. Rizwan is scared that Preet heard all the conversation.

In room, Preet starts asking Ishaan that why he is doing all this, he is terming the last night as a mistake, avoiding her, not meeting eye to eye, feeling suffocated? Rizwan is relieved for a moment that Preet is talking about this topic and thinks that he has to finish this topic now, he have less time remaining, and whatever happened was a mistake only, dont want Preet to get more attached to him. Rizwan starts saying to just forget whatever happened. But Preet asks for the reason he is saying like this, she will tolerate the main reason. Rizwan says that he still loves Meghna, yet no matter she died, he still loves Meghna and she is the mother of their daughter Kavya, thats the reason he feels bad for what happened between them last night. He says they will be friends , nothing more than that ever. Rizwan leaves from room. Both are heartbroken crying.

Preet takes the taweez from cupboard that Ishaan had given her and gets flashbacks of their marriage, Ishaan supporting her and now what he said. Preet crying.

PRECAP- Rizwan shouting at Preet that she is so disturbed that she told their problems to Badi Mummy.

Update Credit to: Frenz4u

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope sana tell rizwan every thing and make him realize his love for preet….
    I hope sana becomes rizwan and preet cupid…

  2. Why the hell is rizwan treating inncoent preet like shit?its no crime to love and come close to your husband.every couple have their physical relationships.rizwan dosent want preet to be heartbroken before he leaves right?then why is he hurting her so much?writers,last few u realise that how may people want to forsee the chemistry between ishaan and preet.and you guys,focusing on 26 january.what r u doing writers?

  3. Pls ishan tell everything abt preet .she will understand everything and she will not allow u to help baba

    1. R u sure she will allow?after knowing they are terrorists and after knowing that they are the group of people who killed her ex fiancé,do you think she will help him or arrest him? She will kill rizwan if she finds out.

  4. Thanks for the update 🙂

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh God writers gone over shellschocked??
    Y Ishaan talk so rudely to Preet????
    If ending show start wrapping it up nicely pls

  6. I agree with u Ananya m manny. Don’t kill the romance between pls , they have mind blowing chemistry…

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