Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani ( swaragini ) Episode 1

Hello everyone this is my first fanfiction hope you guyz will like it and pls do comment.

So the episode start with.
Two girls are sleeping on of them get up and goes to bathroom its ragini. And bath she come out and say swara shoona get up plz.
Swara: no ladoo.
Ragini:ok but.
Swara: but
Ragini: but you will be not albe to meet sanky yaar.
Swara: get up and run to bathroom.
Ragini: love is in the air girl.
Swara: shutup yaar you now na he is so handsome and we know eachother from childhood.
Ragini: yes i know now go are else you will get late. Swara smile and goes.
After getting ready and leaves for collage.

At MM.
A boy is get up and is none other than sanskar.
He get up and goes to laksh room and he is sleeping with a smile on his face.
Sanky: lucky get up yaar.
Lucky: give me too min.
Sanky: great and call bade papa.
Hearing this laksh get up and goes to bathroom sanskar laugh and goes to he”s room and get ready.
In the hall sanskar is waiting for laksh just then DP come and say is laksh waked up are what.
Sanksar: yes he is getting ready.
Laksh come down and get shocked to see DP And say in his mind. Yaar teri tu laga gi.
DP: laksh
Laksh: yes papa.
DP: be little responsible.
Laksh get sad and durgaparsad leave.
Sanskar cheer laksh up and both goes for collage.

In the collage.
Sanlak and swaragini enter and swara goes to sanskar and both say hi to eachother and goes to class.
Laksh and ragini is sitting together and swasan are sitting together.

Swara: hi.
Sanskar: hi
Swara: since we knew about eachother but never talked to eachother.
Sanskar: yes wierd na.
Swara: yes even I am thinking.
Sanskar: ok so tell me about yourself.
Both have a chit chat.
Swara become happy :-).
Swara: so friends. ( and is nervous ).
Sanskar: hmmmm let me think.
Swara get tensed.
Sanskar laugh and say ofcours how can I leave a chance to become friend with a girl who is so beautiful.
Swara smile.
Both shakehands and become friends.
Sanskar: lets goes to coffee after collage.
Swara smile and say yes both share a eye look.

Rags: hello.
Lucky: yea hello.
Rags: what is your name.
Laksh: well my friends call me lucky and well my name is laksh.
Rags: sorry but then I will call you lucky not laksh its suit you lucky.
Lucky: you.
Rags: my friends call me rags but actually it is ragini.
Ok rags so tell me about yourself ha.
Both have chat.
Laksh smile seeing ragini and both share a eyelook and laksh if you want to be my friend I am just offering you because its too hard to get lucky friendship.
Rags: laugh and say ok lucky.
Lucky: thanks and say I am going to be lucky for you.
Rags: yes I can see you are going to be unlucky for me. And laugh.
Laksh: rags that mean.
Rags say sorry.
Laksh it ok.
Laksh ask ragini to come with him on a coffee.
Rags: ok. now you are my friend so yes.
Laksh: only friend.
And rags laugh are what else want to be my dad mom are what.
Both laugh.

After some class.
Both swasan and raglak goes to coffee.

Precap: Sanlak is buying ice-cream and some goon chase swaragini. 🙂

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